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Gall Bladder Removal during TX

Hi Everyone.   I just posted the other day about having an ultra sound done on my gall bladder after other precaution tests and the results came back that I have gall stones and my GI suggests that I have the removal of my gall bladder done asap.     Has anyone else had this procedure done during tx.        I am on week 21 out of 24 post INC.    All this came to me as a surprise over the last 3 weeks.   I started having spasms in my lower chest and stomach area and really bad back pain and over my right lower quadrant.    
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Wow! I'm so sorry to hear of ur troubles. What does ur treating dr say? I think that if platelets n other blood work was in safe ranges it could be done. But I'm wondering how or if it will affect tx.
You're sooo close. But a gall bladder can create a whole new set of circumstances if it goes acute. Are they giving u an option? This needs a lot of imput from ur medical team. I hope they're collaborating. I'd NOT want to quit tx...
My best to you. I hear it can be painful, but post op is not so bad w the laser surgery. Keep us posted. I'm tucking in w good vibes n prayers.
Karen :)
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Hi Karen,  So good to hear from you.   My Gastroenterologist is my HCV Doc as well, so he knows everything.   He did a EDG on me last week to see if I had any blockage or if my esophagus needed stretched and looked down into my small intestine and all was good.  So he ordered a ultra sound of my G Bladder on Monday and results came back today.   His NP called me and said that I have Gallstones and highly recommends me having my GB removed ASAP.    All my blood work on CBC and liver function also came back great at 20 weeks.    But I keep having these gall bladder attacks that are worse than birth.        Seems as though they don't think its a problem to do this surgery while on TX.    I only have 3 weeks left, and probably wont see the surgeon till next week.    Personally, I am looking forward to it and getting rid of the problem, If I could just have a tummy tuck at the same time ..... Hummmm   LOL   !    
PS.  If you google Gallstones its not a pretty site and you would defiantly get the right visual as to knowing whey you hurt so much :(
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PSSS.   I think this will all be the new non evasive laser surgery , both of my daughter both had it done within the last 4 months , so its not a real biggy, other then letting the problem persist and not doing anything about it.  
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I always think it's best to follow your physician's advice if you have faith in your doctor.
I wouldn't think twice about getting my gallbladder removed if I trusted my doctor and he/she advised it.

Good luck,
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Years ago my mom had hers removed when it almost burst on her. She'd been having pain for months, her doctor misdiagnosed it, finally she got a second opinion from a doctor who said, "your going in the hospital now."
Back then, they kept her in the hospital for 3 weeks.

Take care, heal well and thanks for updating us.
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I agree with the others, if the surgery recommendation is being made by your treating hepatologist, then do it. I know all about how painful those attacks are - I had to have my gallbladder taken out back in 1981, when it was a horrible painful surgery with a really long recovery time, and I never regretted it because it put an immediate end to those horrible attacks. Congratulations on being nearly done with your tx!
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Well its a done deal.   I seen the surgeon today who works hand and hand with my GI.   He knows exactly whats going on with me and I do have only one very large gall stone.    He was very frank with me and said, we just dont blast them stones anymore and likely more will come.   The best decision is to have it removed, which I entirely agree, so Tuesday is surgery day.   Amen.   Thanks for the support everyone. and when I am done with next week recovering I will only then have two more shots to go !   Hallehluah !
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Best wishes on your upcoming surgery.  It will probably be a quick and easy procedure and you'll be back on your feet in no time, and then done with treatment right around the corner.  Whoo hoo!
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