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HCV to HCC (warrior)

Are any of you seeing this new treatment for primary liver cancer (HCC) coming?

Looks promising but I can find much about availability.  

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Yes I am thinking this could be a major Breakthrough for those of us who has HCC but other than that do fairly well day2day.

Playing Whac-A-Mole could become better than TX and what comes with that.

My latest tumor is in watch status.  Two have already been treated.
Well happy to hear your still hanging in there and keeping up the fight.

I had some unknown suspicious growths in my liver that are being watched with CT scan every 6 months so far no changes so I’m hopeful they aren’t cancer
Are they l- rad leasons? I've had l- rad 3 leasons for a couple years that they are watching.
Ejoli are you asking me or the OP?

Mine are LIRAD 3 and I’m getting MRI with contrast every 6 months. So far they have been stable for the last year and a half. My doctor thinks they are cirrhosis regenerative nodules so fingers crossed.
Oh, I just saw your comment. Mine are also l-rad 3 . I've had them about 2 years. CT every 6 months.  Keeping fingers crossed also. I don't really worry about them since they haven't changed in the last 2 years.
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Clinical trials phase 1 I think

US locations

United States, Florida
Miami Cancer Institute Recruiting
Miami, Florida, United States, 33176
Contact: Ivette Cruz       ***@****  
Principal Investigator: Govindarajan Narayanan, MD        
Tampa General Hospital Recruiting
Tampa, Florida, United States, 33606
Contact: Ashley Bader       ***@****  
Contact: Patricia Sanchez       ***@****  
Principal Investigator: Clifford Davis, MD        
United States, Illinois
University of Chicago Recruiting
Chicago, Illinois, United States, 60637
Contact: Pamela Lofton, RN       ***@****  
Principal Investigator: Osmanuddin Ahmed, MD        
United States, Kansas
University of Kansas Medical Center Recruiting
Kansas City, Kansas, United States, 66160
Contact: Peyton Ackerman       ***@****  
Principal Investigator: Zach Collins, MD        
United States, Michigan
University of Michigan Hospital Recruiting
Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States, 48109-5030
Contact: Valerie Khaykin       ***@****  
Principal Investigator: Mishal Mendiratta-Lala, MD        
United States, Minnesota
University of Minnesota Recruiting
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, 55455
Contact: Colleen DeFlorin, RN       ***@****  
Principal Investigator: Donna D'Souza, MD        
United States, Wisconsin
University Hospital - UW Health Recruiting
Madison, Wisconsin, United States, 53792-3252
Contact: Janice Yakey       ***@****  
Principal Investigator: Lori Mankowski Gettle, MD        
Medical College of Wisconsin/Froedtert Hospital Recruiting
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States, 53226
Contact: Barbara Dion       ***@****  
Principal Investigator: Sarah White, MD    
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It looks like it is still in clinical trial phase. I’ll see what I can find if anything
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Meant can not find much, oops.
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