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Good stuff for your liver?

So, I've got hep c. I'm still a bit freaked out, anxious, a little depressed etc. However, I don't think any of that is going to help me beat this thing. Time to buck and do something about it instead of moping, I hate it when other people mope so I need to apply that to myself as well. I'm open to suggestions. I know you guys have some great info. I've COMPLETELY changed my eating habits. No more excess sugar ( never liked the stuff anyway so that one was easy). I cut out the red meat( that one is tough, I like steaks). Nothing fried. Eating raw veggies. Chicken. Less fat. No soda. Lots of water and green tea. All this is well and good but I can't help but think there's more that can be done. Anything that you guys have tried that breaks up the monotony of a rather boring diet? I'm a cook at The "Blank"cake "blank"tory so I have access to all sorts of ingredients. Also any supplements that might help me out before treatment? Any other suggestions? Types of exercise? Anything...
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While eating right is always a good ideal I am not sure that eating a boring diet all the time is needed, as a matter of fact I am cirrhotic and while my doctor is all for eating better and not gaining weight it is nothing he harps about... I really don't think eating a steak at times is going to do much harm... This is a lot easier to deal with if we don't torture ourselfs... Wishing you the best......
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You sound like you are on the right track. I agree with Can-do, not gaining weight or being close to your body weight seems more the thing. I am not super big on sweets but Tres Leche Cake is my ultimate weakness so more power to you for working anywhere near baked goods!! I can't think anything I have read lately that isn't consistent with common sense:
Hepatitis C patients should go easy on sugary, salty & fatty foods
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Low salt, low sugar, low fat all sounds good.  Wait and talk to your doctor, but my husband's doctor said not to take iron supplements.  She said to take a good multivitamin that does not have iron added.  She also recommended organic fruits and vegetables and drink water.  Is your weight in the ideal range?
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I don't know if you feel inspired to get creative with your cooking, but the right spices will make all the difference in a meal.
Here is a link discussing a recipe using tumeric which I think is quite good.
I have learned that most of my favorite foods come down to how they are seasoned.
I agree about organic products, particularly with meat.
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Eating a good diet is always helpful, in my opinion. Here is what I try to do and some of the ideas may be helpful to you.

My diet consists mainly of:
wild caught fish
organic fresh fruits and vegetables
organic lean meats (any of them)
organic whole grains
organic nuts
organic legumes
organic eggs, cheeses, yogurt
organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
spices (organic if possible)
organic coffee and tea
filtered water
Unless you have advanced liver disease, there is no reason to avoid lean red meat. A person could have a variety of meats and fish and have lean red meat periodically.

I avoid:
fast foods
canned foods
processed foods
boxed/packaged foods
refined foods
fried foods
high fructose corn syrup
food additives
foods my grandmother would not recognize (except sushi and sashimi, lol)

My diet is not boring. One can create a delicious diet using the foods I listed above (in my first list). Here are some things I used to add flavor to the food. Garlic, lots of it. Onions. Various spices. Meat marinades made with lime or lemon juice, olive oil, and organic soy sauce (for pork) OR olive oil, lemon or lime juice, and garlic (for beef). A person can barbecue with the marinades, but I leave the meat in the marinade overnight and then add some organic chicken broth to the marinade and slow roast the meat in the marinade and chicken broth at 300 degrees. It is so tender it falls off the bone. I roast whole chickens but I do it by placing the chicken in a couple of inches of water (or chicken broth) in a tightly covered pot or roaster (with lots of tarragon or thyme and sage and salt and pepper for seasoning) and then roast at about 350 degrees until done. One can eat the chicken that way.  Later one can take some of the chicken and heat it up and make an orange sauce (one or two squeezed oranges ... the juice and pulp ... and a tablespoon of whipping cream.....over the heated chicken ...delicious). Ducks I cook the same way that I cook chicken. Fish I generally place in a baking dish with some olive oil in it, drizzle some olive oil over the top of the fish, salt and pepper, bake at 300 degrees for 30 min or until done. It is delicious. One can add seafood herbs/seasoning if one wishes. Vegetables I eat raw or steamed or roasted in a pan with olive oil.  One dish I love is carrots, rutabagas, turnips, sweet potato diced, coated with olive oil, placed in baking dish, seasoned with Italian seasoning, and roasted for 30 min. There are many salad recipes that are delicious. Just search for recipes on the internet ... broccoli raisin, quinoa tabouleh, etc. Often I make salads using what I have ... a combination of some of these ingredients..... leaf lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado, kale, spinach, pickled beets, garbonzo beans or other salad beans, fresh shelled peas (uncooked) or organic frozen peas (unheated), sunflower seeds, etc. Make a homemade dressing with olive oil and balsamic vinegar or some lemon juice and olive oil and garlic. You can make a lot of delicious stuff from scratch and once you get into it, there are short cuts and it does not take long to make it. I also sometimes cut up an apple or a pear, place it in a baking dish, and sprinkle cinnamon on top. You do not need any sweeteners. Eat entire fruits, not just the juice. One needs the fiber. I also throw in a little tumeric or cumin when I am cooking meats. I use fresh herbs for cooking. I can tell you that my foods never lack for flavor. Good food does not have to be boring or tasteless. Spices and variety make the difference.

I make egg quiches with no crust. I have it down to a science now, LOL. Spray the bottom of a round baking dish with organic cooking spray or use olive oil to oil the bottom and sides. tear up a lot of kale or spinach or use cut up broccoli and put it in the bottom of the pan, actually fill the pan up with it. Then beat some eggs and pour over the kale or spinach of broccoli. Then grate or cut up some cheese and put over the top. I use cheddar or havarti or jack or mozzarella, but many types will work. Bake at 375 degrees for about 30 min until knife comes out clean.

Plus adding things like picked beets and olives really help.

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"Picked beets" or "pickled beets"?
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Pickled beets. They are tangy. Add flavor. Although picked beets are good too (or maybe to be accurate dug up beets, LOL).

And I don't want to forget the yogurt. I buy my yogurt from an organic farm which makes the yogurt from the milk of their organic pasture raised cows. I love it plain but it is also good over fresh blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries or peaches.
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I've seen pretty high sodium levels on some brands of pickled beets.
Just a heads up.
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I make my own, LOL, or buy from the Amish.

Yes, one has to check the ingredients if one is buying them. But that is a must anyway if one is going to eat a healthy diet (check labels).

The recipe I use calls for 1 tablespoon of salt for 10 pounds of beats, 4 cups of vinegar, and 1 cup of water. This yields about 3 quarts of pickled beets but you do not eat all of the juice, which contains a good deal of the salt, although I sometimes use the juice as a dressing instead of using another dressing (lettuce, avocado, pickled beets, tomato, and a little pickled beet juice).

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There is also a good bit of carbs in beets - if I'm not mistaken. I used to like them but when I saw the carbs I quit eating them.
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I just started eating a plant based diet with some dairy, and eventually got away from most any thing processed ... it is not boring at all, as a matter of fact is more work creating good vegitarian meals ... it takes creativity and real cooking

We also grow our own sprouts ...

This helped me out huge ... my doctor was very happy about my diet change, I also started working out and visit with a hynotherepist to help with the depression ...

The worst part of this treatment is the depression ... I am not a depressive person, and when the depression hit me it was rough ...

this is my last week
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Fast food is a boring diet, always the same stuff on different bun ;)
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