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File your extension, other posts

Yeah, this is hepatitis C related.  How many of us have brain fog and haven't got it together this year?  If you haven't filed your extension for your federal tax return, here is a link to the IRS forms and publications.  Scroll down until you see "4868' and you can print out a form and send it in.  Needs to go in today, unless you are on the east coast and then you have until tomorrow (Patriot's Day holiday today)(I guess those of us in the west aren't as patriotic (??????))


I have been absent from the board for most of the past two months because I am a tax preparer.  I did shot #40 last Friday. I must say, this was the hardest tax season I have ever experienced, and I have been doing it since 1977.  I started treatment in July and it has gone relatively smooth, except for the blood drops in whites and reds.   However, these last 2 months of treatment have been pretty rough.  The added stress of extra hours and the intensity of the work really got to me.  I have felt sick and exhausted most of the last month. Clients, many of whom I only see once a year, have asked if I am sick.  I have told no one at work besides my partner that I am treating, but, of course, it it pretty obvious something is up. Still we always look bad this time of year, to that is a good cover -- only this year was a littel "badder" than others.

I am glad to be done and will have more time to be on the board now.  I missed you all.
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said.....except for the blood drops in whites and reds...... While you have white blood drops? Mine has alway driped in red.
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On another matter, I am being forced into the generic Riba.  When the generics first came available in January my rx was filled with them and I asked for the brand name instead.  The difference in the copay was $15 for generic, and $45 for Copegus.  But when I went to pick up my refill last week, I was hit with a $534 bill.  According to BC/BS this is a penalty for not choosing the generic.  So, generic, here I come.

At the first of the year, we had a lot of discussions on this.  I would like to know if, after several months on the generics, those that are taking them see any difference.
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tacky tacky - what do they call those neutrophils?  Thought they were white blood cells...... but know that you mention it, why the heck do they call them that.??
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You guys know this girl has been working SEVEN days a week sometimes during tax season and at LEAST SIX DAYS A WEEK?  She is EXHAUSTED yet comes in thinking of US.  

Please take a day off and sleep and eat and watch tv and totally VEG OUT like you DESERVE MY FRIEND!!!!!!!
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Fantastic that you can do taxes!  I managed to get mine done early this year.  I used Turbo Tax.  I graduated with a minor in accounting, and numbers can be a real head trip if the mind is spacey.

I have always taken the generic riba and was Undetected at the 6 week PCR.  So I guess it must work just as good as the original.
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Thanks NY -- yes, I am free.  What is it like out there?  Haven't been out much lately.  Think I will go shopping tomorrow and plant some flowers!

Anise -- watch the turbo tax.  If you have an accounting background it is probably okay, but I have seem some pretty wacky returns done on turbo tax -- when the person gets a notice from the IRS 2 years later -- and the excuse for the error  usually is, "I just answered the Turbo tax questions.........."

LOL - just glad it is over.  Hope eneryone is getting big fat refunds and can go to the carribean!
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