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Hair, Scalp and Skin 'Itchies'

Hi all.  I just wanted to say that if you are using Nioxin products and are not liking the high cost, and if you have a decent relationship with your hairdresser, ask that person if they would get you the larger sizes (usually litres) at THEIR prices.  The prices they pay at the restricted-to-only-licensed-persons shops are much lower.  If they sell it at the salon, this may be difficult for them to do - to get you lower prices.  If they don't sell it, I'd bet they'd do it for you.  My hairdresser certainly knows I am having a problem (tons less hair, but I told her it is menopause and meds I am taking) and she is very sympathetic and had no problem doing this for me.  I use their shampoo and cream conditioners in the fall and winter, and their shampoo and light spray in conditioner (called Glee) in the summer.  I hate their hairspray so I use the lightest touch of another non aerosol spray but not enough to get my scalp coated.  One other recommendation to help save money is that if you use the Aveeno cream in the large tube - you can purchase the same product in the "baby" version and it is less expensive.  Don't ask me why.  I didn't believe it either when someone gave me the tip. Anyway, with all the other costs we are incurring with tx, I am always glad when I can save some bucks, especially coming into colder weather when skin and scalp itchies are bound to start up/get worse for us again.  Best wishes.........Helyn
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OH my gawd, I am itching like MAD!!! I have been taking my dogs benadryl cuz Im too tired and weak to go to the store!! lol, my husband goes "dont do that" I am so dang mad at everyone for not thinking this low hemaglobin isnt a big deal, gads, I get outta breath trying to get dressed, and I feel so badly for him cuz he works outside 10 hrs a day, in the heat.  And I am laying around all day feeling like ****.  But he expects me to make him dinner, and I wish he would jus supprize me with taco bell or something.  **** I am in a really "poor me"  pity party.
Well friends, I just had to vent!   OHC
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Sorry, but having been a hairdresser for almost 30 years, self-employed for 15, unless your hairdresser is a personal friend, please don't ask her/him to do that.  Yes, we do pay less than you for product.  We also pay shipping charges, pay for extra space in the salon to have shelves of space for retail product, and have to fill out paper work monthly for taxes.  We are ofetn required to carry entire lines of product even though only a few of them sell well. This is a really high overhead business and the retail sales help cover costs.  If a particular product is a special order, the overhead is even higher because shipping charges don't drop much for small orders.  If your hairdresser is an employee, he/she would be stealing from their employer for you. Would you ask your plumber, electrician, doctor, waitress, or sales clerk at the department store to sell to you at their cost?  
I'm on week 48 of tx and have worked the whole time.  Would you take money out of my pocket?  What do you do for a living?
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I've discovered a great tip for everyone on Tx concerning itchy dry skin ....

Here Goes ....

I recently started using those shower gels instead of good ol soap & oh boy the benefits are great ... You use a big fluffy nylon type thing that you use instead of a face washer a sponge will do, you pour a bit on & scrub softly all over your body it does wonders even removing any dead skin etc ... after you finished & get your pyjamas on you feel revitalised ... I put baby oil on after showering sometimes that gives your thirsty skin a drink LOL smells good too ... good luck all be strong minded ... ~~~Steve~~~
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I'm sure glad your close to finishing up your tx, you sure have been grouchy lately, my wife asked her hair dresser the same thing and she was glad to do it for us, my wife has been putting money in her pocket for 25 years+ you think getting my wife a few bottles of nioxin at cost is going to hurt her-NOT, I bet my wife has spent 50 grand there in the past 25 years, It's called friendship. Good luck with your ending of tx-- HD
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I read it that this person was asking their stylist to pick up the stuff when they were at the beauty supply place. And that it would be hard if it was sold at the business. Read the whole comment before you go off one of your tangents. Knock off the woe is me ****. Dill
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Galen, have you taken your last shot and pills yet? How are you feeling? Looking forward to my 12 week test. One day at a time.

Steve, as far as sides go itching, headaches and upper body pain. The worst is FATIGUE. I have had to give up mt biking for now which is my passion. I took my dog Bailey (he is my riding partner)for a hike and had to stop every 50 yards or less. I couldn't even wash my truck today with out stopping a lot. This is very hard for me as I am a very active person. I've lost 26 lbs so far. At this rate it could be double that by the time I'm done. I don't have much of a appetite. My spirits are good. I think the effexor has something to do with it. Friends and family have commented on how I have changed for the better. I know I was sinking into a deep depression before tx when I had no hope of having a full life. Another thing, I will talk to my doc about my blood pressure which is up do to the meds. 140 on the hi side. Normaly 110 or so.
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I guess I have to say it again; YOU KIDS PLAY NICE, NOW :-)HEEHEE
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Cut the ****.  You still haven't posted one thing about Hepatitis on this message board, neither asking a question nor offering information and support.  
As far as your vandetta against any one individual, that is out of place here.  Go to a local bar or street corner and pick on someone your own size.  Maybe when you can't hide behind the anonymity of the board, someone will punch your lights out and you'll stop picking fights.
Be nice.  This is an information and support message board.
Maj Neni
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Hey HD, if you reread my post, you will see where I said that unless your hairdresser is 'personal' friend.....  I've been in this business for almost 30 years and yes, many clients feel like an extended part of my family.  However, selling retail is part of what pays MY bills.  If I give stuff away at my cost (and by the way, the fact that I do not pay tax at the wholesale level for retail product shows up on my tax return.  Lots of people in my business get audited because it is a high cash business) and/or give away my services, I can't pay my expenses, including the very expensive insurance which allows me to do tx.  I don't think that is being grouchy.  I am a professional and I am offended by the number of people who don't think that what I do for a living (and have spent vast sums of money to learn and years of experience) is somehow not really work.  How many of you are asked to provide services to business friends at no cost?
What I said to Helyn was directed to everyone who thinks that it's a great idea to ask their hairdresser to provide free service.  I do that for my family and personal friends, but there is no way I can afford to do so for the 250 clients who I am friendly with, and it is not fair to put your hairdresser on the spot by asking for bargains.  If they know you are hard up for money and offer that is different.
Sorry if that sounds grouchy, but this is my "profession" and it would be nice to be treated as any other professional you would not ask such thing.
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Scoutdill, I really don
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I agree with you on this, i do central air, plumbing, and elec. I get asked to do "favors" all the time. At first i used to help,after awhile you have to charge for your time, then all of a sudden your an ass****. No more jobs for free, only family.
scoutdull, why don't you shut the f*** up!and get a life. people like you make me sick!
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Hey! I do heating and air for a living. I'm also a licensed electrician but an idiot when it comes to plumbing. I too got tired of favors asked of me. I now only do it for family. Are you on tx.
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