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HIV Test

We had my husbands biopsy on Fri.  No results yet however the docotor did say it was the pinkest looking liver he had ever seen. Scarey!  My husband really is not doing well.  He looks very bad.    Should they have done an AIDS test?  ( He spent 3 years in prison for DWI's and has a past like we all do) I don't mean that in a bad way but he just looks so bad. :-(  He used to be very muscular and now his muscle tone is nothing.  He is still losing weight.  He is very weak and his color is horrible!   I called the doctor today to ask about the Aids test and they did not do one.  I thought that was odd.  We go on Thursday for the biopsy results.  What makes this all worse is that him and I are in the middle of a divorce and I feel like such a horrible person because he has all of this going on.   With all of our differernces he does not deserve this.  Nobody does!!!! I am trying to do everthing I can. I wish I could take this all away!
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divorce is just a word, you are obviously still there for him where it counts, don't fret that one too much, or delay the process if you can until all the results are in.
the AIDS test is done for free in many clinics, and Dept Of health, they don't take long to come back with a result. He can always have it done at the next blood work.
don't forget to take care of yourself also, stress is not good for ANYone,  healthy or not.
take time  out for you and try not to internalize too much of his suffering.
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I agree with Ivette on the "D" word... & taking care of yourself too!

Divorce is just a descriptive word for a process... it doesn't mean that we stop caring, or don't still love someone.... Sometimes it simply means we can no longer "live" with them!

As per HIV test.... I too just assumed that they automatically run those test, & was surprised to find out that they don't.... Just like with the HCV, it's a specific test that must be requested. So I requested mine last year just for peace of mind!

You are obviously a loving & nurturing person to be able to put your indifferences causing the split up on the back shelf, & I am sure your hubby appreciates you!

Hang in there, & let us know how those biopsy results turn out... but most importantly... don't forget about yourself along the way!
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Thanks for the support!  I am really depressed.  I just don't know what to think.  Is his really bad or does everyone go through this?  Between the Porphyia,the iron too high,the plobotomy, the police pulling him over because he looked suspecious (because he has to stay covered because of the Porphyia),the open wounds,  his company shut there doors on Friday with no warning and now I'm sure we will have the Health Insurance issues and worst of all the physical man he has become!  This has been one knock down after another. When is all going to STOP! I am trying to be strong but I cry every day!  I guess I should be grateful because it could be worse.  They are going to start plobotimizing him again so I'm sure they will do the Aids test. I will let you know the results on Thursday.  Say a prayer! :-) Thanks again for the support!
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