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Genotype 1a and 1b research

Does anyone know about research for HCV genotypes 1a and 1b? I did a search of clinical trials and did not find any specific research for 1a and 1b. It seems to me that the research is HCV in general and a lot of the emphasis becomes focused on the fantastic results that the current tx standard creates for the very small minority of those in the USA with non 1a or non 1b HCV which is currently less than 50% SVR. The 2's enjoy a 85% response rate. At a 50% response rate the number of infected individuals with no hope of a cure is in the millions of people. That seems like a lot of suffering to me.

I would think that there would be research for the victims of HCV 1a and 1b who represent the majority of non-responders and the majority of those infected victims in the USA.

If there isn't any 1a/1b research, then where is this frequently quoted 'new cure' in 3-5 years prediction coming from?

Thank you.

Good energies...
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I have HCV 1a 1b and have hadit since my transfusions in the Army in SF CA.  They cannot give me the 48 shot routine and do not seem to be researching this even though it goes without saying the VA has a large enough budget to do so.  we are an aberation in our illness as they have tested blood since 1992 and only small out breaks happen anymore from American sources by hospital or Doctor negligence.  HIV seems to be more important to researchers as they have an epeidemic in the world that only is beaten by starvation and the Ebola Virus.  So they take on what they can and leave the restof us to get along as well as possible.
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Are you not considering the clinical trials that are being preformed right now...? I thought the emphasis was on 1a and 1b. There are protease inhibitors and polymerase inhibitors that are showing great promise in trials and some of the people here on this forum are taking them.

I am enrolled in a study now that is open to geno type 1 only…this is a trial for one of the new drugs that is said to be on a fast track to the market…maybe as soon as 2009 / 2010.
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I used to test on my genotype as 1A/1B both geno's.  The was on the genotyping done back in 1998-1999 time frame.  I did several treatments in the years after that and wasn't regenotyped until I participated in the Vertex Prove 3 trial last year 2007 and at that time, I tested as a genotype 1A.  So, it seems to me that somewhere along the way, I lost 1 of the genotypes.  BTW, lest anyone should say that maybe it was a lab error on the first genotyping test..., it was done at a very reputable lab, National Genetics Institute (N.G.I.).  The 2nd genotyping was drawn at Mayo Clinic, but was sent out to the lab used by Vertex's study.     I don't know that there's a whole lot of difference between 1A and 1B.  I asked one of my doctor's that question and he said that there's more concern between the fact that whether you're a 1, or a 2, or a 3, or a 4, etc., than the letter following it.  But, there's just so much about all of this disease the the scientists are still learning, you know?  Susan400
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They kinda fudge on the numbers with these trials.  I would suspect at best 60% cure might be possible with new meds.  There never has been agressive research like with aids because in reality most people won't die from hep-c as they will from aids. Until that mindset changes hep-c research will stay on the back burner.

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lynn, when you say, "any research" what type of research are you asking for?  I can show you specific research for type 1's that says that if you are UND at 12 weeks on the standard riba/interferon protocol then you have an 83% chance of SVR, with high negative predictive for people who aren't rapid responders.  This is helpful for a 12 week evaluation model for this particular treatment modality.  I am not wise enough to argue what one might do in the case of not being UND at week 12, so I don't know if at that point you could increase dosages or add alinia, or something else because I am not familiar with those treatment models or modalities but others here could speak to that.

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