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Harvoni failure?

I was just curious if any of our regulars have experienced or know of anyone who has experienced a Harvoni relapse or failure. I'm going into week 8 of 12 with good lab results and feeling good.  Again best wishes for all of us against this beast.  
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I am curious also, I am in about the same situation as yourself.  I am GT 1, little cirrhosis, if any, but I am just about finished with my harvoni.  I have 3 days left.  
I asked my doctor if he has any results of relapsing on Harvoni.  He does not have any results, other than the studies, looks like we will be some of the first Harvoni people to report.
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Yeah Cakes, I"m following your progress and looking forward to hearing about your EOT undetected status, and then your SVR.  The group that has gotten onboard since it became available in Oct/Nov will not have any results yet for the most part, but prior to what is now called "Harvoni" they did several tests with Sofosbuvir + Ledpasvir which are the two drugs that make up Harvoni.  I just don't remember seeing much information on the relapsers and failures from those groups and I wonder if any of them are in this forum.  I would be interested to hear what their various parameters are.
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I would be very interested also....................anyone???????
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This is the only thing I could find on Harvoni.  Looks extremely encouraging.  Hopefully I will be starting on it next week.  Good luck cakes and 48!

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Sounds good Jules, you will appreciate this med, and you will respond!!
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Did you do 24 weeks ? (Recommended for relapsers with cirrhosis.
Same as me. I had to ask about 10 times to make sure I got approved for the full recommended regimen.
Just curious.
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In wk14 of 24 with no sides and UND at week 8  on Harvoni.   Gilead includes a detailed patient info sheet with the meds that details all the ION (1,2, &3) study results.  Patients with gen1, cirrhosis,  with prior treatment show 86% and 100% SVR for 12 and 24 weeks respectively.   Real deal.  Best to all!  
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I just finished week 10 with 14 to go of Harvoni. Had a discussion with my doctor about adding Riba which I started at week 9 and will be taking till EOT unless I can't tolerate the med.

Will finish on May 4th with 12 SVR test scheduled for July 28th

So far I haven't heard about any relapsers but it is still early. I sure hope I am not the rare failure again.
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Just started TODAY!!!! Praise us ALL!!!! Hopefully we can all successfully rid of this monster within us!
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I wanted to ask this very question but didn't want to jinx anyone, hehe

I don't recall hearing of any non responders or relapses on Harvoni in our group but I thought it might be too soon to come to any conclusion since the drug was just approved  (October 10th!) and there is just a small set of data to consider as people complete their treatment and wait for followup tests to confirm SVR at 12 and 24 weeks

Wow, this is so exciting. Especially since we were fortunate to arrive in this spot at the point in history where a cure is possible

Not only for me for everyone who will no longer have to live with or die from this disease
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Sadly I just read in another fourm today of someone who did the 8 week Harvoni and it looks like he has relapsed. They are going to retest his viral load in 12 weeks.

He had hep c for many years back to the early 70"s but on his last biopsy in March 2013 he was F1 and a viral load of 2.4 million.

Everyone stay strong most will make SVR believe in the cure!
I did 12 weeks of harvoni. F3 viral load 3 million 1a. After 12 weeks viral load 8,000. That makes me a non responder. My friend took V Pak and cleared the C 1a in a month. SVA after 6 months. My doc said I was the only non responder he treated. My friend came down with meningitis a few months after V Pak treatment. Almost died.The doctor said it was because he had chicken pox as a child.
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Early 70,s, that is a long time. WOW.  Time spent with the disease may become a factor for treatment determination if this kind of situation comes up again, best of luck to that person and to all of us for SVR!!
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I am only approved for 12 wks, I just had a fibroscan and doc said 12 wks is the right length of time for me.  I certainly hope he is correct!   I have relapsed 3 times but little or no cirrhosis.  I have two more days of the Harvoni.  I have a lab appointment on March 6th.  
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Hi Cakes JMHO I would think since you relapsed 3 previous times your Dr would want to do 24 weeks.  You might want to have a chat with him.  Good luck

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I've had some failures on Int+Rib, and a relapse on a 48 week Incivek treatment. My Dr. said based on that and my biopsy from last February and no cirrohsis I'm a 12 week candidate. Like Cakes, I'm hoping he's right.
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Failed triple therapy with Vic @ 6 mo post tx was G2/S3.  Now cirrhotic with Meld score of 5.  So doing 24 weeks + Riba
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I WAS concerned with that.  That is the big reason for a fibroscan last week.  Showed little or no cirrhosis so that is the confirmation of the 12 wks of treatment.  Specialist also said that insurance would never go for the 24 wks of Harvoni when it is not needed. AND specialist said that all the studies have show that doing 24 wks wks will not do me any better than the 12 wks.  He said I should cure with the 12 wks.  
All I can do is hope they have a crystal ball in front of them and they are seeing it all clear for me.  
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Lynn, Didn't you say that the person on the other forum was only on the Harvoni for 8 weeks.

I haven't seen the entry but that sounds like one of the trials for the shorter period.  IF that is the case, it sounds like the 12 weeks tx is the minimum.

I KNOW Ins Cos want short tx because of cost HOWEVER we, as patients want SVR!  one would think the Ins Cos would too, then no retreatment!  

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He was not on a trial.

The prescribing info sheet says 8 weeks can be tried with caution for patients with low viral load and minimal fibrosis treatment naive. The result in trial were similar so it is offered as an option and some insurance that is all they will cover for a patient like that.

That was the thought at hepatitis forums that having been infected since the 70's may have been a part. The stat was 94% cure sadly he was on the short end of the stats
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Good news. Hope to see you go SVR.
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Addtionally-8 weeks seems too short a time since these meds stop the replication of the virus cells. Hardly seems like 8 weeks would do it. The last 4 weeks of 12 are supposed to be insurance against further replication.
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Must be the money
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I think that these drugs are so on target now that 8 wks just might do it if the conditions are right.  I think the Pharmas are really dialing in on the target with the new gen Tx. Just my thoughts

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My docyor said 12 weeks also but as a prior non-responder to the old tx, I demanded 24 weeks and he complied. I will only stick with this doctor if he allows me a role in determining my tx. Fibroscan is set for Feb. 2.
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