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Hap c indeterminate results

I had blood tests, and  the hepatitis c ab(eib) got back indeterminate. Not sure what that means.

I never used drug, had homosexual relations or had any sex that might be in risk.

I did toke Arcoxia ((Etoricoxib) while I had the test.

Not sure if it had any affect, or what the results mean. Can anyone please advise?
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Hep c is not in general considered to be an STD and while uncommon it can be transmitted through heterosexual sex.

That being said if your antibody test was  indeterminate and you wish to follow up have the HCV RNA by PCR test to see if you are actually infected with the virus.

Hep c is a blood born virus meaning it is transmitted through blood to blood contact.  The most common method of transmission are sharing of IV drug needles or having a blood transfusion prior to 1990 when testing for hepatitis C was developed.  So I doubt you have anything to worry about. For a more official interpretation of your antibody test results  you should discuss you results  with your physician who ordered the test  

Best of luck
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Thanks for answering. I never injected anything to myself and definitely haven’t shared it with anyone.

I was only worried that maybe she kissed me in the open shaving cut I had, and that might have infectious
Hep c is blood borne it requires blood to blood contact. Per the CDC kissing is not a mode of transmission. An open cut is a wet fresh actively bleeding wound if your cut was not actively bleeding it is not an open wound and I can’t imagine someone kissing you over a bloody cut. And then she would need to have hep c and have a bloody mouth plus force her bloody saliva into your actively bleeding injury.

Even a healthcare worker if they should experience an accidental needle stick involving a patient with known hep c the the odds of transmission are only about 1.8%. So obviously your odds would be significantly lower.

Only about less than 4% of the population has hep c so your odds of even encountering someone with hep c are very low. Hep c today is nearly totally curable for most people with cure rates above 98% so even if someday you should contract hep c you really don't need to worry just get treated and cured with the new meds.

Does not sound like you experienced a risk from what you described so likely you did not need to test.
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