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Has anyone been diagonsed with Type II Diabeties that has HCV,
that cannot take medication, due to sugar dropping to low, on or
off medication? My husband was diagnosed first with type II diabeties than HCV. His sugar level was 800 and even the specialist seemed puzzled, but his sugar levels will drop to
40 at times, this is without medication. Therfore he can not
take medication for the diabeties, I wonder if the sugar problems
he is having is related to the HCV? (his sugar levels elavate also, usually around 200)
Next question, he has been on treatments for approximatley 24
weeks. Peg-Interferon 180ug 1 a wk., 1000 mg daily Ribavirin.
Thrusday the Doctor told us he only has about a 2% chance of
the virus not coming back, once he is off treatments due to
him being a slow responder and would like for him to stay on
treatments for 72 weeks total. He is sub class 1a, with Cirrohsis
moderate to severe. I realize the liver is at least resting now,
his viral count is 10 and was 6 million when he started. But like
everyone else he is really sick from the medication.He medically retired @ 53, he only weighs 138 pounds. He was sick off the treatments, he is sick on the treatments but his mental state is better off the treatments. Very confused on which way to encourage him to go at this point. Any input will be greatly appreciated. (His normal weight is 160)
Thank you for your time.

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barbara, I am a type 2 diabetic non insulin dependant and treat with metformin and amaryl(glimepiride) I also used insulin when I was on tx because of the wild swings in levels(sugar)  The dosages your hubby is taking were the same as I ..180/1000. Ifound the the major problem with maintaining sugar levels was diet related,i.e. either too much carbs or not enough. I'm sure you are aware of the intake of carbs, however on tx. this is not always achieved .This is due to the loss of desire to eat or overeating the foods with high sugar/carb content becuase diabetics must eat small amounts more often. As well on Tx for Hep requires massive amounts of fluids and not, for us ,fruit juices. Even lemons have lots of fructose. If juices are used no more than 2 oz. every 4 hours supply the necessary carbs. So we are stuck with pure water . Not a bad thing , but very plain
I found this to be the biggest reasons my sugars went ballistic hi or low. I tested 8 times Minimun per day to try and maintain even levels of glucose the hep  meds ,to the best of my knowledge, shouldn't affect the glucose levels. hope this helps.
HOWEVER CHECK WITH YOUR DOC>  to be sure   Daryl
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Thank you for your comments and maybe you have brought
a question for my husband to ask his Doctor. Ron (my husband)
drinks at least two ensure a day, and of course lots of water.
May the ensure is doing it? I really do not think it is his
food intake, unless it is lack of food. We will check with
his Doctor, again thanks!
Take Care and Good Luck with your treatments.
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I think, if you check the carb content, the total inclucing all sugars, you will find it high. ensure and like products are for folks with no carb restricyions that may be the cause of the rollercoaster levels  Daryl
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hi  eas on metforman for type 2, however noe sugar runs low no medication, did hear that glucose may be storing in my liver and that may not be good.
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