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Generic Harvoni in India

Hi Everybody ! I need help to get any related information about generic version harvoni and sovaldi. I have found today the pre-order offer for generic harvoni from India. I have been informed from indian newspapers that generic version become available soon within 2-3 months on Indian market . Does anyone know something else about this? Any ideas? My Mom is suffering from fibrosis stage 3 , and now i'm feel that here is only one way to cure hepatitis C using the harvoni. But our insurance would not cover branded version!!! Does anyone waiting the generic version like me?

And finally, it will be accessible for patients from abroad?

Any recommendations, please .

Thanks and regards,

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Looks like India is getting ready to take off with this.  Here is a link to some
interesting reading concerning your post.  

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Hi dear and thanks for your warm and honest reply . This is really useful and very actual information  which i was looking for.

So, now I would like to find a backup guys who also waiting for generic version and have the TRUSTED contacts in India.

Alex Bowl
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Here is some contacts in India that may be helpful.  Maybe lead you in the
right direction.


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You need a doctor to monitor her on the treatment no matter where you are.
Yes it's my understanding that S/O and Harvoni originated in India and Gilead bought the rights to it. That's why it cost so high in the states. But Gilead has already made 4 billion dollars on the medicine so hopefully the cost will come down.
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Dear, of course my Mom gets the regular assistance from her hepatologist, self-treatment not applicable . Many thanks for prompt responses!

Kindest regards,
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Dear Amigo77,
My wife and a child is suffering with this deseas. Like you, I am also waiting for the Harvoni to be discounted. However, harvoni is not tested for the children so usual peginterferon and rebavirin is the only choice for me. But side effects are stopping me to test it for my child. If you have any news released about the drug please share with me I will me grateful. my e-mail is : ***@****

By the way, I have heard that there is another drug called Viekira Pak produced by AbbVie which is as effective as Harvoni. There is hope that the rivalry between these two could reduce the price down which could be a great relieve for lots of people that are suffering with this deseas. Lets hope for the best! Be in touch.

Also I have contacted 7 indian companies that got the license to produce harvoni, they say that they would produce the drug this year near September.
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Dear Akramov:

Please can you let me know what are those Indian Laboratories that will have the generic of sovaldi and Harvoni. I am also after this medicine to cure this disease, that have for almost 30 years and got with plasma due to my treatment for Hemofilia. I am in Peru and we have only Interferon and Rivabirin available here.
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Harvoni or any of the Generic is not approved or available in India as of now
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HEllo everybody,  i have been notified,  that generic will become available during two nearest months. Cipla wants to name generic harvoni as HEPCVIR.  Also i have found interesting tweets from Laurent Garcia, https://twitter.com/laurent_garcia/ And subscribed to him. Currently that's all what i know.

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Dear Erick
The company answered positively was Strides Arcolab Limited. Others did not replied.
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Dear akramovm:

Thank you very much for this info.

Do you know how can I contact Strides Arcolab Limited? Do you have some email that they are replying about this. I am also looking to know when this HEPCVIR generic Drug will be available from Cipla and if there will also a generic for Harvoni.


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Dear Akramovm:

Look this:

Natco has lauched its generic version of Sovaldi on March 12th,c2015 to US$318 American Dollars the Bottle for one Month, so an average of US$900 for 3 bottles.

This generic is called: HEPCINAT

Here below the link:



and I also found these Links:


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You can get this info from the Gilead website, both the licensed Indian drugs manufacturers and the 91 countries where the generics will be sold more cheaply:


I have been trying for some time to find an Indian hospital, or hepatologist and more importantly a TRUSTED source of drugs in India.  You would think that the Indian medical tourism industry would be queuing up to offer treatment considering the demand but that seems not to be the case.  Maybe it is just too early.  When Harvoni is on the shelves in India I really hope to hear of a place which is welcoming international patients for hepC treatment.  If anybody out there does find this place I would appreciate hearing about it, so PM me please.  I am happy to share all my research so far with anybody who is interested.  The Gilead link more or less says it all though,

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According to the Gilead web page, the Indian generic isn't licensed for the USA (obviously). I wonder if this means that the Indian pharmas and MDs won't sell it to U.S. citizens?

