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Flu Shots?

Just a simple question here....
Should we get a flu shot if we are undergoing treatment?  My logical answer is 'yes' but I don't trust logic during treatment.
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Ask your treating doctor. It may depend on how advanced your liver disease is.

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Not all flu shots are created equal, be cautious about which one you are getting, and talk to your doc about whether it's appropriate for you.

"According to the Center for Disease Control, "Manufacturers might use different compounds to inactivate influenza viruses and add antibiotics to prevent bacterial contamination."

As with all medical procedures, having a foreign substance injected into your bloodstream involves a certain degree of risk. The FDA and manufacturers guard against contamination, but it's been present in vaccines in the past. FluMist, which is inhaled, does avoid puncturing the skin.

Three people recently died in Isreal following administration of flu shots. It's not yet known that the influenza vaccinations even caused or contributed to their deaths (they were old and in poor health anyway -- but those are precisely the people most recommended to get flu shots), or how. But this cases illustrates that despite all precautions, there is still some small risk.

One of the big arguments vaccination opponents have made is the use of Thimerosal as a preservative in vaccines. Thimerosal is an organic compound that contains about 50% ethylmercury.

According to the FDA's online tables dated September 5, 2005, Thimerosal is being phased out from vaccines. There're only trace amounts in influenza vaccinations from some manufacturers. There's none in FluMist."
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I actually asked my MD this question 2 days ago. I am on triple tx with victrelis.  He said it was ok.
Also asked if it was ok to get hep a/b vaccines while on tx, and that was ok too.
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Thanks. I will ask my Dr. what she thinks, but from what I am reading, I may just want to pass this year.

@ Hector...I just got results back from a liver fibrosis panel.  My one and only biopsy was in 2006. It showed only some portal fibrosis with no complete bridging.  5  years later, I am  happy to say that I have a Medavir score of F0 - F1.  Hepascore of .49

I guess I have to be honest in saying that if I had known this BEFORE I started treating, I may not have treated.  Now that I have started, I am glad to be doing this and finally treating. I have had this for 33 years now....it is time.
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While I was getting final instructions, yesterday,  on my triple tx that started today, the nurse came in and insisted I have a flu shot right then.
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I got one two weeks ago. Doc was fine with it.
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My doc advised teh flu shot. I think I did the hep a & b twinrix series on tx too.
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FYI.....I  texted my Dr to ask her about the flu shot.  She said it was okay for the injection vaccine, but not okay for the nasal spray version.
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I wonder if the flu shot will mess up blood work results for a period of time?  A few years ago I had a doctor tell me to wait on a liver panel blood test for a while.
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