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HEPC Related?

Hello, I am in AA and an
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He needs to get a specific test for Hep C to know for sure. His liver enzyems should be tested also.

Good Luck

I have a question in regard to throat pain it seems like my throat is swollen and I do have some sore spots on the roof of my mouth. I heard on the board before there was some kind of special spray they used for this problem.  Any ideas would be appreciated. I am at week 58 and holding. 14 more left.

All the best and always thinking about all of you whether I am posting or not

Bob L
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Biotene toothpaste and especially the mouthwash helped me out.  They are designed specifically for people with dry mouth.  I've also heard talk of "magic mouthwash" prescribed by Dr's.  The swelling in your throat...have you had your thyroid checked?  Mine's swelled a bit and my thyroid specialist says it's due to the interferon.  

14 to go!  Great news....

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I think it's called bioten(sp) but have you tried the good old salt water gargle? It helped me w/ sore throat, but don't know if it would be a good idea w/ sores.  Joni
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Hi folks, I look in from time to time. Glad to see some old friends SVR..Congrad! I am a non responder, Peg/co-peg, 16 weeks  and only a minimal drop in VL. I have been of tx since Feb and am about 98% back to normal. My doc talked to me about Infergen the other day. Any experience/comments? I am not in a rush to get back to tx but I am always lookin'
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Now I know that I have HCV the longest abnormality I've had, that dr's for years have been trying to solve, is traces of blood in my urine, which now I know comes from the HCV inflaming some membrane.
Until recently I've had no other HCV symptoms for 20 years other than slightly raised alt/ast's and trace blood, your friend should get checked. I told every doctor I saw about my blood transfusions but not one tested for HCV, it was only found after my liver failed and put me in hospital did they look.Hope it comes back negative.
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Hey ladies just noticed my typo they are up to 64 not 84 but hey ill take what i can get lol.
I hope you do e-mail me i would so like to talk to you.how are you doing with tx hun?

I always check in from time to time this was the first help i ever received and i will always feel a loyalty to all that helped me. i miss you and maybe soon i can come back more.

tx hasnt been to bad for me so far just the usual stuff everone goes through, i am having my 12 week pcr in 2 weeks so i will let you all know how that comes out. i am fighting my dragon with all i can so we will see who will win.
I am pretty stubborn though so i hope he isnt :o)

well here is to slaying the bad boy, my sword is sharp and i am in battle soooo ill,
talk to you all soon
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You ladies be well over the weekend with mininmal sides and no crisis.
...hang around, everyones input is appreciated by at least one person,. don't loose heart
dottie: wow!! 12 wks! It seems only yesterday you were a rookie, I am glad you are ok. did your daughter ever get her pcr? I have been worried about that one...
be well
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Just a follow up. He got his blood test and I looked at it. ALT and ASt levels were well within range. So it looks good. But he is getting the HEPC test anyway. Better safe.  

Thanks Lou
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unico HI...I thought Paget's disease was a rare form of breast cancer...w/ sores around the areola???? Now I am confussed! Just my 2 cents. love @ prayers, Cindee

ral, hi...I too developed sores in my mouth. I was given an rx for "magic mouth"  it has lidocaine and sev. other meds in it! It has to be (mixed at pharmacy). I went thru almost 2 bottles of it when I was on tx. It tastes awful, but does the trick! My mouth HURT and (itched).

I was also given a pill for yeast infections..called Diflucan 150mg. It is usually used mostly for yeast infections when women are on anti-biotics, but it works GREAT! A bit exspensive...like 20.00 a pill, but my GP gave me about 6 sample packs while I was on tx. I still have 2 left. Also eat lots of yogurt..it also kills yeast infections. I wish you the best! You're almost there!!! My hat's off to you, you are a real tropper! [email protected], Cindee PS (about the diflucan...you only have to take one and it stays in your system for a long while.) :)

Roger E. Hi and welcome!!! You've found the right place. I will be praying for you!!!!! [email protected], Cindee

lost and confussed...Hi..I haven't talked to you in a long time. I'm sorry you are "feeling" so ill. But you sound like you're in good spirits! You've got the right idea!!!! KEEP STABBING THAT DRAGON!!!!! I hope you feel better soon! Love @ Prayers...lots of them!!!! Cindee
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It is my understanding that it is a bone disease caused by hyperactivity in the bones production mechanisms. I have seen it also described as a cancer but only on other threads. Actually that is kinda what led me to ask here.

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Hey!!!!! Got ya!!!! I understand now! TY!!!!! And like I said before, I love reading your posts...you are a "ray of sunshine". I am so glad you found us all here...you have done a lot of research...and you are so helpful to me!!!! Hope you have a great MONDAY!!!!! Talk to ya soon! [email protected], Cindee
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