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Harvoni treatment

Hi folks

I am just finishing up week 2 of 24 of Harvoni. So far about the only possible thing I have noticed is been sleeping a lot but I don't think that is a side effect. Just finished a major life project and taking a break to congratulate myself and probably pushing myself too hard for a while now.

Or maybe just to much Turkey lol.

But other than that I don't really feel different while taking Harvoni than not taking anything.

How about the other Harvoni folks out there how is your treatment going?

Best to all
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So glad to hear this wonderful news. No side effects is fabulous!! You go girl!
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Hey there!  I am so happy to hear how well you are doing.  This is really good news.  I know everyone will be so happy to hear :)
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That's great. You post so much great information here, Lynn. Harvoni will work for you, that's my intention. I hope you feel it. I know there are many, many on the forum sending the same energy.
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Lynn, so glad you are progresing so well!  Praying THE treatment!

You go, Girl -- get that dragon!!!!

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Lynn.  I think sleeping is your best defense against this virus.  Just a fun fact:
Did you know that while at rest your immune system is most productive and at its peak when fighting illness?  Viruses included.    While on Tx, I slept constantly and I do believe it helped me to achieve SVR.
Sleep away .....  Your body will do the work for you!
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Hi Lynn

This is just awesome news!!  Feeling gratitude that this
Tx is so much kinder to you than previous really difficult ones!
Here's hopin for 22 more of the same & C U R E :)

May I ask, (starting tomorrow  YES!, please God :) are
you dosing in AM or PM? Curious? I sure could use some sleep ... NOT lol.... ( as Kim spoke to)

All best, all prayers~ for you, for all
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Hi Randy

I work on second shift starting at 1:30 pm so I get to work and tie in with my day shift counterpart then after day shift has left and things quiet down I take my med at 3 pm. I leave work around 10 to 10:30 pm and try to be asleep by 2 am and try to be up at 10 am so I kinda have a different schedule from the rest of humanity.

So basically I am taking my med a few hours after I arrive at work. So for example if a person started work at 8 am taking dose at 10 am I suppose would be about equivalent to what I am doing

Good luck in your fight
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Hi Lynn,

Thanks for response. I guess then, pick a reliable time of day & stick to it :) was just wondering because you mentioned sleeping more & ?'d maybe dose time.
I definitely need to regulate & get more Zzz's :)

Best to you as well!
ps. I'm very excited & honestly a bit  nervous ( many drug allergies) & live alone.. (big deal, right!? ;)
but grateful enough to get over it & start today! Thx!
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Hey Lynn, thx for posting as I have been wondering how the Harvoni population is doing on treatment.

I'm surprised that no one has checked in. It's great to hear you are not feeling any side effects. I'm hoping the same for myself.

Would you say that you feel any better since starting??


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No not really any different than before I am only on day 16 still have many weeks to go. I am not even doing any blood tests till week 4 on December 15th I will post those when I get them.

Anyone else treating with Harvoni how is it going?

Best to everyone
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Hello Lynn - Interesting to catch up on this.  I missed the input from trials - so is 24 wks for Harvoni typical or mostly applicable for previous INF treated/relapsed?

I went ahead with Sof/Oly given my stage of fibrous/cirrhosis.  Am interested for people I know who are still on fence about Harvoni.

Thanks and best wishes -- ZM
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Hi Zarmar

24 weeks is for treatment experienced with cirrhosis, so as a null responder with cirrhosis (DX in Jan 2008) I am prescribed 24 weeks

I treated with Sovaldi Olysio for 12 weeks from March to June but did not acheive SVR when tested in September. My hep C virus was at about the same level as prior to treatment 12 weeks after I stopped taking Sov / Oly

The new recommendation (November 5, 2014) for patients with cirrhosis taking Sol /Oly on the Olysio prescribing information sheet is 24 weeks Sov/Oly



-----------------------DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION-----------------------
• OLYSIO with sofosbuvir (Sovaldi):
o Treatment-naïve or treatment-experienced without cirrhosis:
12 weeks
o Treatment-naïve or treatment–experienced with cirrhosis:
24 weeks.

from the prescribing information sheet from Harvoni

------------------------DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION-----------------------
* Recommended dosage: One tablet (90 mg of ledipasvir and 400 mg of sofosbuvir) taken orally once daily with or without food (2.1)

* Recommended treatment duration (2.1):
>>> Treatment-naïve with or without cirrhosis: 12 weeks
>>> Treatment-experienced without cirrhosis: 12 weeks
>>> Treatment-experienced with cirrhosis: 24 weeks

* A dose recommendation cannot be made for patients with severe renal impairment or end stage renal disease (2.2)

* HARVONI for 8 weeks can be considered in treatment-naïve patients without cirrhosis who have pre-treatment HCV RNA less than 6 million IU/mL [see Clinical Studies (14)].

**Treatment-experienced patients who have failed treatment with either peginterferon alfa + ribavirin or an HCV protease inhibitor + peginterferon alfa + ribavirin.

Good Luck to you
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Started HARVONI 3 days ago.  Feeling great, no side effects.  I previous was on Incevick triple therapy and relapsed after only a month.  If I can go through that treatment, I think I go through anything.  I will only be on this drug for 12 weeks.  I get labs drawn half way through and then when I finish the drug.  I saw the doctor about three weeks before treatment and had preliminary labs drawn.  Viral load at 1.6 million.  I will see the doctor at the end of treatment after the labs.  I would assume that I would need to have labs again after six months of treatment to insure SVR.  

