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Hair Loss ?

hi everyone !
what has been your experience with hair loss from interferon.. how much did you loose if any and when did it start falling out?
the last two times i did interferon for 6 months i lost half of my hair and then when it grew back it looked like a pineapple (haha) .. this was the old interferon so i dont know if it makes a diff.. but this time i'm on 24 week triple w incivek @ week 16 and i dont have much of any hair thinning ...i am using nixon shampoo and scalp treatment dont know if that is making the diff.. or if it just takes longer to fall out....or maybe i'm immune to it after all that and chemo for breast cancer once...would love to hear your feedback ..

i have really loved reading all your posts..thank you so much for being so kind, brave and entertaining ! my best to all of you !
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Nioxin is an excellent product. It really does help. I am starting my 7th week and so far so good. Stick with it and at least once a week moisturize heavily. Keep hair soft, set hair dryer to a lighter setting. Use a comb and wash every other day. Good.luck. Ps can u tell I am obssessed with hair loss. Lol
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I plan to use glue when the time comes
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that is a great idea...dont know why i never thought it myself....i'm sure it will look GREAT.. probably better than before....please send me a picture or utube video of your gluing technique...that would be so awesome ! thanks!!!
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lol...ok will do.
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I have long hair to my waste and breakage is the only problem I have had.
I tried to gluing it back and started to look like a Rastafarian had the Dreadlocks going for sure
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As you read on my update post, I lost a lost of my hair - a lot of the hair on my head was lost due to an awful scalp rash that I had for about a month - between the interferon and the rash, I lost probably 50% of my already thin hair. What I did not expect was the loss of eyebrows and other areas after I was off of the interferon for a week or so.  Too bad that some of that will come back.  BTW, I had used Nioxin all the way up until the scalp rash and went back on it after my scalp was healed - did not seem to help me much.
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I have not lost much hair yet, I am just starting week 9 though so might be a little early yet.  I seem to be losing a lot of eyelashes this week though.

Here is something I found on the hair.  http://www.liverdisease.com/hairloss_hepatitis.html

I have been using the nioxin shampoo etc.  Nioxin also has a vitamin supplement you can buy too like what is described in the article, you should confirm that is ok with your doc if you want to try.  I believe the recommendation is to start prior to treatment.

I have had bad problems with brittleness and itchy burning scalp.  Think it's related to dryness.  I have been looting coconut oil on and throughout my hair and scalp.  Leaving int for hours or overnight before washing it out.  Sleeping with a towel over my pillow to keep the oils off the bedding.  This is relieving the itch and burn for a couple days at a time and is helping the dryness.

I have seen a number of posts from others that have lost hair so others may have more info.

