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First month with Pegasys riba.

Hi everybody!
I am for the first time here on this forum I found on the net. I like this forum very much, and I need question to ask. I`d be very grateful for your answers. This is first month I take my therapy (pegasys+riba). I did my first shoot already, but I need to know details about giving injections. In my surge instructions is written that I should pull out some blood before I give myself a shoot to see if it is any blood in it. This precaution is needed cause of puncturing it selves into a vein. I read my surge instructions carefully. Is it really so dangerous? Do I need to be careful even with a small amount of blood in surge? (Just yellow color of blood plasma)
I take daily my vitamins and antioxidants such are: selenium, vitamins B, C, beta-carotene, Sillybum marianum extract, whey proteins. That information I found on the net for improving and enhancing results of therapy. Is anything more I should know that I don`t know?
How does the iron (liver iron and serum iron) affect and influence the therapy?
I apologize for my bad English writing.
Thank you all for answering me.
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I wasn't told to pull out the plunger to look for blood. As long as you inject yourself in an area that is free of veins (eg stomach, at least an inch from the navel) you should be OK. PInch a lump of flesh, stab the needle in, and gradually push the plunger in.. Pull out gently, don't rub. That's what I was told.
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did you get your starting kit from Pegasys?  it has all kinds of goodies and video plus other instruction booklet.  Call their customer line to request if dr did not have it for you.  I just got mine 30 wks into tx and it still came in handy.  
The info I got was to pull out on the plunger after inserting to make sure it was not in a blood vessel, you are looking for actual blood.  Interferon can be given in IV form, but I don't know about the pegylated form.   Pegasys has a helpline where an RN answers your questions on their meds and other related matters, the phone is in the inserts and labels. Keep it handy
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I have looked for anything that compares pegasys and peginterferion
does anyone have an opinion on what the difference other than drug mfgs are and if one is better than the other in geno 1
just curious
currently my doc is recomending peginterferion and ribo
I guess I just want to try what will work best

re the new studies: found them very interesting and informative thanks alot
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Hipp:  Welcome:) My nurse told me to pull back to check for blood. I was told Vitamin C and E and eat a well balanced diet.
Kind regards, and good luck with your tx.

Chevy:  I'm so sorry to read you're having a rough ride these days.  I'm thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way.  remember - This too shall pass....
Stay strong:).
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Sorry to break in on this thread, but the thread is closed that I am responding to.
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Hipp...Welcome to the forum! I see so many have answered your questions and this place is great for all tx related symptoms and non tx related...just good ole hep c problems! Glad to have you with us.

Showboat.....<<<<Snorts,,LOLOLOLOLOL>>>>  Could those socks be red?????

Sandi...Awwww...I want a kitten and want you to hand deliver it right here to the Lone Star State!!  haha   Glad to see you are feeling better and have been wondering if you got all of your results back yet??
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