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Harvoni with her type 3a

Has anyone taken Harvoni(ms) for type 3a?

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Welcome to the forum.  Harvoni is to treat genotype 1.  

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Hello! Welcome to the forum.  I don't think that they studied geno 3 for this particular medication however I thought that the Sovaldi/Olysio could be used for Geno 3.  I could be wrong though.  I will try to find more information and bring back the link
Take Care
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Hi here is a little information about treatments for Geno 3.  I may have been wrong about the Sovaldi/Olysio configuration.  

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Hi, K, and welcome to the Forum!

Gt3 is currently treated with Sovaldi plus Ribavirin for 24 weeks.

This is not the hightest success rate but the best we have now.  (I have just completed this protocol and am just waiting for the post EOT Week 12 labs).

THIS is why I am SO interested in and following the daclatasvir (Daklinza)/Sovaldi trials so closely!  This year they are studying this med on the Gt3s and with excellent results, so, if the Daklinza is approved by FDA, that will then be available to be prescribed WITH the Sovaldi as an off label treatent (tx).   My doctor said that the 12 week protocol od these two meds gave the same results as the same with Ribivirin, so no need for Riba (although, for all my Riba sidex, I would be willing to go through it again to reach and stay SVR (sustained viral response which equals, in hepc talk, cure.

As DWBH and Dee explained, Harvoni was studied on and being used to treat Gt1s.

AbbVie should be bringing their combo to Market within a couple of weeks and Merck is working on a combo.  I have heard that in certain circumstances the AbbVie combo will alsohave to be used with Riba, buthave nomemory so can't tell you the circumstances.

I hope someone will jump on here to give you more info.

Again, welcome, and good treating, whichever med protovol you and your Doctor select.  Pat
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I am currently taking Harvoni and Ribaviron for 12 weeks and I am Hepc 3A. I was surprised when my Dr gave me this news because I thought it was only for geno 1
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Wow, that IS interesting!  I wonder why he/she chose that - and how it got approved by the Ins Co.  

Take your meds religiously, eat healthy, drink lots of water to keep hydrated - all to give yourself every chance to cure, and keep us informed.

How are you doing on the Harv/Riba?  Any side effects?

Good luck and Good Treating!   Pat
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Here are the slides where Harvoni was studied with GT 3....Electron 2 was 100% for treatment naive with Harvoni + riba.

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Good luck and hope you reach SVR.

Second last paragraph of hcvguidelines - initial-treatment- Genotype 3
-All 26 patients in the RBV-containing arm achieved SVR12 compared with 16 of 25 of those in the RBV-free arm....Although these data raise the possibility that the addition of ledipasvir to sofosbuvir and ribavirin may shorten the course of therapy for persons with HCV genotype 3 infection, the high EC50 of ledipasvir for HCV genotype 3 ...Until further data are available to confirm these findings, a recommendation for use of this regimen cannot be made at this time..see source link below (a)

My guess of some reasons why this treatment was approved.
1. Off-label use of FDA approved meds.
2. The MD and or insurance could be aware of more recent results that support use.  Updates to hcvguidelines may take a month or longer and they have to be reviewed, approved and then posted.
3. Of course the insurance company would like to approve a $94k tx verses a $168k one. List price plus RBV
Note early results aren't so good without RBV

(a)AASLD/IDSA/IAS–USA. HCV testing and linkage to care. Recommendations for testing, managing, and treating hepatitis C.
http://www.hcvguidelines.org/full-report/initial-treatment-hcv-infection    accessed  January 11, 2015

When citing hcvguidelines.org please follow

Guidance for hepatitis C treatment is changing constantly and may be different at any time. It is a good idea to confirm revisit/refresh the linked page before commenting especially if it's after the date the webpage was last accessed.
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As per visit with DR last Thursday he said GT3a have to have to ribavirin with the sovaldi. Because I was asking why I didn't get that treatment. I don't do to good on the ribavirin and constantly feel sick and very tired as I'm very anemic now. I've been fighting this since 2007 and was a non-responder to the interferon Tx. I'm almost 60 and its getting harder and harder to do this. But I'm trying to stay positive and hope the virus clears. The HCC is back so having scan next month. Upon being diagnosed was told I have had the virus at least 20 yrs. By that time the damage was great to my liver and now I'm to the end of it all. Next option will be transplant depending on meld...which is hard for me to understand. Does it go by each tumor??
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I'm GT3a and currently my Tx is ribavirin 2 times daily and the Sovaldi at night.
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Pam:  Thanks for the 'address'!   When I get off the site I will go there.

LindaH:  I took Sol - 400 mg - in the morning, and the Riba - 200 mg each 3 at a time - morning and night.  Also Gt3.  6 Weeks Post End of Treatment today.  6 more weeks to go til Wk12EOT Lab work.  

Good luck and Good treating!  Here's praying that we ALL reach SVR this year!

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