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Gestational diabetes

I was recently diagnosed with Hep C and now my doctor is telling me I have gestational diabetes. Is this because of the HCV? Do I even have gestational diabetes? Or does it just seem like I have it? Please help me.
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Here is a study that claims that HCV causes and increased risk of getting gestational diabetes.


I also have HCV and Gestational Diabetes.... I see you posted here quite a while back.  But how was the birth?  Did everything work out okay?

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You can tell me to shut up or just ignore the question.  How do you think you were infected in 3rd month.  Sorry, if the question is offensive.
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Just FYI - I had Gestational Diabetes - prior to them finding out that I had HCV.

However - I believe I was infected with the virus in my 3rd month of pregnancy.

Gestational Diabetes just means you have to eat well - take care of yourself - avoid sugars and be VERY healthy.

It can happen in normal pregnancies --- and HCV may or maynot be an agent to cause it. I haven't seen any articles on Gestational Diabetes and Pregnancy being together as a common occurence.

Welcome to the forum. Much luck learning about your HCV - and much hope for your pregnancy.

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are you pregnant?  Gestational Diabetes occurs during pregnancy.  
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