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HCV from tattoo possible these days?

Is it really possible to contract HCV (or any other virus) from a tattoo when they use brand new needles, gun, etc., for each tattoo?
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Thats a good question ~~~ it brings to light the recents events in Nevada.  A lot of folks were exposed to hvc because the docs and nurses in several clinics were re-using syringe barrels - but changing out the needles.

Caveat dude ~~~ caveat !!!
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Unfortunately it's very viable - when you think about it they might exchange the needle but the virus CAN be on the gun and certainly can be in the ink.

The doctor in fact refused to believe I didn't have any tattooes when I was diagnosed.

It didn't stop both of my kids from getting tattoes behind my back after their dad died..........but yeah it's possible.
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How are you doing these days.   Are you going through tx now or not?   Have you heard from Beatle Bailey from Floriday lately?   How did Wyntre's tx go do you remember?  I have been gone for 6 months.
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Well I ask b/c most reputable tattoo places do not reuse the ink...or they pour the ink in little cups and use it from there.  Also, the needle guns are usually autoclaved.
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Hey! I'm all done with treatment since 15 months ago - SVR'd aftert 72 weeks!

Wyntre hasn't been around in a while I don't know why I have not seen her - I just pop in and out during the workday to see whats up so I could have missed her but she should be done about now and I"m dying to see the letters SVR next to her name!

My Beatle Bailey hasn't been around in a long time.  For a while he'd pop up every once in a while, every few months but now nothing. He took his relapse so HARD it really devastated him. I can just pray that there are new treatments out there soon that don't require riba so he can treat again!

What is the latest story with you?  I was so surprised to see your name pop up! It's just so great to see an old friend pop by!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you are still here today and can write back!!!!!!!!

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It's possible... It's always possible to pick up HCV from any type of blood interaction.

However... that being said. Most professional tattoo artists are extremely trained and have to go through testing - regarding blood borne diseases - and they use caution and exercise more care than they use to.

So I'd say ---- you're more than likely NOT going to get HCV from a professional shop.

I can't say for unprofessional shops....

But if you're going to get a tat... I'd suggest talking to your artist and observing how they clean their items - how they use their ink, etc.

And NYgirl - Wooohooo!
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If you're thinking of tattoing here's some advice from the Hepatitis Foundation International

"*Tour several shops before deciding where to get your tattoo. If anyone refuses to give you a tour, seems annoyed or reluctant, or does not know the answers to your questions, this is a red flag – move on to the next shop!

*Ask to see their sterilization procedure. All shops should use an FDA-regulated autoclave sterilizer, single-use disposable needles with a safe medical waste disposal container, and new inks for every customer. Artists must wear gloves.

*Call your state health department to find out what regulations, if any, are required of tattoo salons in your state. When you get your tours, ask to be shown any documentation such as licenses that prove the shop is compliant with the laws.

*Your new tattoo is like an open wound - always follow the aftercare routine given to you to ensure that your tattoo heals properly and does not become infected."
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I'm assuming that if you already HCV positive that you can't get I tat anyway.
Some people with HepC probably already get tats because that don't know they are positive.It makes you wonder how easy it can spread.
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I'm about to have my version of a Hep C dragon tattooed over the one that gave me the Hep. It will commemorate 21 years since transmission and act as a standard in the fight for SVR. Mt tattooist is aware I am HCV+ and will take the necessary precautions.
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Lucky - that's untrue. Most tattoo artists have no issues with tattooing ANYONE - as long as they are in a clean shop.

At least as far as I'm concerned. I would never work with ANYONE with my blood ---- Even though I'm SVR --- (1 year + 2 months) --- without telling them I had HCV or that I had HCV.

But regardless ---- ALL professional tattoo artists should be using the proper techniques. EVERYONE walking into their shops could be infected with ANY disease that could be transferred. Some even scarier than HCV.

And Severance --- ME TOO - I have a dragon that I want to get --- It will be huge - but I haven't found the artist that I want yet. It's a very personal choice.

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I was told by a Dr that it is more the ink than the other instruments that can spread the HCV.  I have 5 tats myself.  The problem is that some of the inks are a lot more expensive than others.  plus sometimes the person is low on a particular color and we never know if it is dumped back in the original.  20 years ago we all got tats at the same time and one of the guys with us ended up with the exact genotype hep c as I do he treated about 6 years ago.

I have a pretty nice sized wizzard on my back that I really do not like and am gonna turn it into a dragon as soon as I find the right person.

Nice story about a shop.  I train German shepherds & along with that the.y need hip & elbow x-rays & a permanent tattoo in their ear or inner thigh.  Mine had no tattoo thanks to the breeder soooooo when I had her hips x=rayed she was knocked out and on the way home I stopped at the local, clean shop and talked them into tattooing her thigh.  The guy was a friend of hubby's so he did it against his better judgement.  He was so glad that no one else walked in right then.  I really didn't see anything wrong with it, I would rather see my clean girl there than some of the other characters I see hanging around. LOL

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I think the transmission of Hep C via tattooing was more of a problem in the 80s and early 90s than today.  Most of the current tattoo shops are very clean and they usually pour the ink in a little plastic cup, and dispose of whatever they don't end up using.
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So long as the Tattoo shop follows infection control processes then the risk would be quite low.
Its when they dont that the risk rises.


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My last tattooist said it best.
He treats every client as if they DO have hep or some other virus. That way he ensures that everything is new, clean, spotless, so that whatever his clients may have is not passed along.

If you are going to a reputable shop, they MUST follow health standards and shops are checked regularly, reputable shops that is. If you go to somebody who tattoos in their back room, well, who knows what you may get.

It is pretty well known that the people who actually know they have the virus are just the tip of the iceberg; there are so very many more people that have the virus and do not know. Testing for hep and many other things are not commonly part of your dr's package of tests done on your annual physical. People just don't know they have the virus.

Naturally there are lots of those unknowing people who are getting tattoos and having piercings; for that very reason, you want to get any work done at proper reputable shops.

So yes, you can get a tattoo, but be very careful where, for your health and the health of others.
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I got 2 tattoos  from a friend, I know, bad idea, but she used new needles and poured the ink into little ink cups. I've recently been diagnosed with something, and they think the cause could be Hep C, so I'm getting tested for a ton of things including hep c, and hep b, but I'm terrified that I might have it. here's another thing, my mom is COMPLETELY UNAWARE that I have these tattoos, so if I do have hep c or hep b, I'm ******* dead. someone help.
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