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My guess is you will have to go to India to get the drug but that may be a heck of a lot cheaper than paying out-of-pocket here in the states. The thing is if you don't have insurance and are low income, you should be able to get Gilead to give it to you as long as you can obtain a script from a doctor. However, it may be easier to get a script in India than to get one in some of the states here where they don't want anyone on Medicaid to treat unless they have cirrhosis.
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Thanks drrubesh. I hope the generic harvoni can also be available soon on India.Please let me know anything that you can know about this.

I hope this drug can be exported to Peru in Soutth America and above all to get a trusted source of drugs in India to purchase it.
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Hi dointime.

Thanks for this PDF. It seems Gilead has not included my country "Peru" in its list.

In any case I think the travel to India is one good idea. The important thing as you mention is to get a good hepatologic doctor there or good Hospital in India and the TRUSTED source of this drug on India.

Please PM when you know this generic Harvoni could be available there in India and what could be the best plan to get it.



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Dear all,I  live in Bosnia and Hercegovina and I am sooo interested in therapy of hepatitis C. We cannot afford so high price of drugs but informations about cheaper prices in India are wery welcommed.
Thank you a lot to all good people who wants to help.

God bless you all :)
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Below is an exerpt from FiercePharmaAsia, a financila news letter I receive.

It names SOME, but NOT ALL of the 90 countries NATCO hs planning on distributing to.  Plus Hetero Labs, has thier version ready for distribution, and 4 or 5 others are almost there.  I believe that I read somewhere that ther were 10 companies getting generics ready for disbribution plus Gilead will be distributing ther at a reduced price agreement.  

If I find a list of the companies, I will share the list.  -  OR someone else finds it -  I am sure they will share.  Hope this offers some help.


On Friday, Hetero Pharma was also cleared to market a generic Sovaldi and said it would launch by the end of the month at home and in other countries. Natco and Hetero announced a price in India of $318 for a bottle of 28 tablets, or just over $11 a pill. Both are for 400 mg doses. Natco also said it expects to launch its version, which it labeled Hepcinat, "very soon" through partnerships with other India drug makers, but set no date.

Both companies are among the now 10 in India to sign non-exclusive licensing deals with Gilead after it lost its local patent for the drug. In addition, Natco said it would take advantage of the fact Gilead had no patent in those countries to sell its version in Bangladesh and Nepal.

Gilead said, "Sofosbuvir recently received regulatory approval in India (January 2015), and regulatory submissions have been completed in additional countries, including Pakistan, Thailand, Brazil, Uganda, South Africa and Nigeria." The 8 generics makers, free to set their own prices, would still be competing against Gilead and the brand. The company recently negotiated lower prices with Germany's regulators.


Good Luck and hope your Country is on the list, or one close enough to get treatment.

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Dear patra_

I also have found this article here:

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Dear all , Good day to you .

Generic Sofosbuvir is now available in India . ( as of March 17 2015 )

It can be bought for approx $300 for 28 tablets .

I spoke with a company representative from Zydus yesterday and he said it was now freely available in All metro cities with a Doctors Prescription .

Hope tis helps .
best wishes and warm regards

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Here is a post that i made / updated regarding the same :)


best wishes always .
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Thanks for the link.  Good article.  I am so glad to see the spreading to so many countries!  Hoping that within the next few months, it will be available, at a low/reasonable cost in ALL of the underdeveloped nations, as well as available at a much more reasonable cost in all developed countries.

We need to get rid of this disease, which is now so cureable!

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my name is Petre ,gen 1b,  F4
i'm from romania
and waiting for generic Harvoni to be lounched in India and somehow to buy'it from there
great info in this topic
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