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Genotype 3 Treatment

We now know that geno 3 should not be treated like geno 2. Someone (sorry, I cannot remember who) on this forum gave me this valuable information, according to latest studies of:

Columbia University, MD, special research for G3

NOT   UND at       W 4 48 weeks tx
High VL UND     at       W 4        36 weeks tx
Low VL UND at       W 4        24 weeks tx

If anyone has more information and experience treating genotype 3, I would be very thankful to hear about it.

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I am a G3a non responder and that Tx formular seems about right to me.
The other thing to throw into the mix is Fibrosis.
Maybe treat longer if Stage is F3 or F4
but RVR seems to trump all the other negatives.

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Thanks a lot for the input. I hope you will be able to treat again, with success. It is always so heart breaking to hear about non responders. And then there is the fear that one might be one.

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You will know with a week 4 PCR test whether you are heading down the difficult to treat parth or not. Just make sure you have a 4 week PCR test.
UND @ week 4 = really good SVR odds.

All the Best
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The 'if not und by 4, do 72' was the simple rule the liverhead gave me.  That went along with all the necessary time planning around pcr's and the prescriptions pre-dated to get them done.  But, with a prior failed tx and early cirrhosis and age (about 56) the formula was adjusted to the 48/72.  But, the criteria you mentioned seems to make sense for a 1st time tx'er who has not demonstrated 'difficult to treat' traits. Having done a prior 24 (G3) week relapsing tx, motivation was high to get to und as soon as possible.  Which is why we were aggressive early in tx (pre-dose riba and double Peg for 4 weeks).  One thing I've wondered about though - whether high or low VL, is if there is a difference assuming und is reached by week 4.  The Columbia folks seem to think yes.
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I just wanted to say how great I think it is to see such important discussion going on. WE'VE all known that the cookie cutter approach 1 = 48 2 = 24 **** doesn't work but it's nice to see that FINALLY the liverheads are getting the facts too!

I just don't understand why it seems such a hardship for them to tailor treatment to a persons specific numbers.  I would advise any newbie who is in here to really learn these facts and how iMPORTANT being UND at week 4 really really is.  A lot of doctors still don't even know it.

Dr J was the first one I know of who was really onto this bandwagon (but that makes sense).  If anybody needs a second opinion in order to get their doctor to work with extensions.........even if you have to pay out of network to get one of the good guys - DO IT.  I paid $600 (and I'm a broke single mom type) cash and it was worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY and ounce of mac and cheese for dinner that I had to eat ;)  Anything that leads you to achieve SVR is.

Don't worry about having to do "more time" - get the SVR the first time if you can.
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As you maybe remember Im on a study (danish) for relapsers geno 2, 3 and are given weight based riba and pegasus which always is 180mcg.

My first tx i started in september 2006 they didn`t check for baseline vl and first pcr wasn´t made until week 12, and 95 or maybee it was 98% of all geno 2and 3 are UND at week 12.
I was also on the old protocol 800ml riba for everyone and not weightbased peginteferon.

I´m gonna try to get to what I wanna say, I have a  friend geno 3 he started to tx 13weeks ago and is getting a new protocol weightbased riba but not weightbased peginterferon, hes got a 4w pcr.

He had a low baselin vl result 76000iuml (yea they gave him that aswell)
and they want him to extend to 48weeks since he had a borderland vl result week 5( he was sick w4 so he made the test one week later)

Finally this is what I´m wanna say to you!!
I checked up the prices for peginteferon verces pegasys and the price is very much the same due to amount of medecin, but if you on peginteferon and are thin, or like my friend dosen´t get the proper amount there is money to save for the hospital.

I dont dare to recomend what you gonna chose peg or pegasus,
the sx on pegasus is much less for me then on peg.

But I felt so very good post tx how knows how I´m gonna feel after this one?

your friend ca

ps my friend is treating in gothenburg but i think his on the new protocol for 3s probebly pretty much the same world wide
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