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Four Month post-Treatment

I got my labs done at four months after stopping treatment (Genotype 1, 52y/o male, 72 weeks with Alinia added at week 20). I'm UND, baby. I'll get my viral count redone in two months to get the definitive answer.

Facta non Verba
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Great news, glad to hear it!!  good luck!!

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Fantastic Jeff, so glad to hear the news!!  Right about now that is one of the best things I could have read.  Stuck in that between 48 and 72 wks purgatory.  I hope you are feeling better and everything on you list is getting back to normal.

Take good care,
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Jeff, I am so happy for you! It is such a feeling to get the UND reward after doing the long haul. You did it, man!

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Congratulations, good stuff.
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That is some great news!!  Congratulations

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Looking good Jeff!!

More than good as a matter of facta.

I´m gonna get my 6months pcr in about a month an a half, hasn´t got any post pcrs done earlier so I have to put hope in my ast alt values until i get the pcr.
May i ask what your alt ast values is??


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Congrats !
You know what the studies say about 12 wk post eot und... you are are already unofficially there Jeff.

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Congratulations on your wonderful news.
At 4 months I feel that you're in the clear but I know how cautious we tend to be before 6 months and, for many, it takes a year before they're really comfortable.
Good luck,
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I agree with the other guys - looks to me like you are definitely clear but I"d want that final PCR too!   I'm 2 years post and it's STILL nerve wracking getting one done now as silly as that is but I'll keep getting them too!  

Congrats what great news!!!!!!!!!!
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Congratulations on the prize at the end of the long haul. That gives the rest of us 72 weekers the added push when things get tough.

Lots to celebrate !!   Pam

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WAY TO GO!!! Wooohoooooooo

I cant wait to hear that!
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Hey, dear fellow,

Congratulations. I LOVE news like this.

You must be one happy doctoring dude today.

And you put in seventy-two weeks, so you've been through the mill.

Unofficially, as Apache says, factum est.

Sincere best wishes,

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Unbelievably great news!!!! I am so happy for you (and that's a facta!)

Extenders has the toughest, strongest people I have ever known.  The inner strength you show to keep fighting inspires us all.

Wishing you all the best.

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Hooray!!  Wonderful news, so happy for you.  Another dragon bites the dust, eh?

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Congratulations, Jeff.  That's wonderful news.  Can't wait to see your SVR post.

Be well,
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Wow wow wow!!!!! This is amazingly good news, Jeff!!!! Congratulations, you earned it so well with your long and strenuous treatment.
Beautiful news!
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Great news Jeff it was about 4 months when I started feeling bad and knew before the test that I had relaspsed. Glad you have made !!
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52-y-o male here, genotype 1a like you.  I am soooooo excited to find out what my vl is going to be in 10-weeks.  I'm at week 14, started at 12,000,000 (rounded off).  I'm on a study that requires the vl to have a 2-log drop by week 12.  I obviously had a 2-log drop as they would have taken me off treatment if I hadn't, according to their study rules.  I won't be able to find out where I am/was regarding vl until week 24.  I may already be und and maybe not.  I'll just have to wait until week 24 to find out.

I'm exceedingly grateful for your progress.  Remember who to thank.

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Congratulations! You have been so helpful to me when I was having bad sx. I wish you and your family the best! I am at week 34 of 72 and you are an inspiration.
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I'll get my viral count redone in two months to get the definitive answer.
Facta for Facta: Being UND at 4 months post tx correlates 100% with UND at 6 months, so congratulations on your well-deserved and definitive SVR!

-- Jim
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Great News!
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That is terrific, what a relief. after 72 weeks you deserve a medal. Wow I can't imagine it.
How are you feeling 4 months post TX? I just finished this week and I am very curious about the recovery period.
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I remember being in that place beyond 48 weeks. The last few weeks were almost unbearable, mainly because my attitude had gotten so bad. One thing that got me through was that there were several 72 weekers who were coming up SVR right at that time. That kept me going.

The things I listed that I wanted back after I finished were:
I want my energy back.
I want my hair back.
I want my appetite back.
I want my libido back.
I want my personality back.
I want my 20 pounds back.
I want my wife to have her husband back.

I only got 15 pounds back, but the rest has been delivered, thank G_d.

I could tell that things were getting better after just a few weeks. Now I feel back to normal. I still get tired, but I'm pretty busy and I probably got tired before but never thought about it. Just wait - life is going to be so good. I remember going to a party and realizing that I was having fun and liked being there. What a change from being on treatment.

I don't know the exact values for my AST and ALT, just that they're normal. My ALT was somewhere around twice normal before treatment.

That's good to hear that four months correlates with six month SVR rates. Where does that info come from? And thanks for all the help you gave me and all the other forum members.

I definitely know who to thank. My doctors, my family, my friends, all of this forum's members and especially G-d who has kept me alive, sustained me and enabled me to reach this point.
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