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Has Anyone Started a Prescription for Sovaldi yet?

Just curious. I had an appointment with my hepatologist that was rescheduled from the end of November 2013 to the end of March 2014 because they stated that actual drug availability and insurance issues would need to be worked out. They stated that all patients that have been warehoused were rescheduled for appointments in March. I note that my BCBS insurance lists Sovaldi as covered but the pharmacy management plans for specialty drugs do not yet list Sovaldi. Gilead lists several pharmacy distribution centers that currently warehouse Sovaldi but not management plans (i.e., CareMark, Express Scripts).

I called to see if I could be put on a waiting list for an earlier appointment and was told they did not yet have the drug (was an administrator so I am not sure they understood how the approved use of the drug was being distributed).

Just curious whether anyone had actually filled a prescription in the U.S. I know that over 800 prescriptions have already been written since its approval, but how many have actually been filled?

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Hello Joanne
My husband's doctors plan to start him on Sovaldi Plus Ribavirin for 24 weeks in late January.They are submitting the paperwork now, His next appt. with his hepatologist is January 24th. I'll keep you posted as to when he actually gets the meds.

Best of luck on starting treatment soon. I know how you feel. I can't wait for him to start either.

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I am on an Medicare Advantage plan.  I have the Ribavirin in hand, and they, the specialty pharmacy,  said sometime next week for the sofosbruvir.  They did not mention any problem getting it, it is just the paperwork/approval process as I have had to add this on to the Medicare "Formulary" first, so the process thus far has taken 2-3 weeks.  Will let you know how it goes.  
and....Grateful beyond belief that I have assistance, because it would be several thou $ copay for the new drug otherwise.  $72G with no insurance for this bad boy.
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I got filled by Acaria health on 12/23. Started a week ago. Solvaldi and Olysio. Feel good with little to no side effects.
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I am so happy for you, and thank you so much for sharing this news.
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Thanks everyone, good to know that the drugs are being prescribed...AND AVAILABLE!!!!
Acaria health covered Sovaldi and Olysio...awesome...
I am looking forward to hearing how you all do!
Won't it be wonderful to hear...with even greater frequency...all the persons who reach SVR????!!!!! Good Luck to each and everyone of you... I am so ready to start treatment. We are very fortunate and there have been so many before us who did not have the options we have. When I treat...I will think of them and try to honor them everyday by giving gratitude for having access to these new drugs.
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I have my fingers crossed for you. Good luck on your journey and keep us posted. Jules
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I started the Sovaldi/Pegasus/Ribavirin triple therapy on January 16, 2014.  So far, no side effects except a mild headache.  The specialty pharmacy worked with me and the PA, everyone was great on trying to keep the costs down.  I am a prior relapse (twice), so I have 12 months on interferon, and 15 months of interferon/ribavirin experience from fifteen and twenty years ago.  As compared to those two protocols, this is a piece of cake.  I have been proactive with the symptoms and with morning dose of ribavirin I take a capsule of Metamusil and 200 mg ibuprofen; with evening dose the same thing.  At bedtime I take the Sovaldi and a Phenergan.  This is my first time with once a week interferon; prior usage has been three times a week.  These injections do not make my fever spike or make me feel ill.  Bottom line--if this drugs works like it is supposed to, we are lucky to be alive to try it!
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I am also a nurse starting riboviran and sovaldi  for hep c I got approved meds due here tomorrow start Thursday. did treatment 2 times with riboviran and interferon and it was killer and didn't cure!!! will keep you posted
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Best of luck in your journey for SVR!  Please do keep us posted.

