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HR on Diet

Prior to treating, I tried several diets.

The Zone-type diet, which seems similar to what you advocate, balances out protein, fat and carbs in a 30, 30, 40 ratio. The carbs are all low on the glycemic index, not allowing starches, etc, except in very small quantities.  The good carbs are most fructose based, a la fruits.

The other diet was the Pritrikin diet which was basically a very low fat diet -- under 10 per cent of total calories. And while Pritikin doesn’t allow simple sugars, it is rich in complex carbs, including starches, and in fact is based in starches/grains.

On the Pritkin diet, my liver enzymes went into normal range for the first time ever (post infection and pre-tx) and stayed there as long as I stuck to the diet`. Total cholesterol also dropped drmatically although hdl `fell a bit and tri’s increased.

On the other hand, the Zone diet increased my enzymes even from baseline abnormal . Cholesterol dropped from baseline but not as much as from the Pritkin. I also noticed a difficulty in concentrating on the zone diet which I attributed to lack of carbs which are known to fuel the brain.

I do think the Zone no doubt better than the :Thanksgiving diet -- but I also think in the context of a very low fat diet with very few simple sugars -- that a diet rich in starches such as Pritkin is worth considering. As to the low HDL on Pritkin, some very early studies of New Guinea natives….( Cont hopefully if no keyboard problems)
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Thurst of the New Guinea studies was that when TC was below around 150-140, then HDL wasn't needed for protection. IN fact these natives had very low hdl and `yet almost nonexistent heart diseases.

The problem I see with the Zone type diets is the increased protein intake. On pritikinit was aound 3-4 ounces a day of animal protein -- at most -- with some regiments almost vegitaria`n. On the zone, triple that amount of protein, and for good reason. With so little complex carbs allowed, protein is necessary to keep the caloric count up to a modicum 1800 calories. Less protein would mean wasting away unless fat was increased over 50-60% which in reality is what often happens on a diet like the zone in order to maintain even lean body mass. ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````

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to be continued,...
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sorry for the ramble but technolgy is spanking me today with one computer crashed and the other acting like the neglected gal she has been ...

anyway, `Point I was trying to ma`je was that I think perhaps the higher protein intakes on the very low carb diets tax the liver and therefore the rise in enzymes. Also, these diets tend to be higher in fat, as stated, in order to maintain a modium of daily calories. Pritikin on the other hand may be kinder to the liver with its very low protein and fat levels. The only downside to Pritkin as I see it, might be the tendency for higher triglicerides, which could be combated by either increasing aerobic activity and/or decreasing starches somewhat, but still having basically a grain-based high carb diet.

Interested in your comments and a happy thanksgiving...
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New Guinea diet btw was based on a variety of Sweet Potatoes, with a literal Pig Fest every 4 years (hunted and gorged on wild bore for a month I think)  or so `where I imagine they soaked in the required B12 , or whatever vegetarians need, for the next four years.
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I follow the raw food and Cheetos diet.
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I'm sure there are books and studies showing that raw food and cheetos work. In fact, I find nutrition probably the most confusing of all fields. Theres the Zone, Pritikin, Ornish, Atkins, South Beach, Vegetarian, The other kind of vegetarian, Raw Food, super low calories, the "balanced"diet, etc, etc. And so many of them contradict each other and so many of them are backed by "studies". Would like to get all the different advocates in the same room for discussion. That should be interesting -- and in fact, I think it was Sears and Ornish who did just that, and from what I remember, the transcript was brutal with Ornish I believe taking Sears to the mat over the legitimacy of his diets claim to be only 30 per cent fat, given the low carb content. It was not a pretty discussion
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