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Foul feces is it an indication of hepatic malfunction?

Sorry about this post. I know this is disgusting but I had to ask. Stool color is normal so far ( I read someplace that if it starts getting yellower call the dr ASAP). But this is not the case, is just that it smells worse than ever.. Would that mean hepatic function is deteriorating?

Once again sorry for this kind of posts, but one can't be too careful on the wait/watch phase. If I had a lab I would be testing my blood every other day lol
The diver
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another feces thread! just kidding! it is a valid concern, of course!

I don't know if it is a signal of hepatic malfunction, I don't think it is. But, HCV has been found replicating in the intestinal tract, so maybe is the babies that smell?

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hey chev, remember the dragon's eggs? I can't seem to forget that time in hx.
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Thanks for answering :-)
Well I had a cold for 2 weeks but I'm basically following the same diet..More fruits & water..No red meat, just chicken and fish. Tryin to loose more weight though. I wonder if this has to do with a natural fig dissolved in water that helps to loose weight in 10 days (fat control)..

I was wondering if it wouldn't be a good idea to create a spreadsheet where all posters could include significant data as age, time of infection, nick, gender, stage, VL, TX, SVR, alcohol/drug use, etc so we could build a small database to see if there's a correlation between age & sx & symptoms..etc. Just for us...I know is not scientific enough, but if it's done properly and saved as an .csv file it could be exported into a database program for further analisys.
Shoot... we could even open up an association as they did here in Valencia Spain (the patients of Dr Maeso)

the diver
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you and a member named Willing can get together and create a worldwide database! We were discussing the need for a national one a while back, where private drs, patients and anyone can input their data and it can be available for research. It is a nice dream. THe closest we got is Old hippie chick's website in the geocities, I don't have the link handy and is one of those days where the site is hard to find,, anyone has it?
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If you are taking different herbs to cleanse you system or to loose weight, there is a very real correlation between your complaint and many herbs. Fig could defiantly be the cause.

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I really think we should do it. Cause Drs and labs are doing their own thing u know?(their jargon sometimes is almost unreadable)and maybe they're too busy investigating lol. One of the good things about the internet is the it democratizes information (and who's gonna know better than us heppers, about the way we are feeling??? and our eating habits? about the do's and dont's? If we are honest about the way we contracted hepc and our alcohol/drug & etc use we could learn something about these varmints.. hey we are extremely motivated..is either them or us..
I you guys want to do something about it I could start building the spreadsheet with the info all med help posters could provide. Shoot, I'm still not feeling fatigue or brainfog...
If I see enugh quorum I will open a hotmail account and start building the homemade DB.. everything confidential of course...Just using our nicks and our geographic locations

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Thanks for answering.. So the fig could be the cause? great. But do u know if Fig will affect my liver in any way???

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Thanks Kalio for your response. I guess that's it and I really try not too get too obsessed with HCV, but the simple fact is that the wait/see approach is quite hard.... specially when you feel nothing but know your VL is high..So u ask yourself is the damn thing eating my liver away and I'm not feeling anything at all? Am I going to collapse when I'm 46? it is hard...
I'm not on tx because the drs say I can wait... They just don't wanna give the meds just yet

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Hi, Hopefully its not this...but foul odor stool can sometimes mean GI bleed. How is your blood count? You might want to check that. Praying its not that.   Sylv
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Well, who said it was suposed to smell good? That's why they put fans in bathrooms. Many people, both  with and without HCV, porbably have some raunchy poo. I personally wouldn't worry about it.  

-- Petunia

PS You don't smoke in the bathroom, I hope?
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there you are!  I was wonderin where ya might be....

I just got a call fom the hepatologist I have been waiting two months to get a appointment with...I finally have a scheduled appointment with Doctor Jenny Heathcote!!! alleluah!

Getting my blood draw done on the 20th for the liver enzymes to see if the herbs are doing anything....

What's goin on with you?  How's the Xmas fetivities, you aren't overdoin I hope!..I tried answering your eamil but it came back, did you trash the trash?? lol

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Hey diver.....I am courious about the natural fig dissolved in water that helps to loose weight in 10 days.  I have a huge fig tree and love em!  Also have not lost ANY weight (or gained) during this 13 weeks of tx.

Let me know.....Fish
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