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Got the news I was waiting to hear!

One month post tx results are in and I'm Undetectable !  Whooohoo babee!

There's been no recovery time needed with these meds, i am in a BMS trial. There were no sides effects at all during tx, and actually began feeling better than ever around the second week.  My energy level got much better, multi tasking has been a breeze, much more clear headed and no fatigue anymore! That's probably the best part, but so much more improved also, too many positive little things to even talk about, so this is what being hep c free feels like :-)   I had the virus for well over 30 years, and actually felt like cr@p for the majority of all my adult years, no longer do I feel that way!
Baseline labs were all in the norm range and everything post tx is still in the norm, these meds had no affect on my systems. Few things improved with tx, HgB went up a whole point, now 13.5 and ALT is now 8 and AST 11, baseline was 36 and 38. Kidney function is still real good, meds did not affect the kidneys at all. Amazing cause most meds do affect renal function to some degree, while taking them.

And also, asked my clinic recruiter if everyone got the same great news one month post as I did and he said so far, "yes".

If anyone is looking for a great med combo and can wait for this FDA approval, with their docs advise, I'd go for it! The tx was literally a walk in the park, never had a bad day.

I was a geno tyoe 1a, previously treated with peg and RIBA for 48 wks and relapsed one month post tx in 2007.
I think and hope my dragon slaying days are finally over :-)

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I am so very happy for you.Way to go...enjoy!
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Congrats! Very good news!
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Congratulations on your UD!!!
Xoxo CH
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So very happy for you Mag! I know I'll sound like a dolt, but what is a BMS trial? If it's okay....This is happy news!
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BMS, Bristol Meyer Squibb was the pharma sponsor for this trial. I took a combo of Daclatavir, asunaprevir and BMS 791325, all in one pill twice a day, for 12 weeks. These meds are the bomb!

Don't ever feel like you can't ask a legit question here, lol, the GI doc had to ask me what BMS stands for and I had to spell it out.....  Okay :-/

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YAY!  Mag, you could be the postergirl for this combo!  I brightens my day to hear of people having this kind of positive experience.  Congrats!

Based on your experience, we could be looking at the super cure. Which genotypes were represented in your study, if you know?

Cheers, V.
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Yeah I was expecting a headache here or there, maybe some nausea or GI upset, who knew what else I should expect while on tx, but nothing even slightly ever happened. It was amazing to have nothing go wrong. I did stay outta the gym for over 3 months just as a precaution, and didn't want to strain my system or do something worse. I don't know maybe it was an excuse to take a long break from there, but in the end I know now I could have kept doing all the weight training, cardio and probably done just fine.. It was flu season though too, ugh.

There were little over 400 participants that they took. Geno 1a and 1b, cc and non cc type, previously treated, null responders, relapsers and tx naive were all included.
Here's the link to the trial.  


They also did this same study, same meds on cirrhotics which started about the same time my group started.
I'm sure they are working on getting these meds to all the geno types. I believe they are proving now that they work on the hardest groups to tx, first.


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That's great news.   It's so nice to hear that one day treatment for Hep c, will in the end be doable for everyone.   Thanks for sharing and keep the good vibes flowing.      ..Kim
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Thanks for that link, Mag.  I am so happy for you.  What a long road and what a bright future.  I am  amazed that you can feel such a physical difference already.  Thanks for being a lab rat.  It helps us all.  I hope this gets approved quickly for the market.

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Hey bean! Thanks for popping in on some of us ole stragglers that began a the warriors journey with you, oh so long ago! I think I've finally caught up to you ole warriors and with a couple more steps will be crossing over to the SVR side to join you. :-)

No need to thank me for doing this trial, it was a pleasure, really! I have many thanks to give to BMS and to the folks who put up with me constantly emailing them over the past 2 and half years. The recruiters I bugged constantly must have thick skin, lol, and they always replied to me. Knowing how busy they must be but they still gave me updates etc., even if sometimes I didn't hear anything back for weeks and weeks I was still thankful!  I held out and then got this great opportunity so I went for it. :-)
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