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For those who CAN'T go the traditional treatment route

I only recommend this article for those who CAN'T treat with traditional treatment,so don't shoot the messenger. It's just an FYI  that I came across. I don't know how reputable this Dr is. I of course believe in traditional treatment 100% but it doesn't work for all  & some can't take the side effects...and THEN alternatives ONLY as the last chance or option for hope... It's the Alpha Lipoic Regimen.    Here is the link below.

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Same old tired story that's been retold on here a dozen times.
If you go through the archives, you'll find those who proclaim the loudest that they "can't" treat with interferon are the ones who become hysterical and angry if you ask them for details of why  they can't treat. Mysterious sores and rare syndromes sound more like rationalizations and doctor/patient screwups than actual reasons the closer that their stories are examined.
Personally, I think the world is a safer, happier place if they don't use interferon, so -  win/win situation.
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here we go again. another dr berkson follower.

FYI, it doesn't work.
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Even after you state your reason for the post and ask for them not to shoot the messenger you still get the same response.  I sometimes wonder how much brain damage is done with TX .
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Berkson's tale of his noble fight against the system has reached the point of 'yelling theatre in a crowded fire'.  He needs to come up with some new material, otherwise even the gullible are going to become bored with him.
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I never said I was a follower. I have never gotten into the debate about Dr Berkson. I only now searched the archives about him and saw the responses...What does "brain damage" have to do with anything other than shooting the messenger? I'm sorry if I don't fit into the "knowledgeable" private club. Geeez!
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You know, I looked over this thread and knew exactly where it would go.
We all know Berkson is out there, it's no big deal.  

mj6000 don't take offense because I think you knew exactly the type of response you would get or you wouldn't have said don't shoot the messenger.  You like to promote positive thinking and did you think the reaction was going to positive?  

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