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Genotpe #3 - fatty liver and hep C

My partner finished treatment a couple months ago and have another month before his viral load will be done.  He seems to be feeling more tired, so naturally we are getting super paranoid, particularily becasue his enzymes stayed in the 80's during treatment despite being undected at 2 weeks.  Aat the end of the treatment they also found he had a fatty liver.  Does anyone know how much the fatty liver will reduce his chances of SVR?  I hope everyone as well,
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About 70% of geno 3's have fatty liver.

Infection with Hepatitis C genotype 3 carries a greater chance of a fatty liver than other genotypes. Although this relationship is likely due to the strain's molecular structure, successful treatment can erase this extra burden.

Why don't you google     'fatty liver hcv genotype 3'   you will find a lot of interesting info on the subject.
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No signs of any issues with insulin or diabetes at this time,  My guess is they wont do a PCR at one month as we dont pay for in Canada...I guess they figure three months is good enough......I'm sure we could push our family doctor to do it....he only did 24 weeks of treatment as he was undectected within 10days of starting treatment but he does have stage 3 and early stage 4 liver disease.  If they redo treatment we have to pay for 20 perrcent as only 24 weels is approved here for geno 3.......needless to say we are toally anxious about the test in 1 month.....as it is his chaces of SVR are reduced by the evidence of cirrohisis
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My LFT's stayed in the 60-80 range throughout tx. I was told that even though I was UND at 12 weeks tx, that my liver was still being assaulted by the meds - however good they would be for me in the long run - hence the elevation.. At 3 months post, I was still UND and my LFT's were down by almost half, but still elevated. My biopsy in 2009 showed cirrhosis AND fatty liver. In a similar post of mine recently, another member mentioned that the fatty liver could be the culprit. Hopefully your partner will remain UND also. From what I infer from some reading is that SVR is SVR, regardless of fatty liver involvement, but that inflammation can still occur with a fatty liver keeping those LFT's elevated. I'd be interested in hearing any more followup on this subject.

Good luck to you both!

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I was genotype 3 and found out I had fatty liver one year post-tx. Seven years later I'm still undetected. Does your partner have any signs of insulin resistance?
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Why won't they do a one month PCR for him? Just about all of us get a 4 week EOT test run.
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