I am so hopeful this will be the cure.
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Hi Diane

I see you are a returing poster welcome back!

From what I have seen about these new drugs many are testing at 12 weeks post as that is considered by many to be the new standard SVR12. Some are also testing 4 weeks post as continued undetectable at 4 weeks is a very good indication you will probably be SVR12.

And as for me I am planning on asking for a 6 month and probably a year just to feel sucure as I have also had hep C probably since 1977 and benn a null responder to interferon.

My pre treatment viral load is HCV RNA RT-PCR, QT=2,422,260 and HCV LOG 10=6.384

Good luck on treatment Diane!
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I am just finishing up week 3.  I am sleeping too much and feeling exhausted.  Starting to think this is fatique side effect of Harvoni.

How are you doing?

My first couple of weeks was without side effect but this week has been tough.
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Today was day 17. I am sleeping more maybe but I am always fighting to maintain something resembling a normal schedule as I work second shift and it is so easy to stay up way too late and then try to get up in the morning to have a life before work.

I want to go to sleep at say 1 to 2 am and wake up at 9 or 10 am but I get involved doing something or another and the next thing I know it is 3, 4 or yesterday 5 am. So makes it hard to judge if I am tired or just messing up my schedule every day.

But other than that and a couple of mild headaches I feel normal.

Ok stuff to do sleep well amigo dream of slaying dragons
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Thanks Lynn.  I am hoping to get through this in 12 weeks.  Woke up in the middle of the night with a headache, but that could be something other than the medication.  I just decided to get up and start my day early.
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Really happy you haven't  had ant SFX that have been bothersome, that's a good sign Lynn. My prayers go out to you and tons of good vibes your way,
Big virtual hugs your way and always
Peace and good Karma
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Hey Lynn,

Great news, still no sides for you. I question for you or me somnolence vs insomnia syndrome. I slept a lot first couple nights, then up till 3-5 next two, then slept super great 11:30-8 2 nights & tonight, well it's 2:15 now & I'm wide awake w/ headache :) I do fall asleep sitting upright in chair, drop phone or book & wake up lol (maybe 5-10 min duration like I've been drugged.. Hmm, that might be funny.

Starting week 2 Harvoni, 1a, tx naive, F2, VL 9,625,000(still some bronchitis)
Being tx naive, perhaps is disadvantage for assessing real SE's. Maybe the reverse is true also :)

- headache, stronger at night - LOTS of H2o helps- not a headache person
- visual focus & "out of it" feeling- realize now it's fatigue, but not the "I wanna  
   go to sleep" variety lol ( should rest when that comes)
- first couple days, chills~ they're gone
- got ulcer(nasty) inside cheek, near gum 2 days ago( never had one)
- run like crazy normal till about 2-3 & wiped
I mention, not to complain, oh contrare!, but should anyone get, it's ok!!
Certainly not like others tx experiences!!

I think these are pretty normal sides, if any are to be had & more than tolerable. Only first week & really at weeks end, only some daily top of head aches. So, all in all, I'd say, doing ok & ready for day 8.

Continued best & blessings to all,

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Hi 12:30 here and working on an online class my final basically 11 small essays is due tomorrow by 8 pm so burning the midnight oil 7 down 4 to go just 20 percent of my grade in the class no pressure.

Sorry to hear you are having problems. I dunno if I have any sleep issues maybe I will know after I take winter break from classes. And workng full time. We have a shut dow over Christmas so I guess I will take a long winters nap....

Good luck
20 days down 148 to go Harvoni
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Insomnia is one of the SFX some have while on Harvoni.  Many suffer insomnia with Hep C.  I have learned to enjoy sleep when it comes, and be productive when it doesn't.  I am finding I have less sleep issues with HARVONI.   I just finished my second week and I am amazed how well I feel.  Yes, sometimes tired, and a few slight headaches, but nothing I can't handle.

Good luck on treatment.
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Hi Diane,

Thanks for info! I'm also 16 days into Tx. I've had unusual BP elevation day 9-14, but am grateful to say it's coming down & I feel really good. No other SFX, (slight headache, meh!) at this point, and thankful!! I think, for sure, insomnia was hep c related(not new). Catching up & enjoying really good sleep past couple days!

Best of Tx to you, are you 12 or 24? See you in UND TO SVR!!

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Hey, just read your comment to Lynn again and see we began harvoni on same date :-) and you are 12 weeks.
Again, thx for encouraging words & experience!

In prayer for all of us 1,2,3, (I think of patra & many),4 & down the line..null, non, relapse, post Trans, pre trans, Nan's husband...~. Gilead or Abbvie~ to attain CURE!!
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I am 9 days into Harvoni.  It is a little harder to get out of bed in the morning, but once I'm up I'm usually pretty awake.  I've always been a power napper in early evening and that hasn't changed, but 20 mins and I'm good to catch a work out and do some coursework. In the last 9 days there have been about 3 times where I felt the starting of a headache, but I pop 2 ibuprofens and that kills it.  Tylenol just doesn't help with headaches for me.  This treatment is so much better than the Int+Rib, and the Incivek treatments.  Best of luck to everyone for SVR
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