Just dreading losing the hair.
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I am having a hard time with my hair.  I have already lost about 40% of it.  Hard to put a number on really.    I am atarting week 23 and not dealing with it to well.  My scalp itches so every time I scratch it comes out.  I only wash once a week just started the nioxin.  Should have done that in the beginning.  Also, I had my color touched up a couple weeks before I started.  BIG MISTAKE.  I should have just put on a natural henna or something.  So I went out and bought  a couple of hats the other day and just wear it up now.   If I come back looking like a pineapple I am going to flip!   I think for women hair loss is more depressing.  I know it is just hair but I already look like a ghost.  I am not a wig person at this point.   Good luck
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I just did shot 15 last night.  I don't have any noticeable hair loss. My hair and nails seem to be growing as notmal. I hope this will help with any extra hair loss that may happen. From what I read somewhere it wasn't until about week 20 that some start to see hair loss. I also use nixion shampoo and conditioner and scalp therapy, but the scalp therapy seems to make my scalp itch. I may stop using it for awhile. Trying not to wash everyday and hair is not dried out yet either.
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What week did you start to notice a real difference? Was it around week 20?
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I think this has been going on since about week 14.  Im pretty sure it was after I stopped the incivk.    Seems like for ever..  slow torture
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I am on shot 17. I have long hair and started losing it around week 4. I have probably lost 40-50%. I developed severe rash due to incivek and had to stop around week 9.5. One of the places the rash was particularly severe was my scalp. It took 2.5 weeks or so for the rash on my skin to improve, my scalp and ears are still a mess. No problems with lashes or eyebrows yet. 7 shots to go...I rewrote the song Unforgettable for my Undetectable result; I hope I won't be changing any Christmas songs-(I'll be bald for Christmas...You can count my hairs. I'll be bald for Christmas but I'll have hair in my dreams!) Try it to the tune of "I'll be home for Christmas"-it sorta works.
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I had a dream the other night that I was at the hairdressers and she combed my hair and it all fell out. It was a very weird night with the dreams. Thinking maybe the Riba. Very weird indeed!! Only on week two so far so good and thats all I have to say about anything at this point. Way too early to comment. Wishing all the ladies beautiful full heads of hair for Christmas.  :)
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I lost around 75-80% but I treated for 72 weeks.  It started around week 20 but could have been due to the fact that that is when my thyroid went zonky from the ifn as it is a side of that too.  Bought lots of synthetic wigs on ebay = all different colors and styles and just had fun with that.  It grew back like a weed all nice and healthy and shiny so of course I had to go out and bleach the heck out of it again..........some of us never learn.
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I think I was around week 14 when I started loosing mine. I always kept my hair about 6”-8” below my shoulders (I’m Male). One day I was taking a shower and noticed the water wasn’t draining. I reached down and pulled a glob of hair from the drain. After that there was no stopping it. I eventually had it all cut off and wear it short to this day. I hate to be “The Prophet of Doom” but I think if your going to lose your hair nothing you do is going to stop it.
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It falls out, and it grows back. When mine first came back it was fine like baby hair, that was replaced by my usually thick tresses.

Think scarves beautiful.
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you guys are so great !!
i was bald as a q ball  on my entire body from chemo on day 14 a few years back ..i mean everywhere...yuck ! i used to have dreams of looking at myself in the mirror and i would have hair ...then id wake up looking like and alien.. it took a year for it to grow back but that was two types of hideous chemo for 6 months...
but the last two times i did interferon my hair got brittle and dry and really thin i would say i lost 50% but i dont remember when it started falling out..this time i have been way sicker cause of the incivek but my hair is still shiny and i havent lost any on week 16...so idk ..maybe im getting a break.. or maybe its the nioxin..or maybe it just hasnt happened yet....i really hope i get a break this time.. i hope we all do..but whatever ...bring it on ...!!! i can take it ..im still the same person inside ...
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That would be a shame for you to lose that waist-length hair. In my own case, I look at it like my front yard: It may be full of weeds, but as long as it's green that's good enough!
Not that I have green hair...
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i know seriously ..any hair is good!! especially in winter ..burrrrr!
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I am starting week 6 tx w/ Inc and I am starting to loose my hair.  My hair is short to begin with but very thick.    I went premature white at age 33 so I color my hair, but havent been able too since I started tx , thinking that the chemicals  would not be good with the rash that has started about 3 weeks ago.  This week as well I have notice lots of hair loss and my eyebrows and eyelashes have been mega itchey and have notice some hair loss there as well.      Previous to treatment I started a very large do rag collection just in case I did loose my hair, so I am ready !   LOL      It will grow back, (I HOPE) and if not I guess bald will be beautiful !    
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My scalp has been itchy. Is that a sign, but hair still looks full. Only week 15.
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I'm just finishing week 5 of triple tx (w/INC), and my hair is thinning just a bit more than usual.  It's been thin on top for awhile now, so I can't blame it entirely on treatment, but it's definitely drier than usual, too.  

I'm just hoping that it will fill in once I finish tx -- until then, hats will do the trick...

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Exactly right, Red. Hair is good and fortunately I've kept most of it, but have always felt a little jealous of the bears.
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ive lost 50% of y hair twice ..it grew back exactly the same and ive lost 100% of my hair one time too..it grew back too.. started out curly and fine but it is exactly the same as it was before .. so if i do loose alot this time i know it will grow back and... so will y'all
streamline..i think stuff just itches with this med.. mine didnt itch wen it fell out from interferon ...but with chemo it kind of hurt when it was falling out a bit and my scalp was sensitive ...but i guess everyone is different..

does anyone know what the stats are on hair loss with interferon?
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