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First step

Hello again its been a while since I have been on here.  I did get my husband to go to the doctor and they blood work results not in however, I did talk to his doctor and he said about the yellowing if it stays then worry but if it comes and goes and that is what I see then he is ok.  Has anyone else experienced this?  He also now has high blood pressure and never had it before any comments
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  Oh, hmmm, well we all tend to vary a bit, with the Hep C symptoms...has your Hubs ever had a liver biopsy, when, and what stage was he, if he had one?
    I am one of the few on here, that has experienced a bit of jaundice, and it was accompanyed by slightly elevated bilirubin, a couple points above the norm, on my labs, off and on, but the bilirubin wasn't as high as it would have been, if I was cirrhotic.
   At the times when I had the elevated bilirubin, I also had itching under the skin in my upper arms, on the outside. This is also when my eyes would look yellow. The time when my eyes were the most jaundiced, and when my skin was the most itchy, was when I was pregnant with my youngest child. But I would notice it a bit, the yellow and bilirubin elevation, on days when I felt sick, so it did come and go.
   I had a FibroSure test that gave me a cirrhosis diagnosis (a 77) because of several factors: lower then normal platelets, extremely elevated liver enzymes (AST/ALT ten times too high) and a couple other values off~
   But my biopsy surprised me, becuz it was only a stage 2...with grade 3 inflammation. I am thinking I was actually a stage 3, as the biopsy can be off by 1 stage, either way, and I was feeling bad, after my platelets slid below normal. I began to have bad muscle cramps, and my blood pressure actually got too low, which is called hypotension, not sure why.
   Once the blood results arein, you will have some idea of what to expect. A platelet count lower than 80 usually points toward cirhosis.  Norrmal platelet count range (depending on the test) is between 150~400,  and platelets are responsible for your blood being able to clot. Once my platelets went down to 120, my cuts began taking forever to heal (my white blood cells were also a bit low, not sure why) and when I flossed, a large amount of blood appeared.
  Can your husband work on his blood pressure, by life-style changes, such as his diet, light exercise, and no ciggies? I notice my glucose test (non-fasting) also began to rise, as I got in my late 40's, so I try to avoid sugar, and probably we all should avoid processed foods as much as we can.  Artichokes used to make me feel better, before I Treated.
  Good luck, and let us know how the blood work looks~
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Thanks he had one done 6 years ago he was grade 1 stage 1 He had not been to the doctor since then til I made him go after all this time.  No itchy skin and I notice the slightly yellow tent is when he is really tired or looks like he is worn out, no muscle cramps durning the day sometimes at night I think because the way he moves his legs its like he is riding a bike ha.
Since he had seen a doctor in 6 years his family medical doctor is the one who did the blood work to see if it is active.  I was a little confused about active I had never heard anyone say that so I asked him he said to see if it had progressed over the years.  If so he is going to refer us to a specialist.  I didnt see where you have taken any treatment have you?
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Yellowing of the skin is not a good sign.
I would  get your husband to see an experienced hepatologist, a liver specialist as soon as possible. He is not getting good advice from his current doctor.
There certainly are times when one can wait and see but not when jaundice is shown.
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  Yes, that was the term my Family Practice Doctor used also, after she took a look at my labs, she said my Hep C was "still active" and referred me to a Gastro, but I think she meant that my liver enzymes on my lab report, were still elevated.  "Progression" is a better word, as once past the acute stage, Hep C is always active.
   It is called "The Silent Killer" because it sneaks up on us...it can progress slowly or quite quickly.  The referral I was given, to the Gastro, was a bum steer, by the way, as he didn't Treat Hepatitis!  I was surprised that I had to hunt around a bit, to find a Treatment Doctor.
  I live near a big city, San Francisco, so we have UCSF Medical Center, which does have Hepatologists, but I chose to Treat closer to home, at a small clinic, run by a research Doctor.
    There should really be an Advocacy Agency, to help people navigate getting into Hep C Treatment, something on-line.  You are doing a good job, you got him to take the labs,  and from there, you can take the next step. This is an excellent place for you to be, to ask questions...we will be here to help you~
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He did treat 6 years ago but didnt respond and also there is no other symptoms other than the yellowing every now and then would there not be
more symptoms if he really sick.  His doctor also has hep c so i figured he may know what he was talking about.  
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    Well, like I said before, the labs will be the big teller.  I had the slight yellow tinge, on and off, for 20 yrs, and other symptoms also, like the bleeding out (during my period...it was so scary) but my biopsy was a Stage 2, but with grade 3 inflammation.  
   Other people had no signs at all, and then found them-selves to have cirrhosis, at a biopsy.  Signs of cirrhosis would be edema in the legs, and ascites in the belly.  I had just begun to have these spider veins in my legs, and a varicose vein in my calf, when I went into Treatment, and spider veins are also a sign.  Also, the shape of the end of the finger-tips change with cirrhosis, and they end up looking like paddles. There was also a change in my finger nails, I could no longer see the half moons, at the bottom.
   It is a tricky thing, to try to catch Hep C before it progresses, so another biopsy would be a good thing, for your Hubs
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If a person has ascites are they able to suck their stomach flat standing or laying?
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  Well, what I did is google images of ascites....it is fluid that is in the wrong place, so it can easily get infected, and the infection would prob cause a fever, etc.
   It doesn't do much good to speculate, before the labs come back. My hubs also has a gut, but his platelets were normal.
   Try not to worry~
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"If a person has ascites are they able to suck their stomach flat standing or laying?"

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"also there is no other symptoms other than the yellowing every now and then would there not be
more symptoms if he really sick."

Like OH said, yellowing of the skin is a serious sign so he needs to see a specialist to see where his liver is at.
Forget speculating, I have cirrhosis and never had ascites. We are all different.
See a Liver Specialist and get a biopsy and a new plan.
Good luck to you both.
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My hubby too has Cirrhosis. He does not have any physical symptoms of Cirrhosis other than increasing fatigue over the years. If your husband has Hep C, he should probably be checked every 6 mo to 1 yr to make sure via lab work that his liver function is ok. That will tell a lot. Secondly, he should have a liver biopsy about every three years to know the stage of liver damage. Jaundice is not a good sign. Dark urine, possible ascites, cognitive fogginess, etc., would also be signs to watch for. I would encourage you to find a good gastroenterologist or hepatologist and ask for updated labs, ultrasound, and liver biopsy. Maybe I missed something, and if so I apologize, but why doesn't your husband try to treat his Hep C with one of the triple therapies?
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