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Final 12 week blood work results

Just received my blood work results. I am so incredibly happy to let all of you know I am officially cleared of the hep c virus. I have written my stats in my journal for you to view. Thank you all for your ongoing support. Gen 2, 12 week treatment, sovaldi/ribavirin.
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Is that your EOT result or 12 weeks after you stopped taking any meds?
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Great news!
I also used the journals to post tx etc info to make it easier for those interested.   See you completed tx Oct 10th so you are 12SVR post tx.  I was 12SVR end of Sep just before you finished tx. GT2
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another Genotype 2 here. I've been waiting for your results. Congratulations!

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The blood work is 12 week post treatment. Final blood work.
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That's such awesome news, so so happy for you truly, I only have one more day to treat, hope I can do the happy dance all over the dragons a##!
Enjoy your new life and new year without the virus CELEBRATE
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Congratulations!  Wonderful news

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Congratulations. Great news! :)
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Get my 12-week on 1/24 and I'm hoping to join you. What a way to start the year. Congratulations
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I am very happy for you! Have a long and healthy rest of your life.
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Now step proudly up on that dais and receicer your Dragon Slayer Supreme!

Congratulations!!  Please post your results in Nan535's SVR or Relapse site!

Good news for one, on here, is good news, and HOPE, for ALL!!!

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Oh wow! I am so incredibly happy for you!! I am on week 2 of Solv/Riba, for GT2 and I get my 1st bloodwork done this Friday for CBC only and my viral load at the end of the month. Can you please share your journal with me? God bless you my friend. You have slayed the dragon!
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Congratulations! Enjoy your new Hep C free life.
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To access my journal, just click on my name and it will take you to my personal information and journal.
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So, so happy for you! Congrats!

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Well that is even awesomererer!!!

Is that a word? lol

Yay Congrats woo whoooooooo
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Ahhhhhhhhh.... Sweet verbal music. Thanking God for your health!!!

bye bye dragon :-)

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that is awesome news, congrats!   Live your life to the fullest, you have been granted a whole new path.
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So Happy for you!! Sending Congratulations and doing a Happy Dance!!
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From one Geno 2 to another CONGRAGULATIONS !!!!!!!
Nice to be rid of "The Beast of Burden"
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HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!  For you.  Go forth an enjoy your Hep C FREE life.  So good to hear.  Congrats.  Mary
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Congratulations! You are now an official Dragon Slayer! So happy for you! ~Sandi
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Excellent...welcome to your hep-free life. Enjoy. Jo
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