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Nothing new, but the following article again highlights the relationship between eating certain fruits and vegetables and potentially reducing the rate of certain cancers.


Adding fruit to the diet isn't difficult, but adding enough vegetables is more of a problem, especially when an article like this suggests that RAW vegetables are the way to go since cooking can signficantly reduce whatever "good" stuff is in them.

Which brings up supplemental greens such as the myriad of "Green Mixes" found at the local health food store. They seem to offer an easy and effective way to get the requisitie amount of raw greens into the system every day.

Problem is, if you look at the typical green mix list of ingredients, it's not just greens you are getting. In fact it seems like some companies are trying to win the Guiness award for how many nutriments they can pack into one powder drink serving.

For me, I'd be more comfortable getting my greens by themselves and then deciding on which other nutriments I want to add. In other words, looking for a good Greens mix, with basically just greens. Alternatively, a mix with some discretion in add-on nutriments as opposed to a shot-gun approach.

Interested in any comments on the above and/or brand name recommendations of Green Mixes you have tried or heard about. I assume they are from raw veggies?

-- Jim
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this stuff is interesting...i think it won't be long till lots of us have our own fresh greens with the new led grow lights...they only use about a quarter of the power of high presure sodium bulbs...so with less then 100 watts we may all be able to be a lot more heathy with just a little work......billy
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Or just swallow the bulbs for that healthy glow.....

Jim, didn't read the article but the living stuff off the plant has to be way better than the freeze dried whatever in the plastic jar....
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Yeah, but the article talks RAW vegetables and frankly not sure how much raw brocolli my stomach can literally (or figuratively) take. If you read the article, you'll see they actually used freeze dried whatever. Cooked veggies would not be a problem as I've already got them in my diet only to find out I may be cooking away the good stuff. Maybe swallow the bulbs then?  Anyway, I figured you to be one eating greens outta a can since you had a pretty serious supplement list if I remember. Anything on that list seem to be working?

But seriously, "working dog", thanks for the heads up on these new bulbs. Seems like anything you grow yourself -- tomatoes for example -- taste a lot better than store bought.

-- Jim
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thanks for posting this...munching on a veggie salad as we speak.(threw in some almonds and dried cranberry, for that holiday effect)..have a great weekend, you and everybody else!!!!
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I always wonder how good raw veggies and salads are, because people tend to spoil them with unhealthy dressisngs and dips to make them palatible. Probably better off eating cooked, if you prefer that (which I do).
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For my money I endorse Green Magma by Green Foods brand.
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I eat that too...I just use olive oil and depends on the kind of dressing, sometimes rice vinegar, almond oil, or sesame oil and seeds, lots of healthy stuff to make it taste good, and not bad for you either...
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You have to be a little careful with Olive Oil though - while a little is good (like anything), too much will carry a ton of calories (maybe not a big deal for us Heppers who have lost 50 pounds + no tx). I'll stick with my cooked vegies, better to eat something I like that is reasonably healthy, than struggle with something I don't like, and not eat as much accordingly. All a matter of taste though I guess...
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that should be, "50 pounds on treatment). Hoping I will gain my wait back soon (treatment ends in 6 weeks), I was skinny to start with, quite the skeleton now.
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Thanks. Doesn't seem to be a lot of 'other' stuff in this brand, which is good. I'm going to look into it.
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to add something that is really good for you that someone might be interested in...I like these Gardenburger Veggie Burgers and Portobello Mushroom burgers, know they don't sound good, but they really are...I just heat them up on a cookie sheet with a little olive oil, (first I sprinkle Ms. Dash on them) then put my lettuce, maybe red onion, tomato mustard and healthy mayonnaise, with a multi-grain toast or something, really, really good (put on a little cheese if you dare lol).

also, for raw veggies, I also like tamari dressing, and a bunch of others that are good for you, and not highly caloric, and taste good..
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I gotta find me an organic girlfriend me thinks.
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For the last 7 years I have made 10 ziplocs of veggies on Sunday night while watching 60minutes. I've got the procedure down to 20 minutes. Then everyday I take 2 to work and eat one at 10am and one at 3pm. Baby carrots, celery, and brocolli pieces. Also those tiny little tomatoes when in season and lately I've added califlower and cabbage when the celery starts to look raunchy. All raw.

Now, I've gotten a little sick of this so if I have a bag left over when I get home I throw it into a big bowl and drench it with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Sometimes I shred some Splenda in there and definetly some sweet basil leaves. God I hope balsamic vinegar is harmless for the liver. It sure makes everything taste good.

anyway, that's my 2 bits.

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I agree with you. Desire to change is the first step. How about this? Leave out Spinach leaves because of all the iron in them? Is this correct?

Then look to omit the veggies with a lot of folic acid and niacin? Folic acid is on the bad list lately in above daily reccomended amounts which most one-a-day-have. What makes this more of a problem is that everything is fortified with it. This was due to the pregancy and lack of folic acid scare a ways back. Needed during pregnancy pretty sure. Are you pregant? No, don't answer that. . . .

Niacin because it raises the liver's enzymes.

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SH: Leave out Spinach leaves because of all the iron in them? Is this correct?
JM: I don't know

SH: Are you pregant? No, don't answer that.

SH: Then look to omit the veggies with a lot of folic acid and niacin?
JM: But don't those also raise my HDL which would be good?

BTW Your "bag" idea is a good one if I can digest all those raw vegetables. The one constant with diets is that they all seem to contradict each other. For example, the macrobiotic diet stresses cooked vegetables. Then there is the raw food crowd.
My lowest liver enzymes ever, were always on a very low fat, low protein diet, called the "Pritkin diet". My highest enzymes were on a balanced carb/protein/fat diet, called the "Zone" diet. Now that I'm SVR my enzymes are always low.

