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Has Anyone Reached SVR and Remained Clear After 8 Weeks On HARVONI?

Hi All,

Really wondering if anyone has done well on an 8 week course. I'd really appreciate any replies. I'm allergic to HARVONI, but I have to keep taking it and dealing with it. If I could do 8 weeks, that would be great!

Thanks and best to all.

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I know this was an old post but since no one has replied.

I hope you were able to finsh treatment and achive SVR.  You had posted quite a bit since 2014 but only one more in February 2015.

FYI to all. Sometimes members will be here once or for awhile then are never seen again. It's understandable that other things may become more important or you have found help elsewhere or not needed anymore.  If beause of more seriously sick or even worst our thoughts and prayers go out to you.

Hopefully in the future, questions like this particular one will always get a least one reply.

Also if anyone who has posted about their HCV condition is able to please come back at least once afterwards to let us know how you are doing and if treatment or other problem was successfully resolved.
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Jimmy I 2nd that thought.  Sometimes you have to wonder "What's up" with new friends you've made along the way.   Once they disappear you always hope for the best but never sure.
Good Karma
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I have achieved SVR in 8 weeks on Harvoni.  I had the virus for what I think was 40 years.  I am 67 now.  I had refused all the other treatments.  Precisely, by going on this site and seeing what so many brave people went thur on Interferon (which I equate to the AZT of the first HIV meds), the Riba, the Incevick, and so on.   So, I waited, I know it was risky....but that was the decision I made.  

I was stage 2/3.  In any event, I treated in October of 2014.  My last test was in June...I was still undected.

I do wonder will it come back?  Will it come back after a year? Or once you reach the magic SVR - your "cured".  We won't know I supposed until time has jpassed.  

So, YES, you can get cured after 8 weeks if you meet certain criteria...I believe treatment naive was one...not sure what else.

Hope this helps.   I was very fortunate to find this site.   The people here were more knoweledgble then some doctors...supportive...amazing....

Wish all SVR forever.

Millie NYC
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I achieved svr 12 after taking harvoni for 8 weeks.  I had hep c for 29 years I was treatment naive and took care of my 3 small kids with no problems while on harvoni.

It was and is a miracle drug!
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Congratulations to Momof286, milliehepc and others who achieved SVR

I checked the most recent update as of this post
The * 8 weeks was removed from the Box recommendation sometime - not sure when.

"Daily fixed-dose combination of ledipasvir (90 mg)/sofosbuvir (400 mg) for 12 weeks is recommended for treatment-naive patients with HCV genotype 1a infection.
Rating: Class I, Level A"

It's still mentions this in the text.
This analysis was not controlled and thus substantially limits the generalizability of this approach to clinical practice. Shortening treatment to less than 12 weeks for patients without cirrhosis should be done with caution and performed at the discretion of the practitioner.

accessed August 28, 2015
last Changes made on August 7, 2015
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I totally agree with your comments.  

To go one step further,  there are so many successes reported on here lately that I am concerned that THOSE WHO FAIL TO REACH SVR OR WHO RELAPSE ARE NOT RETURNING TO POST THEIR RESULTS.  

I am very concerned to know THOSE results, too.  Just seeing all SVRs, which is wonderful, I am alopecia knocking those, may be giving us a skewed picture of real results.  Or, dare we hope, these really are ALL the results?

I think I will copy this to a new thread, to see if we can get all responses of late.

Praying talopeciahat all the successes are the tru picture,

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That was SUPPOSED to say '....Iam NOT knocking...'
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Eight weeks or twelve is an interesting question.

Given the very high cost of harvoni, that extra 4 weeks makes a big difference to insurance companies.

I found with both my treatments, IFN/RIBA then Viekira Pak, that the 10-week mark was a rock bottom turning point physically in terms of side effects. I have an totally unscientific theory based upon personal experience and imagination (only half joking) that each of the first three months on a strong treatment adds exponentially to the recovery, but third month is more influential than others because your body has started to adjust to life within a new drug affected environment on a fundamental level. Take a look at the cell replacement cycles for different tissue types to consider just one dimension of this.

Anyway this is a good discussion to keep up and collect field data for. We would rather the treatment length decision was made in the best interests of health rather than profit.

I reckon there could be a much shorter treatment within 5-years provided the incentive to develop it remains.
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