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For those who are taking Prescription Drugs for Energy

I have been sooo exhausted. My rbc went down to about 11.2. wbc's down too (can't remember #). My NP said rc's are still in the safe range..so no need for procrit. I have missed work this week have slept the whole day away..and almost daily going in late. Thank God I don't have to worry about my job...only my paycheck! I have heard of those taking ritalin...even talked to doc about it...but I didn't like the idea of having to take it everyday.  I have also heard of one that starts with a "P"...can't remember. Anyone taking something for energy? SOC, I should be taking 1000 mg of riba, instead with Docs o.k., I'm taking 1400 mg. I have a PCR on the 23rd..if I drop 2 logs, insurance will continue to cover injectibles. I think the extra riba is kickin' my butt. Anyone with personal experiences with energy drugs and how they helped or not?... I would greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks.
I am gettin' sick and tired of being sick and tired.
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OK - here - try this: EmergenC (it's a packet of powder that you mix with water and it fizzes like Alka Seltzer)

That was one thing that REALLY helped me out.

The other thing was Vitamin B shots. I actually got my doctor to order them for me - and I give them to myself 2 times a week on bad weeks and 1 time a week on good weeks.

I also drink 1 cup of coffee a day.

Or tea.

I just recently got diagnosed with ADHD - (Always thought I was - but got worse after TX) and they gave me Dexadrine. I've only taken it 2 times, it makes me tired. So I can't help you out with that. Obviously I'm not normal in the medicine department and probably have a different reaction to them than you will.

But try the Emergen-C packet --- it took 2 days to work like a charm for me. Doesn't make the world better - but it definetely made a difference in how I felt - and it seems to have given me an extra boost in the immunity dept. I started taking them during the last month of TX - and I didn't get sick that month.

Hugs - and keep on keeping on!

PS. Just to give you some hope 5 months post TX and I feel like I'm 18 again (I'm 40)... But I have newfound energy. I still have achy bones and chills here and there - but I feel AWAKE - alive - and just really good.
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Hey Meki!
You've probably being hearing that ole song for a long time? My doc gave me  b-shot in his office and I only see him once a mo. I upped the riba at the same time so it didn't seem to do anything..but that's interesting that they were able to order them for you to take 2x a week. That sounds like it could be a bit more helpful. Did you pick it up at this office..or did they give you a script and get them at the pharmacy or what? My brother-in-law swears by the Emergen-C. He travels alot and never leaves home without them. It's worth a "shot." I'm sure  continuing to smoke is not helping my energy level... I just googled a new "help ya quit smoking" precription drug called Chantix..it's supposed to be very helpful. I am experiencing quite a bit of anxiety and I am smoking more than I ever have. Don't I know how disgusting that is. I have so many obstacles reg. SVR...genotype, slow responder etc..and here I am stressing my liver out with the cigs! ARRGGhh.... I'm pretty annoyed wth myself! I'm gonna ask dr. about chantix...though I really don't want anymore drugs in my system than necessary..but what can be worse than smoking..hum?
I am glad to hear you are feeling so good..those words sound so good AWAKE..alive...Yea, you go girl!
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LOL! Yeah - that song was pretty much the bomb when I was growing up.

But the guys would sing it --- and for some reason would stop  singing at the "you're so fine you blow my..... ________" and they would blush...

I didn't get it at first - but now it's hilarious.

The B shots I pick up at the pharmacy - small needles but triple the Pegasys length - you pop yourself in the posterior and I think it works wonders.

The EmergenC stuff - I'll swear by it as well. I can tell for days when I haven't taken it.

You will be awake and alive too - real soon. Just hang in there!

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You sound like you feel great! Did you feel this good prior tx?

Sounds like you have a new lease on life. Tell me more...

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The beginning got cut off. Hey Meki, yo so fine, yo so fine, ya blow ma mind, Hey Meki! I hope you know this song...I used to go out with a guy named Mickey...many moons ago...and that song was played alot.
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You may be thinking of Provigil. I keep a bottle around , in case of need It helps with both physical and mental fatigue.Good luck, the fatigue can be debilitating at times.

