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HCV outbreak

Not far from my area a local hospital in Exeter,N.H.,there is an outbreak of HCV.It seems that a worker there was using syringes illegally and replacing the dirty syringes back in stock for not to be noticed and being fired.This is now being investigated as a crime to see if this person knowing had HCV.I hope this is going to change the packaging of syringes like Tylenol to be in sealed packages.This is the 21st century and this should not be happening.So far 20 patients have been listed as being infected and they will screen all patient going back to 2010.I hope they find this forum for help.I am sure they are upset.One patient recovered from heart surgery only to be told they have HCV.Also I just found out that an old friend died from HCV.He found out too late of having HCV.Does anyone else have news to share?
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Thanks for posting about that incident. It demonstrates one of the many different ways people can contract HCV.  

2 years time.....I bet there will be more than 20 people who come up positive for HCV (unfortunately).

I agree, all medical equipment should be single packaged, sterile, and preferably disposable. (Of course, then you have to be sure that medical people are not reusing the disposable equipment, which happens often.)
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There are so many angles to this story. I read another post on here that was interesting since it said that so far the people who were infected had the same strain of the virus. To tell you the truth I never read the entire story at the time.

Then earlier today I was horrified when I read this sentence:

"That means an infected employee might have used a syringe on himself to get a drug fix and then used the same needle on patients."

I was hoping there was another explanation.

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There is also a follow up story on that web site "CDC urges hepatitis C test for all baby boomers born between 1945 and 1965".The word is getting out there.
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Wtf is wrong with people????? I think anyone who does such a thing should get attempted murder!

I watched one of those true crime shows recently where a DOCTOR who was mad about a breakup gave his ex her vitamin shot (she was frequently low on some vitamin) but what she did not know was he was shooting her woth hiv and hep c tainted blood!
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That was my first reaction, too!  That person should be hauled up on attempted murder charges.  Such an awful thing!  
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Since being on interferon I cannot even watch the news without bursting into tears!
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I cannot believe that kind of stuff is still happening, we are not a third world country who has to reuse med equipment. That makes me ill.
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I've been listening to that daily......I also have gone there for other things...
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"It seems that a worker there was using syringes illegally and replacing the dirty syringes back in stock for not to be noticed and being fired.This is now being investigated as a crime to see if this person knowing had HCV."

My guess is this individual is so psychologically fuxxed up and because he/she has HepC, then they want other people to suffer as well.  It's crimes like this that makes me wish we still held public hangings.  Makes me sick!!  
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This is the latest news of the serial infector.http://news.yahoo.com/former-lab-tech-charged-hampshire-hepatitis-c-outbreak-160924803.html
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Thanks, Michael. At least they caught him. Any stats on the total number of people who contracted Hep C from him? Maybe it is too early in the investigation  to know.
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He worked for years as a part timer(in 6 states) at many hospitals before being hired full time at Exeter Hospital.The total of infected people is still being tabulated.Still being investigated.
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30 patients were tested positive for HCV.6,000 are to receive letters to be tested.This is only the first of 6 states where patients of where he worked will be notified to be tested.Some will be saved if they already had it before this person had crossed their path.Who knows if other persons have done this without being noticed.This is SCARRY.
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Do they have a breakdown of the total number of people already tested?
30 people have already tested positive, but out of how many total tested? Just curious of the possible number of people who may test positive out of the 6,000 who have yet to receive letter.

Yes, this incident is alarming.
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Hi pooh;It is under investigation and limited reports to the news media.I suspect they did the testing on the most recent patients and staff.Now a class action by those tested positive are filing a law suit against the hospital.No one today wants to report suspicious behavior anymore for fear of retaliation.But this guy was noticed of being in a incoherent behavior and syringes were missing but probably not reported until after the incident.People need to report suspicious behavior and missing equipment and taken seriously.
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This is another article of the serial infector.Thousands are being told to get tested.It takes something as bad as this to get the message out there to get all tested.http://news.yahoo.com/hepatitis-c-serial-infector-could-spread-disease-thousands-160548764--abc-news-topstories.html
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There is a great movie called "Puncture" that deals with two of the attorneys who worked on a case of healthcare worker who died of HIV as a result of a needle *****.  I can't remember how many needlepricks there are per year in the US, but I want to say it is on the order of 1 million?  Something like that.  And they have a single shot needle that cannot be used twice and cannot be tampered with that doesn't typically make it to market because nobody wants to pay for it.  At any rate, one of the two attorneys in the "Puncture" case, is, I believe, also working on the Exeter case (Paul Rodriguez).  Worth the research if you haven't read about it.
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I've been saying that every baby boomer should get checked since I found out about mine in 2009, but haven't had much luck convincing anybody. Hope the CDC can get through the thick heads out there.
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It is very difficult to cause someone to get checked. It would seem that even admitting you could be at risk there by labeling yourself a cutter junkie. Whats even crazier I would tell others I had it, just a simple little warning. I would not wish to make others ill because of my stupidity. As far as charges that could be brought, I can think of one... attempt murder!  
I know in Cali if a person has aids and has forced themselves on another, there is the possibility of that person being charged with that charge.
Really though if you got the rig, yes I said rig.Yes I got my issue in a issue. LOL Why take the chance of putting it back and increasing your chances of being busted. No I would have to say, from my perspective, this perp had more on his than Jimi Hendrix at dawn.
We live in a very sick world.    
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