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My sister has just been told she has hepatitus C, she is an LPN, and she is saying she is going back to work.  She currently works in an "old folks home".  I am so angry over this, I don't think she has the right to put others at risk.  In my opinion there are other things she could do with the skills she has that wouldn't put others at risk.  

Question is legally can she continue to work in a hospital under these conditions?
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She can absolutely work in any field she wishes. She is no risk to others. Do you realize how many surgeons are hep C positive? Many. You need to apologize to her for your uneducated advice, IMHO.
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Ok take a step back Susie, I asked the question to know what I was talking about I never offered ANY advice to anyone.  Considering you can get this from a stick of a needle, it seems like a relevant question!
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Sorry. You're correct, it is a place to ask questions. It was the way you said she has no right and how angry you are that got my back up. We hep patients don't need to be any more stigmatized than we already are, especially by family members and others who are supposed to love us.
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and my question is how do you know if she can or can not work in such a profession with such a disease?  There are rules and regulations to being a health care provider, or are you passing on uneducated advice, cause now you have my back up.  I've been at the hospital supporting my sister for the last 5 days........................ better yet, don't respond at all, I'll get my answers else where!
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Many health care workers are infected and they still continue to work in their field.  You need to calm down and do what's best for your sister and that is to love her and support her and allow her to make a living.  
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I am a health care worker with Hep C and I work in a hospital. I asked Primary MD, GI Doc and rheumatologist if there was any concern with this and they said no. I generally wear gloves with my pts. but not always. The likely hood that I would be bleeding over an open wound on one of my pts. is nil. It has to be blood to blood like sharing a needle, a razor, toothbrush with bleeding gums or transfusing blood, I would never treat while I was bleeding and I don't do surgery or share needles. So I am quite sure it is OK for your sister to work.
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