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HCV article and causes

This kind of stuff just annoys the sh!t out of me. This is part of an article on the front page of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper today.

"A key example is the treatment of hepatitis C, which often is contracted through intravenous drug use, tattoos and sexual contact. Until several years ago, there were no effective medications for the liver disease.

About 2,500 Wisconsin inmates - or 14% - have hepatitis C, a rate four times as high as the state's general population. The illness can now be treated with pills and injections, which can cost as much as $14,000 for a 48-week treatment."

Are these the 3 leading causes? Are they so high a proportion of causes that it's insignificant to list other causes such as healthcare workers, contacted at birth, military innoculation lines, blood transfusions etc.?

I've was in miltary innoculation lines in the 70's, got blood i an operation in the 70's, (but also tried drugs as a teen) but I feel this type of article stereotypes the HCV infected persons. This was on the front page and is exactly why I don't share my HCV status except on rare occasions. Great for all of you that do and don't have a problem with this but for me it's a problem for numerous reason. Just wanted to vent and share this.

And I wonder how do they actually know that it's 14% higher rate than the rest of the population. Are they now testing for HCV?  Right! Vent Vent....

I also don't mean to make light of the prison populations problems with HCV so hope not to offend anyone there.
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That statement is enough to make you want to scream...if they have a sound off section, I would definetely let them hear my sound.  Unfortunately, the CDC still lists hcv as an STD, so if the misinformation starts at the "top", what can we expect at the "bottom"?
I'll see if the paper has a website with a letters to the editor section.  do you know the author?
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Yes, I found their website and read the article.  It looks as if he meant to say  that this is how is often contracted in the prison population(I guess they don't have many transfusions in prison), but it seems to convey that this is the general manner in which hcv is transmitted elsewhere.
The statement was not clearly written and could be read either way.
I guess even the professional writers can have those moments too. Now, I don't feel as bad...;-]
  TY for that article, I will email the author and ask him to clarify, for my personal information.
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Virtually every article I read on HCV states, or strongly implies, that sexual transmission is a major cause of transmission.  But the fact is, it is a very unlikely cause.  That just adds to the stigma.    It drive me crazy.

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is swinging from the trapeze with knives unorthodox, exotic or perverse?  i am truly confused.  I want to classify my behavior properly...;-}. personally, i like "exotic"
ok...how many times did you peek in on the neighbors to come up with their statistics?
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As far as sexual contact I guess what I am thinking is do you think this guy even knows that it's not actually the sex but the blood to blod contact that can happen during sex. My understand is it is rare to get HCV through "normal" sexual contact. To me articles like this make it sound like it is easily and most likely contracted this way. LL
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My understanding is that it is usually passed blood to blood. A VERY high percentage of current or former IV drug users have it; and a very LOW percentage of HCV is gotten through sexual contact.

It's a shame some people put sexual contact and drug use in the same catagory, isn't it?

BTW, I am a former drug user but I stopped 18 years ago.

So this is not a put down but an observation.
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