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Fibromyalgia & Fatigue Centers Applaud CDC's Heightened Efforts to ...

    ADDISON, Texas, Nov. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- The Center for Disease Control
(CDC) together with the National Institute for Health today announced a four
million dollar research program to study the causes and possible treatments
for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).  The CDC also announced an accompanying
national education campaign to raise public awareness of this rapidly growing
illness.  Fibromyalgia & Fatigue Centers, Inc. -- a national network of
medical centers that specialize in treating patients with CFS welcomes these
announcements as validation by U.S. government health officials of the
seriousness of the CFS reality.

    With the number of Americans suffering from this debilitating condition
having risen in recent years from approximately 50,000 to several million, CFS
represents a potential public health epidemic that can no longer be ignored by
the medical community.  Unfortunately, many physicians continue to believe CFS
symptoms are psychosomatic, even though hundreds of studies indicate
otherwise.  The importance of the CDC announcement is the opportunity it
represents to change this thinking.

    As the CDC begins its national educational awareness campaign, it is
essential to understand the medical management required in treating the
illness.  Diagnosis can be difficult.  What is sometimes thought to be the flu
can be the beginning stages of Chronic Fatigue and produce a cycle of feeling
poorly, then better, just before again being overcome with fatigue.  When CFS
is diagnosed, a longer term treatment program is required.  Similar to
patients undergoing chemotherapy or are in the later stages of AIDS, effective
CFS treatment isn't accomplished in a single short visit with a physician.
And as with those illnesses, CFS is indiscriminant, equally able to affect
active women, men and children, reducing their lifestyle with overwhelming

    "It's extremely gratifying to see that major medical institutions such as
the CDC and NIH are giving Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the millions who
suffer from this confusing and often misunderstood disease, the long overdue
recognition they deserve," stated Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, Medical Director of
the Fibromyalgia & Fatigue Centers and a practicing physician based in
Annapolis, MD.  "In my more than 25 years in this field I have seen people
with debilitating CFS respond best to an integrative protocol that combines
the best of both traditional western medicine and alternative therapies."

    Dr. Teitelbaum's research on effective treatments for Fibromyalgia and CFS
showed an unprecedented average of 76 percent improvement in quality of life
within 3 months and a 91 percent improvement within 2 years among patients
using this integrated protocol.  His gold standard research was published in
the Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome vol. 8, No. 2, 2001.  The Fibromyalgia
and Fatigue Centers have 14 clinics nationally and a treatment success rate of
over 80% in the more than 4000 CFS/Fibromyalgia patients they have treated.

    Fibromyalgia & Fatigue Centers specialize in treating Chronic Fatigue and
Fibromyalgia by treating the underlying issues.  Skilled physicians spend an
hour with each patient to determine a unique treatment plan based on extensive
blood testing.  Informed medical experts with effective treatments are
available there to help those suffering from CFS.

    If you are interested in the latest treatments and therapies that are
available, would like to interview one of our specialized physicians, or learn
more about the latest in research and fundamentals of Chronic Fatigue, call
Laura Klutts 972-788-4001, Ext. 218 or visit http://www.fibroandfatigue.com

SOURCE  Fibromyalgia & Fatigue Centers, Inc.

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12 Responses
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Very interesting. Thanks for posting.
Avatar universal
Very interesting. Thanks for posting.
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Can you provide a url or additional source for this article?  Very interesting.

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I actually have a scrolling news ticker, and this was one of the headlines, so I just did a cut and paste.
I also found this article this morning:


I do have many fibromyalgia symptoms, as probably many of us do as it is a common symptom. When they found the HCV, they also noted mono and Epstein Barr, which I don't really consider a factor, but CFS is in the family I think. I know my HCV came from a blood transfusion, I am not sure if the others do.
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Thank you for the url.  Duh!  I probly could have searched myself and found it.  Blaming it on Brian Fog again. Sorry!

Are you saying that they tested for Mono and Epstein Barr and you were positive?  I'm pretty sure that both are viral (could be wrong) and pretty contagious, like sharing a glass, etc.  And there is some treatment for both.  

It's always interesting to me how all these different viruses can give us so many of the same symptoms.

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My last post was poorly constructed, I should have explained it better.
Years ago when I had a problem with a gallstone, and was jaundiced, they pretty much tested for everything. HAV and HBV were negative, but that is how they found the HCV. They also found the stone was stuck in a bile duct, when it was trying to pass.
It is probably more proper to say I had antibodies to mono, I didn't have it then, nor now. EBV I believe, is something that I have heard, 90% of people carry, so it is common. I don't ever remember having mono, and EBV is related to it, so I don't know (never asked really) if it was possible that came from the same blood transfusions.
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Ouch!  Don't need no stones!

Sorry to hear about all that.  I still wonder how all these viruses interplay with each other.

Well, try to have a good Saturday.  I'm going to check out an estate sale.

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I went through similar testing prior to being found to have the HCV.  I had high titers on EBV and CMV.  I was and still am, constantly tired, constantly feeling like a run-down not-well feeling.  Which, I suppose will be the case as long as I'm wanting around with the virus and liver damage.  I know, I know, I know, many people have no symptoms.  But, it was my symptoms in the first place that even led to being tested.  So, I am glad that I had them.

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interesting...many docs don't even believe Hep C people's symptoms, unless you have cirrhosis...
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I know many people dont have symptoms too.  But, I'm like you in that I DID have lots of symptoms.  Never having insurance or money to investigate it, I may be blessed in not knowing about the HCV just for the craziness it would have caused me.  I just pray that I never infected anyone while not knowing.  We get back to this thing about doctors ignoring those that have symptoms and claiming that there are none or very few symptoms of HCV.  Ah, poppycock!

How are you doing?  I hope there has been at least some relief for you.  My heart really goes out to such a fighter as yourself.  New drugs are coming!

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Hi, would you be able to post the link to the information you posted on fibromyalgia please.

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sorry, that story had no link (in post one). It was a scrolling headline on a stock ticker that I clicked, and then I cut and pasted it. The other link above looks to be based on the original post, and I found that one yesterday.
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