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Getting pregnant ???

Well, looks like wife #3 is on the way. Sprung the question last weekend.

She is young. She makes me feel young... very young. We get along great, She is my soul mate.
She informed me "now we can get pregnant right away".
She has no children.
I have a married son and daughter... my nest has been empty for many years.
We have talked about this and she knows I would love another child. I love children.

While she knows about my HCV, TX, and SVR, I haven't really gone into detail with her. Didn't think it was needed and she never asked much about it. Well now things are coming to a head since we will be getting married very soon and she wants a child right away.

I know the doctors and pharmaceutical companies say wait 6months after Riba to get pregnant... still a little scared.
Even though 6 months post tx have come and gone for me, I do not feel 100% comfortable with this. I have not yet discussed with her the 6 month after Riba waiting period for getting pregnant.

I am just trying to figure this out before talking to her. She trusts me implicitly, and I her. Just don't trust the Doctors 100% that my seed is Not forever Riba mutated. Worried we will have a sick baby. She will probably go with most anything I suggest, so I must try and figure this out correctly. Even if she wants to go for it, like I know she will, I just can't let her down with a mutated baby from my demon riba seed.

Cant find any past studies on this other than deformed animal fetus from father or mother exposure to Riba, especially mother exposure.
Anyone know of any post tx human pregnancy studies ?

It probably would break her heart for me to tell her we cant have a baby or we should wait. Not even sure if waiting longer would give any better chance for a healthy baby.
Am I over thinking this. Should we just take the, wait 6 month post Riba warning, as all thats needed ?

What should I do ?

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I would wait 1 year. Why?" Cause that stuff scares me and I don't trust any medical stuff 100% - doctors either. I am just super careful. What's a few extra months?
Whatever you decide I wish you and she and the baby health and prosperity.
Congratulations on your marriage.
Be well,
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Congratulations, and best wishes.  I think it is wise to wait a year.  Better safe than sorry, besides I think its a good idea to put a few miles on a marriage before having kids.  

Whatever you decide, ....ain't love grand!

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Maybe some of these can help.  I wish you and your lovely bride all the best =)

(Trade Name Copegus) Hepatitis C Ribavirin Pregnancy Registry Kendle International
Phone: (800) 593-2214
Phone: (910) 509-4991 (call collect)




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For what it's worth, if anything.

Do what you think is best for your *child*.  If this woman is everything you say she is, she will want to do what is best for your child as well, regardless of her own disappointment.  The wellbeing of the child will trump that for her.  If you think waiting six months to get pregnant will give your child a better shot at being healthy and happy then *do it*.  For the rest of your lives together, the question will always be what is best for your child and that is the question now. You will also likely enjoy the pregnancy much more together with much less nagging doubts in your mind.  

Good luck and I wish you every happiness.

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rbv is stored by RBCs and only released on cell death. Since RBCs are long-lived ( I believe 4 months is a typical estimate) EOT is accompanied by a gradual, time-release, reduction of rbv. Try looking for "+erythrocyte +ribavirin +lifetime" for more details. Six months seems a pretty generous estimate to wait out the death of the last rbv-soaked RBC, maybe 9 if you want to feel more secure.

rbv is a strong teratogen but given that your role (biologically-speaking..) in the pregnancy is much  more limited than hers there's less opportunity for trace circulating rbv to have an effect.

Best of luck!
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I agree w all ,but mostly mike . these meds are brutal that way   I.am scared to death ,cuz we are thinkin about another . 9 months or a year ,but you are the one who decides in the end .    good lovin           bob
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