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Happy Dance for me.

After 15 years and 9 treatments #8 almost killed but #9 Olysio and Salvaldi finally cured me. I am still pinching myself! I am thrilled beyond words. I have early cirrhosis but I can live with that. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my back.I slated the Dragon! I will still follow you all and check out the post treatment forum!
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Hi Rocky congrats!

I have thought only SVR (sustained viral response) at 12 weeks after treatment has ended is considered cured.

My doctor did not test me for viral load when I completed treatment. Her plan is to test at 12 weeks after I finished treatment which will be on 9/3/14 to determine if I am cured.

From what others have posted everyone becomes UND on treatment and all who fail relapse by 12 weeks post treatment.

When did you complete treatment are you 12 weeks post? Anyway undetectable is great to hear no matter what hope you have made it to SVR and are cured.

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That's is Great!!! Very happy for you.  
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That is so darn great and this is a link of my happy dance!

Just copy and paste the link
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Sorry I forgot to put your user name in top!
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How wonderful!!

I'm not as computer savvy as t so I can only send you a virtual dance - and I do!!!

You go, girl - on to SVR!!!
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Love to hear this kind of news !!! Good job !
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that is some achiement well done done 48 weeks of riba n interferon so need to do it again with newer meds 9 times must have been dreadfull well done in defeating the dragon i admire your strenth n courage
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Congratulations, I'm so happy for you! Every time posts that they've reached SVR it gives me hope.
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Big congrats to you Rocky, wishing you all the best, enjoy your hep c free life

Have a great day.
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What makes it even  more incredible is that you are finally cured after 8 unsuccessful treatments. That is just wonderful.  Much deserved - you paid your dues - big time!  May you finally enjoy some stress-free and healthy days ahead.

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Way to go Rocky. You sure as hell earned this. A huge congrats.

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Congrats to you.  You humble me!


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Congratulations! Another dragon bites the dust. So happy for you after so many battles! Enjoy a dragon-free life!
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so happy for you!
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Rocky you rock!   The dragon is slowly losing its grip.
Lets keep the good vibes coming.
And mostly, a big Congragulations!

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Fantastic ( me too :-)
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A big congrats to you!! I remember you being hospitalized with tx 8. Your incredible perseverance has paid off.
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What an example of fortitude and persistance!!! Great - Congrats!
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This is so incredible and I'm very happy for you! Like someone else said, each cure gives me hope.
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When you say that you are cured, do you mean that you are SVR at EOT or SVR at EOT + 12?

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With this treatment if you SVR for 12 weeks you are considered cured. They will do a VL at 3mos for piece of mind!
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I remember you and how you struggled like crazy with so many treatments.
Congrats for finally slaying this beast and getting rid of this horrible virus. I cannot think of anyone more deserving. (Tho we all are so I hope you know what I mean) Seriously Kodos for hanging in there and never giving up and bouncing back from the side effects from each treatment.
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Oh my Gosh1 This is the best news I have heard in a long time!
I am so so happy for you.  I just saw this, so sorry, you know me, day late dollar short  dee
I am doing the happy dance for you,  Oh, soo happy!!!!
Love Dee
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