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Gamma Globulin in 1975

Could I have gotten HCV from a gamma globulin shot
in 1975?  And if so, I may have thrown it off, since my
enzymes are just now being high...hey, hope is still
hope.  Viral load test still out, so's sonograms. How
does one get a vaccine for Hep protection and end up getting
a new strain?  good grief
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Yes, you could have, in fact that's how I might have got hepC, I just don't know.  Any contaminated blood product could have done it and screening for hepC didn't arrive till about 1991.

Ironic, isn't it,that the vaccination for hep might have given us hep.
Hope you find you are negative,

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Good luck to you dointime, I find this an interesting
place to get info.  I'm starting
to understand all the abbreviations now that I have
done more research into the treatments.  
Man alive,
it looks like every poster is a DOCTOR when you first
come in here!  I still don't know what tx is.  Other
than that place where Bush came from.
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tx = treatment

Don't worry how or when you were exposed. You just need to know your current health status. Just get a biopsy to see how much damage if any your liver has and then move forward with a positive attitude.

Actually Bush is from Greenwich, Connecticut but the image didn't play as well. ;-)

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Greenwich?  Why am I still up?  Can't sleep to save my life, started remembering how many times emergency rooms told me I was sick because of adhesions from ab surgeries. Unexplained debilitating illness and sweats for 24 hours so like the flu, but so
not.  Can't remember anything. Loss of interest in my art.  Def. loss of interest in paperwork of any kind...important or not. And all this before I got the HCV pos. test.

Joked with friend I'm too nuts to be sick. Have appt. Tues just to get the sonograms,
because after researching, I want to talk to reg. MD about finding specialist for immediate biopsy, figuring it takes awhile to get in anyway, and by then I'll know values, and could always cancel should I be suffering from dementia instead
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Yeah I haven't been sleeping well the last two days...tragic event in a friend's life. Makes me realise how lucky I am to only have to deal with HCV and cirrhosis.

Yes it is a relief to know and put a name to our suffering isn't it?

Keep your sense of humor and you'll be fine!!!
Hector ;-)
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Sorry to hear about your friend.  There are certainly a lot worse things than anything
I have, or have had.  Look out your window and squint real hard toward Missouri...tha's
me smiling and raising my classic Coke.
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