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Sorry to send another post... i had ultrasound and they said no cirrohosis and now they gonna do fibroscan.. iam hepc1a.. whats all this mean..
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I looked at some of your older posts which say you have hep c for a little while are you planning on getting treated and curing your hep c?

The new treatments are well tolerated by most patients and boast cure rates as high as 98% or better. Treatment could be as simple as one pill a day for 12 or in some cases as few as 8 weeks and you can be cured of your hepatitis c infection.
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Ok I look at your earliest posts from 2009 you had hep c and failed one of those treatments from back then. Are you going to treat now? Have you looked into Epclusa or one of the other new DAA’s ( Direct acting antivirals)?
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The doctors are just confirming the health of your liver. While an ultrasound can suggest if the liver appears to have scarring  changes indicative of cirrhosis a Fibroscan is much better at diagnosing liver cirrhosis or specific amount of liver scarring and amount of inflammatory activity.

In general it takes decades of infection with hep C for patients to develop liver cirrhosis and not everyone will. It is said that only about 20% of patients will develop cirrhosis after being infected for 20 years.

For myself I had hep c genotype 1a as well. I was likely infected for 30 years when I had my 4th liver biopsy and was diagnosed with cirrhosis back in January 2008. I was diagnosed with hep c in 1990 and was having liver biopsies every 5 years to follow my liver disease progression. This was before they fibroscan machine was invented and became widely available. My most recent Fibroscan done in 2019 shows my score as 29 still well into a score that indicates I have liver cirrhosis. I was cured of hep c in May 2015 on my 5th treatment. I had treated in the past with the old interferon treatments that at best were about 30% effective for genotype 1a.

Let me know if you have any additional questions. But if you only had hep c and were not infected for decades it is unlikely you have any significant liver scarring.

Good luck
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