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Hi ,
My wife have Hep C and i am very relectant to make oout .......with her she want to Kiss me and i am doing safe sex (using condoms........is it possible that Saliva can transmit Hep C Virus ???? i am realy worried and scared .............
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No,  saliva cannot transmit HCV.
It is blood to blood contact only.
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it is very very very unlikely that you will catch Hep C from your wife absent blood to blood contact.  I suggest that even a condom is not necessary, so long as you both ensure that you both have no lesions.

Back in the late 80s, early 90s, they studied a population of Cubans with Hep C.  There had been a 4% transfer rate from spouse to spouse in couples where the infected partner had no idea he / she or had been infected.  So after a lifetime of not taking precautions (ie - sharing skin scrapers, toothbrushes, razors perhaps, perhaps snorting drugs through same straw), only 4% of spouses had acquired the virus.  

Please love her.  Do not fear her.  Take simple easy precautions (inspect for lesions on genitals, no unprotected anal sex, no sharing of hygiene implements, no sharing of drug straws (if that's even relevant)) and all will be well.
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Shawn I have been married 24 years I have possible had hep c for 20 years unknowingly. My wife a I have had unprotected sex our whole marriage and she's gets test every year since we found out I had it. You cannot transmit hep c through saliva only blood. I have now been clear for over a year. Good luck. Joe
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I think rambleon40 explained it dead on so I will not repeat it. I will however give you another example. I caught Hep C in 2007 while I was married. I had unprotected sex, kissing, etc until we divorced in 2011. She didn't catch it from me. I only tell you this to put you at ease.

Your girlfriend needs you right now so don't be afraid oh her. Just follow the precautions rambleon listed and you should be fine.

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Hepatitis C is absolutely NOT transmitted by saliva or by any other body fluids, it is strictly blood to blood. Even contacting her blood is not going to infect you unless it makes contact with your blood via some kind of cut or open sore on your skin. You do not need to take any precautions with normal sex unless you have an open sore on your own genitals, and you certainly don't need to be afraid of kissing. I also had Hepatitis C for a long time before knowing about it, and my husband and I had lots of unprotected sex during those years without him getting the virus. My hepatologist included our data in some of the studies on transmission, and he formally advises that for monogamous couples like ourselves there is no need for any precautions with normal sexual activities. I had it for 28 years without my husband ever catching it from me, so please don't worry and instead give your wife lots of love.
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