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This is night and day.  I had similar experiences before with the interferon.  Now into 2 or 3rd week....uh...memory not so hot, so there is a side for me, at least.  and I was going gangbusters til two days ago, when I became pretty lethargic.  But this too, shall pass.  Riba Rash like last time. and platelets already crashed, but that's all part of having cirrhosis, I am sure.  I still feel like this is a cake walk compared to the old tx.  Doc didn't test for viral load last week, so he must not be planning on checking until the end?
Good luck and god bless us all.  :)
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I have been prescribed sovaldi+ribavirin and BlueCross Federal approved it. Sent the scripts to CVS Caremark today. I expect to hear from them next week, hopefully sooner than later. I was told my copays would be $5000/mo for Sovaldi and $144/mo for ribavirin if I had the scripts filled at a local pharmacy. However, if I ordered them by mail from Caremark, the copays will be $35/mo for sovaldi and $15/mo for riba. Wow,big difference!
Like you, I am SO ready to start treatment! Wishing you and me and everyone else  who tries it SVR with this new drug!
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You go girl.... you can do it. Wish you pretty pink houses!
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I really am thrilled that we all have this opportunity.

Anxiously Awaiting. Sorry you have had to treat so often...but thrilled that this time is starting out alot better than previously. Hoping that the third times a charm...so Sovaldi causes a little nausea? (re: Phenergan). Metamucil with the ribivirin? The need for a bulk laxitive?

stacyg - You too...this is your third time. Goodness, I wish you the best. I have an aside issue re: workman's compensation which was denied but I am appealing (its shocking/appalling really that the evidence I have was not enough, albeit old and the historic record is not complete). I suppose with my official denial I should be able to get my health insurance to cover the cost of the drugs but I am appealing the denial to win reimbursement for my health insurance company (its a matter of principal). They are counting on me not wanting to go through the trouble of an appeal since I will be covered elsewhere and there really isn't any financial gain for me (I am only looking for coverage of the meds). Well, I will go through the trouble. Good Luck.

Janee56. Memory, eh? Lethargic/memory issues...perhaps related to anemia? Glad it is at least better-re: cake walk - sorry the last time was sooooo tough. The Riba rash doesn't sound like fun. I am wishing you the best-perhaps he is not checking your viral load because of his confidence in you reaching SVR and because you aren't having too rough of a time (i.e., no reason to consider stopping treatment at this point in time and every reason to keep going).

WyoSue. I saw CVS Caremark added Sovaldi to their formulary. My insurance requires the use of a specialty pharmacy. $$$$ differences between local pharmacy and Caremark are crazy! I am excited for you. Drug prescription and insurance approval means you are well on your way.

Good Luck to Everyone!!!!!

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Ain't that America? "Little Pink Houses For Me and You" (Mellancamp?).
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I meant "pretty pink houses" (blush)
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Treatment (Solvaldi + Ribavirin for 24 weeks) has been postponed for another month pending approval. He needs to take Procrit also since his hemoglobin is on the low side. Fear is that Ribavirin will make him more anemic. Wish he didn't have to take it at all.  :-(

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I'm sorry. I know that it must feel like another frustrating hurdle...its like climbing the escalator and stopping for a second and feeling like you are backsliding...

Take care of you during all of this...being discouraged time after time can wear on you....

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What a difference a day makes!!

We got the call - He's APPROVED!  Solvaldi and Ribavirin for 24 weeks.

Meds are being delivered tomorrow. Dr is treating with the Procrit for a week or two first to get hemoglobin up first but then its ON!

After everything he's been through these last three years, my husband deserves a break - so everyone please send some positive energy his way.
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Hurray! Wonderful news.
I could dig a little shot of Procrit right about now. It is a wonder worker.  Good for you and hubbie.  :)    
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Hi all.   Started hep c treatment 2 weeks ago today.    Mayo clinic.   Solv/Rib.     Genotype 2.        Stay on for 12 weeks.     1 solv with 2 rib in the am and 3 rib at night.      Will know in 2 weeks if virus is gone.     Not bad at all.    Mild headache, sore muscles, fatigue, and playing some tricks on my emotion.  (Cry over nothing).   Had blood work today to check for RBI.     Normal range.   So far a walk in the park.          K
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Good for you.  First I've heard of that protocol....perhaps you never tried tx before?  Regadless...so glad it is going well.  That is fantastic!  As for the emotions...a good crying jag clears the mind.  :)

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Tnx.    Needed that.    Lol.      K
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My gastro doc was able to get approval from tricare, start the 3 meds in a week. Got the sovaldi from vons pharmacy.
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