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HCV depression

So I am sure alot of you feel the same way, depressed? I just cant seem to get back to living life! I have alot to be happy for, Hep-c is not something you want and we all have different stories. Some of us have good test results, treatments and other do not. Me, I have had it for 22 years my, since birth and I am lucky so far Stage 1 Grade 1. In a way Hep-c has made me think about life in another way. Life, more so then before has become precious to me. I cannot let any day go by without once saying I am blessed to be here. In a way Hep-c has shown me the message of life, for one its short healthy or not, and two everyday is a blessing. However I know this all but cant seem to live up to my own words. Everyone gets down now and then, but for me it seems to be everyday. I cant enjoy it anymore. Anger, Fear and frustration just gets to the best of me everyday. I was born to a Heroin user only to work my way up through school and attend law school, but i lost all of my dreams because I have a feeling of hopelessness, but why?. Anyone who says its over is wrong, this I know but cant seem to get back to life. This disease has taken away alot from me and is far from over but has also made me realize the blessing of everyday. So anyone feel the same or have any advice? Hopefully soon the DR can find a antidepressant that works or something. Mabey its more than just taking a pill, who knows? All i know is just like everyone else with this, we must never give up hope, and must value our life for life is what we fight for everyday.

I hope one day this forum will be empty, for one day we will not be sufferers rather we will be survivors!

Hope all is well,
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Hi Matt sorry you are feeling depressed, I felt the same when I found out that I was pos for
HCV. It sucked for me its not easy. Be strong you are not alone in the battle.

I take Effexor -xr for depression and Zyprexa 5 mg a mood stabilizer and puts me to sleep at night.

Don't forget to call the PSY.

You could do this.......

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hep c can be a hard long fight. depression cant be avoided completely but it appears that its helping you already in its own special way. its giving you new perspective and you arent letting it destroy you. your hope quotient is very high, you are in good shape. really.
i assume you are preparing to treat, or are already on the medicine. in either case,
with time, your problem will disappear and you will be back to full steam. hep c is just a temporary setback, you will see better days again, it just takes some time and sacrifice.
one of your enemies is depression and for this, you do have a measure of control.
you have your own strong ability to stay positive, anti depressants and human support to help you to keep a good attitude. stay on top of this. be vigilant.
dont give up on your dreams, just put them off temporarily, while
you take the hep c course in character building!!!.  i promise you, after you complete this class you will come back with a vengeance. right now im finishing my (first round) 66 weeks of treatment and feeling about 200 feet taller than i used to be and i dont even know if im healed yet!!  
look at the bright side, hep c is turning you into a wise and invincible warrior.
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I was just sharing in a post the other day about me becoming angry, bitter and depressed with HepC.  Sorry to hear that you are HepC positive.  My wife is on Effexor XR so I know that there are some very good anti-depressants on the market today, oh and she is not HepC positive.  I've been depressed way worse than I am know, back in 1997 when I was in rehab I counted on a calendar how many days I was depressed, 59 days total.  You may need to see a psychiatrist as Cierra has recommended.  I can't even imagine how depressed you can be, know one thing if you don't already.  God's will is for us to live our lives "happy, joyous and free", if that's not happening for you, do something good for yourself.  God Bless  
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