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Gold Bond Body Loction

I just got my first bottle of Gold Bond Body lotion, (bought two, one for home, the other for work)
seems silly, but the relief seems instant, at least for now
and I just wanted to share this with my new family.
I 'smell' like a medicine cabinet!!

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Hey Kiddo. Sorry you're not yourself. When my Doc heard I used to take 2 mg valium for anxiety, he was concerned I would have problems on the meds. Turned out not to be the case for me, but it is not at all an uncommon side.

I'm not saying this is you, but I think we too often try to 'buck-up' and deal with issues that are more mental in nature, whereas for physical problems we're more accepting of  medication. No one here would avoid taking a pill to stop the runs, yet many of us would hold off on taking a valium until well, to contnue the metaphor, the sh!t was hitting the fan. Why is that, I wonder?

But wait! Still more selling to come.....

The nice thing about a valium, is they work quickly, and you only take them as needed. It's not like the commitment you make to ADs, where you're on them for the longer haul and they take a while to adjust to. Feeling antsy, pop a valium. Give it a try.

And see if you can comppromise on the procrit too. If you're on 14 days now, see if you can go to 10. It will take 2-3 weeks for you to see the benefit of the change - so get right to it. I'm expecting a report within a week, LOL.

Feel better soon!
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yep, it's from flowers for algernon.  i first signed up here when i was on the fast track to liquified brain.  it made me think of that book (from so long ago).  I'm just hoping that my brain improves as much as Algernon's did--but that I avoid his final fate...
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hey thanks for addressing ms. thing's aka 2irish apprehensions about taking tranqs...and also good info about the Procrit, she's not feeling too well lately, though she's had a relatively good time of it the past 6 months...so glad you seem to be doing well all things considered...if we've been dealing with the "impaired Goof" I can't imagine what dealing with the new and improved Goof will be like...

Is Algernon taken from Flowers for Algernon? if my memory serves me right, and it's not been serving me too well lately...

Strator the Scribe, never dissapoints...

How is Jim doing? you should be doing summersaults by now....

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2irish & Forseegood: I'm doing well. Little tired of course, but it gets better. Had to do some more procrit and neupogen - but the HGB is pretty good now, and the wbcs might hold on their own.

Missed the Ms. Thing reference. But a 2 mg valium can really take the edge off. Also, I don't see why procrit should be a weekly or 2 weekly deal. I went from 40,000 every 10 days, to every 7 days, to every 5 days. It's easy to regulate the dose that way.

I hear Bermuda has land crabs that can put a serious hurting on those of us suffering from Wang Hung Lowe syndrome. Maybe I could rig something out of half a coconut shell?

algernon: <i>I have to think at my job too.</i>

That one's a b!tch, ain't it. Especially when a problem arises that requires quick on the fly deductive reasoning. I think I started getting better around week 14 too, but it was still a joke. My problems were largely tied to low hgb, I think. As that improved, so did my nogginizing.

Strator: <i>I started gettin cracks and chaps at the area around the corner</i>

Sure hope Big Chuck doen't find out about these extra-curricular activities....maybe you should take it out of the neighborhood?

Fishdoc: <i>I keep telling him sperm is a part time job</i>

It is, it is. It's cultivating the opportunities that can become a career.

Hope everyone has a stress and side free day!

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I had the momentery gaps of thought on tx. yup-just fake like you know whats going on. Glad you found the gold bond. Giddy
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I was hoping I would get used to it,
the side affects as oppose to it getting worse.
I can take a leave of absense, but prefer not to..
since I don't want to sit home and get depressed.
thanks for the input..looking forward to lots more
side affects.
thank goodnes for the Gold Bond.
at least I can concentrate on not scatching for a few
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says....I don't know how in the world...but it's SWITCHED!........ WHAT? i know you been talking about things popping up but i never thought that. You'll still always be nyGIRL to me though.

