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HEP C from Cig

Can you get HEP C from sharing a cigarette or passing one around .
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Thanks, One more question. Has there ever been a reported case of hep c from fist fighting or other NON- dental, drug,donor exposures? Maybe like working in construction an having open cut or something?

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HCV is transmitted through blood-to-blood contact. It’s primarily transmitted through sharing IV drugs; although receiving blood or blood products prior to 1991 was previously an issue as well. Any other exposure involving blood to blood contact (including sex) is theoretically possible, but unlikely. Here is a link to the U.S. CDC that discusses needle stick accidents involving health care professionals; you can make what you want of it:

“Needle stick Risk for Occupational Transmission of HCV
HCV is not transmitted efficiently through occupational exposures to blood. The average incidence of anti-HCV seroconversion after accidental percutaneous exposure from an HCV-positive source is 1.8% (range: 0%--7%) (73--76), with one study indicating that transmission occurred only from hollow-bore needles compared with other sharps (75).”


I'm unaware of any medically documented cases involving methods of transmission you listed above. Good luck--


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Don't kiss any dogs, the K-9 kind that is. :o)
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Hahaha! Not in here, anyhow :o)!
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Why does this always center around fighting someone with HepC?  I thought that question had already been answered.  I'm just sayin'
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