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Dear Fellow Dragon Slayers—The Dragon is Dead!

I wanted to let you all know that I got "THE CALL" (earlier than they told me) from gastroenterology a few minutes ago, and my 12 week EOT HCV RNA QN test came back UNDETECTABLE! I am cured—no further follow-up needed (her exact words). They are not going to do a 24 week follow-up test.

I did the triple Tx Sovaldi/Interferon/Ribavirin for 12 weeks from Feb. 7 until May1. I was UND during the whole Tx, and at 4 weeks EOT. My Ribavirin dosage was 1,000 a day the first month, reduced to 600 the second month (after 2 days off, then 2 days at 200 after an ER visit) then up to 800 the third month.

I want to thank all of you who have been such a wonderful support for me through all of this—I don't know what I would have done without all of your cheering and knowledge. I will post a scan of the report after I pick it up tomorrow for you all to see.

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That is wonderful news. You did it!  The dragon has been slayed.
I can only imagine how surreal this must feel for you.
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Yay happy dancing for you!!!!!!

I guess you need a name change then NOhepc4Sandi lol

I still need to wait 34 more days to do the 12 week post. I hope I will be able to say the same as you ding dong the Dragon is Dead!

Congrats :-)
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That is the best news ever! You won the war. Your support for me and the many others on this forum has been priceless. Thank you for letting all of us know the dragon can be slayed. You give us all hope of being cured
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Great news! Congratulations!
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Yeah am so happy for u!!!!!
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I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!!!
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Now you have to change your name :-))
I am hopefully right behind you
Had 12 week EOT SVR yesterday should know in a few days if it worked
Fingers crossed I will e danci with you in a few days
Xo ch
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This is wonderful news!!!!!!!!! Celebrate!!!!
So no 24 week? That is even better. My husband goes in for his 12 week on Aug 11. He has been doing great, energy back and is working on the "honey to do list"!!!!!! ;0
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You need a new handle!!!!!   Great news.  I am thrilled for you! Jo
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Congrats, you did it hepcfreesandi!  Yay!
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Congratulations!!!  Could not be better news!  

What a wonderful thing for you - and how inspiring for those of us who follow you!  Pat
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What an exciting day for you. Today should be a second birthday for you.. The birth of a new life without hepatitis.  So wonderful to hear... You made my day so much brighter.  Take good care of yourself.   Mary
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YAY!!!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  I am so happy for you!  What an amazing feeling it must be!  Savor it and enjoy the best news any of us could here!!  

Thanks for sharing and giving hope to those of us still on the journey.  

Again,  woo Hoo!!!!!!  :)
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No Hep C for you!  A wonderful freeing feeling it must be  I see you twirling in organza to impressionistic music in slow motion.  Okay, I confess - I was just watching So You Think You Can Dance - got carried away.  But I imagine it to be that way for you.  

Very best wishes as you dance off into the sunlight, with or without the organza.
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Congratulations!  Well done!  I'm so pleased for your success!  And no more tests!
Best --
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Well my fellow warrior, you did it!   "Party Time".    We can toast with some
Ensure, to keep from getting overly fatigued!!!!!!    A big Congragulations for you.
Even tho you had to take the dreaded interferon, the trio worked and you are one lucky lady.
Please enjoy your new found health and freedom from the Hep C virus, as
the effort is so worth the prize.   I am soooo very happy for you.
xoxo.    Kim

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Congratulation. ..... how encouraging. ..
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Brava! Very encouraging...you must be walking on air! Ding Dong the Dragon's Dead...So very happy for you but I hope we'll all be able to sing that song! Go live your hep c free life!!! So great!!!!
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That is such wonderful news!!
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Congratulations!!! What wonderful news!!!!!
I am 7 wks post EOT - same triple tx - and look forward to joining you soon in the ranks of SVR12.
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Hallelujah .....so happy for you!
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Hey Hey, good news day! Way to go!
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