On the serious side, you know i hope only the best for you, can't they try meds first? Good luck to you sweety.
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Nygirl sorry about the thyroid but don't give up on the fudgecicles. But you might want to consider leaving the 45 caliber with a friend oh say for the next 24 weeks. :) Dale

Paris I use Cetaphi lotion (alot) and it helps with the rash and itching. My skin and lips stay so dry that they peel in places but I just keep drinking the water and plenty of it. PS the Cetaphil has no smell or won't stain your clothes. I usually stain them all by myself. Dale
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Where is Goofydad he knows to check his calendar with Debbie before going MIA.
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Glad the gold bond is working for you.  I look like some sort of freak with this rash all over me!  It is mostly on my legs, and since i'm in MA, it isn't shorts weather yet :)  

My 12 week bloodwork came back, my pcr is still negative :)  YIPPEEE
I didn't get the details, but he said all my other blood tests look ok too.  It's amazing how I can feel so absolutely terrible and have all bloodwork look ok?!?!  Oh well, I'll take the good news where I can get it. Doc said if I wanted to do the short course, he thought it would be fine to stop anytime after 14.  I still have a goal of making it to 20.  We shall see!  I wish their was a bloodtest to indicate if you were likely to relapse or not....argh.  The stress!  

I've been wondering about goof and jim and others too.  Hope they are enjoying post tx life, but they are missed around here!!!
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Hey guys. Thanks for asking about me. I'm still lurking around. Thinking I'll shoot for a pcr pretty soon. Feeling better - still dgraggin' azz though.

Wondering where my buddies forseegood and 2irish have run off to. Maybe they found a new playground?
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Nobody said it's an easy road but we manage.  Some days I just wish so so so bad it was Saturday and I didn't have to get up for work.

The skin thing is the Ribavirin. The Interferon has it's own ball of wax.

As long as I don't have the anemia I can deal with anything. That was so horrible and as much as I hate needles I have no problem jabbing myself with the Epogen.

Hang in there and take a deep breath it sounds like you are overwhelmed. Skin problems are doable and livable.
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It's like I tell my wife. "I married up you're the one who needs to question your decision". Maybe Candoer ran them off. I hope you get to feeling better I just went for Lab this morning and I have the feeling he is about to increase my Nupogen. For some reason I've got a lot of bleeding going on. The nurse even noticed that this morning. My 13 month old grandson hit me in the head with the remote the other night and thought I would bleed to death. Wonder what's up with that? Get to feeling better! Dale
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As you prolly know, the bleeding can be caused by low platelets. The interferon clobbers the platelets. No real worries until you get below 30 I don't think, but reasonable precautions are probably in order if you're under 50 or so. I think you would need to be over 50 for any type of surgery for example, so if you're under that I'd avoid trying out for the human cannonball or teasing alligators.
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Your ears must have been ringing, Mr. Goof!  Thanks for asking about us, i am sure forsee will be along soon to check in.  we were waiting to hear that you are feeling great and that you have that ol' spring back in your step.  still draggin' a bit, huh?  hope you are feeling a bit better each day.  can't tell you how glad i am that you are finished.  don't waste your time worrying because i KNOW it is gone for good!  27/48 for me tomarrow & am hanging in there waiting for forsee to jump in so i can be as much of a help to her as she has been to me.  You have definitely been a bright spot throughout this for me & i'm sure many others.  want to say don't go too far but wouldn't blame you if you did.  all the best, irish
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Sorry to jump in here but I just noticed a post below that you live in Portland? That's where my best friend just moved to be near her son/daughter in law/grandaughter. Very upsetting, so far away...I hope to be able to take a trip out there soon.
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That is wild, your thyroid swithced.  Sounds like they are not going to try medications, are they just going to remove it.  Hypo  does make you gain weight.  When I found out, I had been working out 8 months, every day; in the best shape of my life, then all of a sudden I started gaining weight. I'm like, something is wrong here and found out about the thyroid and goieter. Medications straightened it out for me.  Then it took two years of Tae Kwon Do to get the body back in shape. Thyroids can screw you up sometimes.  Good Luck Girl, and keep us posted

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he he he! we all must be telepathic, I was just talking to Ms. Irish about you too! and hoping all the good people of this forum are enjoying themselves, in whatever way they can! (no comments from the monkey section! hey waitaminute! I'm talking to the monkey section! at least one of em anyway!) Hey Goof, what are  your stats now? A tx hangover? take the wife and kid to Bermuda...they make really long shorts over there I heard...

Do me a favor, can you, or anybody here, tell Ms. Thing that she has to ask for tranquilizers if she needs them from her doc? I don't want her to suffer needlessly, and if she needs them suckers, she should take them as needed...I told her she won't be the only one taking them on treatment...not by a long shot...

