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Forbes: Who Will Find the Wonder Drug? (HEP -C)

A phenomenal article in this months FORBES mag "Saving your Liver" (pg. 82 - 84)

"Drugs for deadly hepatitis C don't work too well. ...Looking for the drug firms that can fix the problem."

"...cautions that it's still early in the development and stock prices will be volatile for the next two years."

Who Will Find the Wonder Drug (In Order)

1. Human Genone Scienes (Albuferon) Recent $13.15 52 Week High $13.97
2. Idenix Pharma $8.33 / $22.87
3. Intermune $22.09 / $23.45
4. Schering-Plough $21.97 / $23.28
5. Vertex Pharma $39.78 / $ 44. 71
6. Viropharma $12.78 / $24.36

Vertex the leader of protease inhibitors - ViroPharma of polymerease inhibitor (reduced the virus 99% in 1 days in combo with Interferon). Idenix Pharm. polymerase inhibitor NM283 is showing much better results that previously in combo with Peg/Riba
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As we have seen here, part of the problem with VX950 appears to be the rash sx.  When I talked to my doc about applying for VX950 with FDA waver he indicated that current information was showing that roughly a 10% occurance amoung patients.  He also qualified that this is not simply a riba type rash either, but a rather nasty painful one which covers a large of ones body, which is what we've heard of here by a couple of folks who were in the Phase II trials but dropped out because of it.
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Thanks GO it's nice to know that we were right about it not being the infamous "riba rash" if for nothing other than...we guessed right.

I thought it was an interesting read because there are so many different avenues of drugs that they are currently working on that it shows me...although it would be nice if Vertex panned out (i personally have serious doubts about it) that they are working towards drugs that might be a more complete "cure" ie: polymerase inhibitors, protease inhibitors etc.

They are at such the beginning of this field that I have to believe someone will finally discover a drug that is much easier tolerated and wipes out the virus for good than ANYTHING INCLUDED with Riba and Peg.

For example, I'd never heard of the Albuferon (I think that was it) or polymerase inhibs.

Always worth learning a bit more about things that potentially lead to a real CURE.
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Yeah,  I heard Johnson and Johnson went in with Vertex.  They must think it's a winner.

Below is the headline of the story.  Link below that.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals and Janssen Pharmaceutica, a Johnson & Johnson Company, Form Collaboration to Develop and Commercialize VX-950 for Treatment of Hepatitis C
Vertex Retains all North American Rights, Janssen Obtains Exclusive Rights in Europe and Other Regions

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I feel the need to point out, that before a rash problem is declared, it should be published first. I am not saying it isn't causing one in a few patients, but I think it is only fair not to jump to conclusions before data is published, as the prior good news that was actually published, got a chilly reception among some.
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Also, just wondering what your doubts are?
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I could be wrong on this, but I'm not aware of anyone here "dropping out" of the the VX-950 trials. Yes, I remembered someone stopping the VX-950 a little early, but not dropping out. As to the rash, the "ten per cent" figure you cite somewhat jibes with the very unofficial poll we took here a month or so ago. But as far as it's signifcance in the bigger picture, like CTON suggests, let's take a look at some published data before drawing too many conclusions.

Be well.

-- Jim
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