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JM: I gotta find me an organic girlfriend
JM: BTW Your "bag" idea is a good one
GD: No reflection on our Forsee of course, but based on sum of the the chicks I see coming outta the healthfood store, ya might wanna save one of them bags.....
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You make good points. Glad they are of the palatable size for my reading habits. And you are as funny and dry as the best of them.

Yeah, I've heard you need to cook veggies too (and not throw out the water). However, my motivation was based on my fears that I really wasn't eating enough vegeatables and it was going to catch up with me. So I put them into snack bags and realized an accustomed taste for them. Now at least I get the x amount of servings that are hinted at by semi-sincere government recommendations. Anyway, that was my motivation, but now I have lots of others. I freak people out carrying a real bag of good food around heading for my break. I also am avoiding binging at lunch or dinner (small meals spread throughout the day). And I also push aside those pop tarts and milk that I so dearly love.

Pretty sure you can lower the hell out of your LDL (I'm a poet) by eating oat bran like cream of wheat or eating oat meal.

Jury is still out for me on the amounts of protein. You make me think.

A big player is the "binging sydrome" that Overeater's Anonymous pivots around. They recommend getting all the "problem foods" out of the house. A problem food is something you binge on what past what is healthy. A normal eater will eat a peace of cake or scoop of ice cream when feeling hungry or sad, but they stop at that. An overeater cannot stop and will eat the whole cake or pint/gallon of, sigh, Ben and Jerry's. God, when I get a box of granola and milk I'll start eating and I feel so loved and so popular and I'm talking to myself and accepting awards and then. . . . .the bowl is empty! . . .no no no . . . just one more bowl before I head to the valley below. . . .

I also know a person that is so diabetic (she passes out on any carbohydrates) that she can only eat protein. She is an acupuncturist and she went on my 50-mile Rogue River Lodge to Lodge trip. One day it was 15 miles in 104 degree weather. I sat there every dinner and watched her eat only protein. The body is a strange beast.

Which makes me think that 2000 calories is something you have pulled out of a hat and has no real bearing on the amount of exercise you do. Did you know that Jenna's model number is only rated up to 200 lbs? You're dream of living happily ever after could end in a big pop.

Your fan,

PS, find a way to get me your address or some non-stalkable address and I will send you a subscripton to Nutriotion Action. They are REAL cheap this time of year. Front page article this month is about how obesity is the major cause of bad health, not diet. Last month, great interview with a researcher that showed that old people that walked 45 minutes a day were 50% less likely to get sick. Why? Because the "Marine Corps" of the immune system comes out and runs around the body for about 3 hours afterwards. This is something that is being studied. He went on to say that if doen everyday, it's like having a house cleaner come over and do a little work everyday. At the end of the month your house is spic and span.

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What are my credentials? Well I wasn't sure but up until tonite I thougt level 2 stage was pretty low as far as predicting 20 years. Just found out my ex-wife tested positive for anitbodies. She is like me, shrugged her shoulders and said she feels great, and will do the Hep C test but is pretty sure.
Which means she was exposed but the next test will tell which means I've had this curse for 30-35 years. I had acute symptoms back then before that litlle virus was named which means all those years I lay low with alchohol and the violent food probably paid off. Which also means that my 25 year-old-daughter has to get a test. . . . . .sigh . . . .at same time I am an example for a healthy diet, I also find that this HCV nightmare has tripled.

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SH: find a way to get me your address or some non-stalkable address and I will send you a subscripton to Nutriotion Action.
I was going to PM you my address, and then caught your profile photo.
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Wondering when "Freddie" would show up here with all the high-risk activities he's been engaged in over the years.
315996 tn?1429057829
I was going to PM you my address, and then caught your profile photo

Ah, had my laugh for today. Heading off to get less scary picture. You need let me know soon because I can put you on my $10 gift certificate offer that I have already sent in.

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when it rains it pours...my xwife had this in 72...when we got together in 75 i knew she had hep but thought it was gone..when it came back about 6 years ago i asked her if i should get tested..she said it was imposible for me to have it or any of our kids...well things happen...just the other day i was telling one of my kids that they should all be tested again...they tested negative the first time but i don't trust this virus..i'm not freaking out but i feel if i didn;t say anything that would be irresponsible... i'm not sure what kind of test they all had for hep...i have kids in ny,fl, pa.and maine...i hope everything works out for you and daughter...i know what it's like to wonder about it...like you say if you take care of youself you have a much better chance of doing ok...i drink v8 juice and eat veggies and a grapefuirt everyday...it seems to be helping a lot...good luck..billy
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GD: No reflection on our Forsee of course, but based on sum of the the chicks I see coming outta the healthfood store, ya might wanna save one of them bags.....


What -- you don't like hairy legs on women?  


315996 tn?1429057829

Thanks bud. Hey, I was up in the snow but couldn't get a chance to pee in the snow. I thought it would be easy to do but there was a ton of fresh powder and I didn't have any boots on. The one time that I tried, I was staying at our climbing lodge but so where a whole bunch of teenagers having a birthday. I tried walking around the side of the lodge to pee and realized there were windows on that side. This would have been no problem with adults, but with the kids around that would have raised eyebrows. Anyway, don't know what happened but I was headed back a 3 feet of snow on the roof fell off on me. Lucky the windows were there and someone saw me because they had to dig me out, hahahaha. Anyway, heading for Colorado to look for a place to pee and see if it turns red. Gotta give this forum a break, heh heh.

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