Also, maybe she feels too ill to ask here, but she says she feels the same way she did when she was anemic before, before they put her on Procrit,

then she felt much better on Procrit and her labs went up at once a week, so they knocked her down to Procrit every 2 weeks instead of every week, and now she feels bad again,

like she did before the Procrit, and her treatment nurse tells her to wait, they don't want to up the Procrit again right now to once a week like before...

but she still feels bad and her labs are just on the cusp, what do you guys think she should do? demand that she get the Procrit once a week again? just asking....I hope she doesn't get psst at me for asking but she's the type that doesn't ask for help very easily, she's too busy giving it...you know the type...A MOTHER!!! ha ha!

Cuteus! I know you are healthyier than any potato chip lady, you secret agent health nut!
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Subject: Fwd: Young lad and lass

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low stone wall, holding hands, gazing out over
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"Really?" said the girl in a whisper, filled with

"Aye," said the lad, nodding.

The girl looked away in shyness, began to blush,
and bit her lip in anticipation of the ultimate

And he said, "Dae ye nae think it's aboot time ye
paid me the first three pennies?"

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about 3 mos into treatment I was also hyperthyroid but mine also flipflopped to hypo after 6mos (hashimoto's disease)  I just take a pill everyday for now, the endo said it might recover after treatment.  I am now 44/48. This might be a possibility for you too.
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Hey All, Still confused w/numbers
Just got my March cbc's back. Noticed my wbc getting lower but not sure what too low is.?? I'm on week 28/48plus. Following are the low range stuff.
WBC...wk #1 4.5...last month 3.4...now 2.7
RBC...wk #1 4.67..last mo 3.62...now 3.56
Hglbn..wk 1 14.4..last mo 11.1...now 10.9
Hemtcrt.wk 1 41.5..last mo 32.3..now 31.9
AbsNuet wk 1 2102..last mo 1931..now 1385
AbsLymp wk 1 1769..last mo 809...now 783
Does this still sound okay? I don't feel too much different, except a drop in energy. I know I've been pretty lucky with the pace of my drops. (Was a little suprised when I called asking the nurse to fax the cbc to me, and she said she had to wait til the doc came in, cause it was in his briefcase. I'm supposed to see him the 17th re my detectable 24wk, wondering if bloodwork may hamper any more aggressive treatment.

It was nice spring weather here today. Worked outside on a couple of 2story houses drillin holes up at the roof peak for wires, and felt good.. Low WBC or not I gotta figure I'm really frikkin lucky.
Hope all are well,

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You're WBC is fine, but the number most hepatologists look at is the ANC fraction (absolut neuts) which is 1385. This is also very good. As a comparison, my WBC was around 1.2 and ANC hovered under 1000 going as low as 320.

Your fatigue is probably due to the treatment drugs and the lower hemoglobin (hgb)level which is normal. If anemia becomes an issue (we all react individually to different hgb levels) you should talk to your doctor about the rescue drug Procrit (epo).
Procrit is not an immediate fix as it takes 2-4 weeks to kick in, just something to keep in mind.

Not sure what you mean by "more agressive treatment" but nothing in your bloodwork sends up any flags.

Most of us would be very happy with your blood.

Look, when you finish your roof job, I got a reno here I need some help with :)

-- Jim

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First Mr Jim-How you feeling these days? You feelin better off this stuff yet. Thankfully for us, you sure got a quick reply finger.
Hope your takin the time to have some fun if you're up to it.
I just wasn't sure if I was runnin outta room on the wbc's.
Actually I was waiti for most of tx thus far for you all to gang up on me and steal some of my extra hglbn.:)
As far as the more aggressive, I was referring to possibly upping riba as I haven't cleared yet. But I got a feelin he's gonna say lets look at 36 weeks, as long as I've been responding tho slow, and considering that I have been lucky with sx.
Thanks Jim, get some smiles in,
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Don-glad you got some #'s and answers..HGB sounds real borderline-procrit time?-don't go falling off no roof......As your agent,my interests must also be protected and i am presently negotiating a nice outa town job for you...This guy is a little 'wacked' on meds,so should be a real good moneymaker!..just make sure to keep your riba pills off site...Nice to know you have a roofers book:covers all trades
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