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Has anyone got Hep c and low blood plateletts?

I have Hep C with low blood platelets.  Dr's keep asking me if I have had any bleeding?  Only until recently have I begun to experience, what I think might be blood in my urine.  I have had a stomach ache for the last few days and have felt disoriented.  Anyone else experience this please.
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Low platelets in hep C patients usually indicate late stage disease. My platelets were low and my doctor told me it was because of cirrhosis from hep C. Once treated and cured my platelets rose but never reached normal again. Doctors normally don't worry about low platelets until they fall below 50,000.
Hi Clementine02
Thanks for telling me this. I don't like to hear that. I am going to the GI soon. To continue a follow up etc.  So if I have late stage they will still treat you? I am very happy to hear they cured you. Did you have internal bleeding with low platelets?
Look forward to hearing back.
Teneg, yes, they will certainly treat you with late stage disease. I had no internal bleeding but did bruise easily. You will be fine.
Thank You Clementine02. I appreciate your encouragement. I am wishing you well also
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I also was diagnosed with cirrhosis and later low platelets they were around 85 before I was treated and cured and now two years later my platelet count is about 110 still below normal of 150 but improved.

Low platelets are a result of portal hypertension or increased blood pressure in the portal vein in the liver. This caused the spleen to enlarge and sequester platelets. Portal hypertension can also cause enlarged blood vessels in the esophagus (swallowing tube) if these blood vessels become too enlarged they can burst and you could have a serious bleeding event. Your doctor will  probably have you get the test called an upper endoscopy and to check for esophageal varices to mage sure you are not in danger of this occurring.

Also those with below normal platelet counts will bruise more easily.

Basically, if you have cirrhosis there is compensated  where the damage liver is able to compensate well enough to do its job. Or decompensated cirrhosis where the liver begins to not be able to do its job an symptoms of cirrhosis begnine to appear.

Some symptoms of advancing liver disease are portal hypertension, the development of esophageal varices, hepatic encephalopathy, and ascities (which is retaining so much fluid in the abdomen the patient appears pregnant). Also the development of enlarged breasts in men due to cirrhosis causing changes in blood hormone levels.
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Just to add if you do have blood in your urine that is more of a kidney problem. If you suspect blood in your urine that can be checked by a simple test of your urine for blood. But anyway blood in urine is not related to low platelets or liver disease.

Stomach ache is a vague symptom and could be many things  including indigestion.

Disorientation is also a vague symptom which could have many causes.
Hi flyinlynn
Again, I am new to this forum. So still trying to learn how to operate it. I may have already replied to you but I am not sure.  Just wanted to thank you for all the information you have shared. It's a lot to take in. I have decided to stop running from the beast within me and face it head on.  So happy to have found all of you here. Knowledge is power.  I am tired of being scared and running.
Thanks so Much.
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Hello there! I was diagnosed with low platelets of 65K . At the same time I had red dots on my lower legs which looked like a rash but was bleeding under the skin. Before I was diagnosed with HCV. my doctor sent me to a blood specialist who tested me for lymphoma, leukemia and hepatitis. I had hepatitis C.
I was cured 5 years ago. My platelets have come back up and were 160 the last time I was checked.

If I take too many Advil they drop so I try to limit Advil. for pain. I  never take aspirin
Good luck to you!
Hey Dee,
Great news about your platelets! Congrats
Hi Dee, Thanks for the info.  What medicine cured you? Also thanks for telling me about your blood platelets issue. My Doc and I are looking for treatment.(Harvoni). I do worry if the treatment brings them down and mine are at 70 already how is that going to work?  So happy for your success.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me.
Many Thanks.
My platelets were at about 85 before treatment. I took Harvoni for 24 weeks and ribavirin for 15 of those weeks as I was a 4 time treatment failure with cirrhosis for 7 years at the time I treated. My platelet count was unaffected by treatment.

After treatment my platelets rose to about 110.
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Hi there, I used Incivek, interferon, ribavirin.  The newer drugs are much shorter duration and have been advertised to have many less symptoms.
When I was treating I was told they would only worry if my platelets got below 50 and even then I could continue with close observation. I did not get below 50.
Good luck!
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Thank you Lynn! I appreciate!
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