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HIV or HBV???

my boyfriend has just been diagnosis HBS hihg reactive. I am still very concerned about HIV, although I am tested at 4months post exposure. I have been feeling very sick for 4months, with fever, headaches and big migraine...but all people tell me I don't have Hiv although I have never heared abut oral and vaginal candida, sore troughs and swollen nodes as symptoms of HepB.
Please help me, I am freakin' out of scare and crying...all information should help.  
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please, somebody! I come from the hiv prev forum, but there people answered me. and told me i do not have hiv, but only HBV. please say something!
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I may have missed something in your post because of Brain Fog. I didn’t see that you have been tested for hepatitis. Unless you have been tested you can have all of the symptoms in the world and it won’t mean squat. It is the weekend and the forum is usually a little slower on weekends. Most of us do or treatment on weekends and the members that have completed tx are enjoying having their life back on the weekends so, don’t be disappointed if you get slow responses
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well.....i still wasn't tested because all docs told me first abut HIV,I have read about it and all symptoms matched exactly....headaches so great I couldn't stand up. Still, I had 3 Elisa Test for HIV at 9 weeks, 14weeks and 18weeks. All negative. Now I found out seroconversion for HIV can and is delayed because of Hep. I sent my boyfriend to test and i will also test now. He is high reactive for HepB and NonReactive for HepC. If I only
have HepB what about so serios illness and oral and vaginal candida? sore throat still...after 5months....
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The symptoms you described could be from acute HepB because individual symtpoms varies.  However, it could also be a psychosomatic manifestation of your anxiety as you mentioned that you are freaking out, scare, and crying.  

I think the best thing to do at this point is for you to get tested for HepB.  If (it's still an "IF") you are infected and present with symptoms, the antigen (virus) will show on the test.

Now, here's the good news (if you are an adult, which I assume you are), you have a 90% chance of clearing the HepB on your own without treatment or anything, courtesy of your immune system.

Hope this help.  I hope you feel better.  Good luck.    
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yes, i am 22 years old and I know I was in acute ill because i assume to have got it like 3 months before these nightmare 5 months. the fact that i was freaking out and crying for 4months affected me, but not in such a degree, because i already had nausea and very strong headaches for 2months. I could not even see what I was reading....the fact is I am still very scared about HIV, although I have an 18week result Elisa which i was told is very good....Can somebody please tell me if it is true that hep delays seroconversion for HIV??? I would be able to sleep after 5months if it is not true....
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With an 18 week neg test for Hiv, you can rule that out.  That is GOOD news.

Hep B is a classic Std, transmitted mainly by sexual activity.  Did you have unprotected sex with your Bf?  If he is hep B pos, unprotected sex does put you at risk.  

At this point, you need to be tested for hep B.  call request a test at 1-877-732-2348 if you need a place for testing.

Fyi, Hep B, while it is a serious illness, is NOT as serious as Hiv or Hep C.  Most adults cleat it on their own.

If your test is neg, ask your doctor to vaccinate you for hep b.  This is a series of three shots.

I would not have sex with your Bf until this is resolved.  There is no vaccine for hep c, unfortunately.

Get moving on this.  Let us know how this turns out.
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