Mr Liver
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Not at all - about 4 -5 years before DX/TX (I was DX last year in May - BX in June - TX started late August finished at the last of February) I was running low - just feeling old... fatigued... kind of blah... everything felt "grey". It was horrible. Couldn't remember things, felt achy, awful.

On TX it got 10 times worse.

After TX had some serious issues and felt awful.

The last 2-3 weeks have been simply amazing! I mean, I CAN get out of bed. I CAN go to the store, I CAN walk more than a block - I CAN walk up and down the stairs - I CAN wash dishes and vaccum - I CAN think... although my mind is wandering - I'm not stuck in that awful "blah fuzzy" mind I was in.

You know that energy you get when you first fall in love? Well - take away the butterflies and the cute guy - and that's about how I feel right now.

Of course, being 40, I still have the achy feeling. But I don't feel like I have weights tied to my ankles any more. I feel like I am unencumbered and just a lot better.

Not a miracle by any means. But I feel ALIVE. Which... after feeling like the walking dead... is an amazing feeling.

I've always had a good outlook on life - and I live for laughter. Everything should be funny ---- even rude, nasty people are funny, if you watch them and try to see what makes them tick. So I think in part - now that the grey is lifted --- I don't take anything for granted any longer. I feel like the world is now a playground - and that I have the rest of my life to just have fun.


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Hi, how are you? I hope you are feeling well?
That was what I was thinking about..Provigil. Does it make you feel speedy?..or just some extra energy. Are there negatives reg. liver and if so what are they? Is it expensive? I ask because I maxed out my script. plan w/insurance. Do you know if there is a generic form?  I'm guessing you can take as needed rather than all the time? Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks
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I am also very interested in natural energy boosters as well....forgot to mention that. I just know I gotta do something...and I'd like it to be liver friendly..it that's possible. I can't imagine exercising...but would that be recommended??? I drink lots of water...so that is not an issue...thanks for any and all words of wisdom.
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I'm doing fairly well. My MELD score went up a bit and nausea has been a little more bothersome than usual.Thanks for asking . In spite of this I still feel many times better than someone on tx usually does. I have NEVER had to look very far to find someone worse off than me.

Provigil was developed to increase alertness. It had received mixed reviews from some I know that were using it.so I decided to give it a test run for myself.I asked my liver doc to write a script. It helps with alertness and physical fatigue for me. It has none of the sides normally associated with stimulant drugs. Which is nice , as I have never been fond of stimulants. Provigil is not contraindicated for compensated livers as far as I know. Some times my liver doc will prescribe unfriendly drugs if he thinks the possible rewards outweigh the risks.. Right now I'm on statins for cholesterol, which is generally not used in those with decompensated cirrhosis. So you might want to double check the warnings/precautions should you try provigil. My dose was 200 mg and I checked on my bottle and no generic name was there. Again, I would check that, to be sure:   www.rxlist.com The best natural energy booster is illegal. Going down the list to the legal stimulants you have coffee, guarana, and tea leading the way among commercially available stimulants. Others can add to that list I'm sure. Do NOT take any Chinese herbs or other conoctions that contain ephreda.

See if you can get some samples of Provigil to determine if they are even helpful for you. I like them, but as I mentioned earlier not everyone derived the same benefit from them as I did.

Good luck,
Mr Liver
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can you tell me ingredients in Emergen-C?  I take a Bio-C 1000 mg. tablet; some days I forget but I'm thinking it might be a good thing every day.
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There isn't any generic for Provigigil.  The pharm company has the patent locked up until 2015, I checked.  I have a prescription for it, and it works great for me, but my insurance will not cover it.  It costs almost $300 a month, so it's out of my price range, unfortunately.

My doctor tried other stimulant-type drugs, but I really didn't like them at all.  I think I'll look into the Emergen-C.  Do you just get it OTC at CVS or Walgreens?
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