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Has anyone tried Mesosilver?

I cannot do Interferon again because of retinopathy, therefore am looking for ways/means to improve my quality of life. I lost my job in April and my Cobra insur. just lapsed.  I walk 30-40 minutes a day and try to eat a diet that supports my liver taking a few supplements, (Selenium, Alpha Lipoic Acid, SAM E, and Vitamin E occasionally C. and milk thistle)Primary symptoms of concern are low energy to fatigue and a lack of mental acuity. This varies to feeling scatter brained and memory loss to inability to sustain concentration. No matter what I do 6.5 hours is the most sleep I can get, often 5 is the routine. I frequently have an ache in my right side. The mornings when I wake up is the worst, dreams and thoughts are bizarre and I feel like the toxins get to my brain more when I am prone for some reason. I read somewhere that high blood sugar levels might make one a poor responder to tx which mine had been increasing during and after tx fasting 118-125. Thanks in advance for suggestions. Larry
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that is tough, that you have so many extra hepatic symptoms and can't do anything to get rid of the virus. If the "alternatives" you are reading about, do not have actual medical studies to back their claims, I would say they are a waste of money.

Most of those sites are only dealing with anecdotes and testimonials and not even offering actual tests results to confirm what they claim.
can you inquire about new studies that do not include interferon?
go to clinicaltrials.gov and check to see if anything is been tried without interferon. good luck to you
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diet, diet, diet!  I had all those symtoms pre-tx and clr'ng, and b/c of a badly damged b/no longer diseased liver, they still crop up.

The absolutely best diet for a bum liver is a vegetarian diet that also excludes dairy.  and no caffine.  Do I do it?  no, b/now I use meats and dairy as an ingrediant or flavoring b/mostly cut out meat-incl poultry and fish-esp salt water seafood and dairy--a little yougurt w/protein drink and butter w/toast, a little cheese on a taco.

The crazy thing, i have a relative that eats that way b/c she wants to, doesn't have too.  So I know its doable b/I'm too lazy to cook everyone a seperate meal.

also, juicing and lightly teamed veggies are the best.

The less work the liver has to do to filter out toxins, the less irratants ingested means the liver can 'rest and heal'.

All those memory and concentration problems sound like classic 'hepatic encephalopathy' and is really quite common since its just a chemical thing--too much ammonia caused 'fuzzy thinking.'  Dairy converts to ammonia in the small intestines immediately!  bummer
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You're in a tough spot, bro' , and you have my full sympathy.   I just wanted to offer a slightly different perspective on complementary therapy for HCV.  Mesosilver is a big no no, as far as I'm concerned--silver accumulating in the body turns the skin gray, and how salubrious could that be?  After you research quite a bit more you'll probably agree that you should avoid this stuff at all costs.

However, there are safe and sensible alternatives out there.  After my monotherapy failure I relied on Traditional Chinese Medicine and a rigorous herbal protocol for fourteen years to halt fibrosis progression and to dispel pain and fatigue.  Worked quite successfully.  (Now I want to go for broke and see if I can clear the virus altogether,  which TCM will not enable you to do.)  

http://www.hepcchallenge.org offers an excellent informational resource called "Choices."  You might want to check out their section on complementary therapies.   The problem, of course, is that none of these therapies are covered by insurance and are difficult to afford when you're employment challenged.   But in my experience, TCM  works.   So please don't despair -- there are solutions.
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I agree. TCM (acupuncture) can handle lots of the symptoms. The Chinese would say the needles move your <i>chi</i> (which gets blocked)--but to me it feels like I've been <i>reprogrammed</i>. My acupuncturist can change my sleeping patterns, my digestion, even my attitude, and the treatments definitely improve my brain fogginess. I'm doing the menopause thing and they've helped a LOT with my hot flashes too.
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Colloidal silver is quack medicine. Stuff kills some bacteria in a petri-dish and sucks money from people.

Exercise, esp. aerobic exercise, good nutrition, no caffiene, reduced sugar intake, and staying well hydrated is the best non-drug "therapy" around (yes, read article about caffiene and AST levels).

There is little or no supporting evidence for nearly all "alternatives" for treating someone with the HCV or addressing the symptoms of this disease, which makes the "alternatives" really not much of an alternative. There is some evidence for reducing liver inflammation with the Sho-saiko-to herb, for example, so one cannot say that absolutely every supplement, herbal, etc. is ineffectual, but too many "treatments" are just that and some even harmful - it is very, very difficult to know what can be beneficial and what is a rip-off without some way to measure or gauge improvement over time, which is the missing bit that makes many alts. a farce.

Use common sense and understand that using herbals and the such is medicating to address a problem or problems and vigilence is indicated when taking them as with any medicine from any source.

It is a hard place to be in, having this disease and the prevailing treatment no longer an option. Treat yourself well, don't abuse your body and have periodic monitoring of your liver.

God bless! -Michael
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Do you do acupuncture during treatment?
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I've never done treatment. I'm watching and waiting. However, I've heard of people who have done acupuncture to help them deal with the side effects of tx.
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Acupuncture during tx, yes.
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I don't believe that colloidal silver is quack medicine, and it is very useful for killing bacteria on contact.  (It is used regularly on burn victims, even some bandages have silver in them).  For those of you investigating the particular brand of mesosilver, I would urge you to read this to dispell some of their marketing claims...
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None of them will read it, since if you had looked at the date, the original thread was from 2005!
Too bad the responders were so closed-minded or the OP might have had a much better outcome.
I applaud you for posting the truth about the stark differences between the type of silver preparation "Califia" was referring to and the type of Colloidal Silver the OP was referring to couldn't be more different. True colloidal silver does NOT turn the skin grey, and DOES kill viruses and bacteria in the body. Its the only thing my family ever uses for colds and flu symptoms, and works so much better than antibiotics (and without affecting the body's natural immune system in the process).
Unfortunately, since the (great) powers that make lots of money from Western medicine won't make any if we all start using the Eastern medicinal alternatives that work so much better, there will always be plenty of sites dispelling their benefits and claiming them to be "quackery"...that's just the way big U.S. money is made; keeping the truth from the masses of low-level sheep.
*(To pro-actively respond to any accusations of my having no idea what I'm talking about...I'm a military-trained Pharmacist with over 22 years experience).
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hey mike!  i read your comment about caffeine!  i wondered about why my liver started hurting after i drank some coffee!!  i hope this doesn't mean i have to give up excedrine for migraine every day; a couple of those always makes me feel better and gets me moving.  suzan in the ga mtns.
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hey mike!  i read your comment about caffeine!  i wondered about why my liver started hurting after i drank some coffee!!  i hope this doesn't mean i have to give up excedrine for migraine every day; a couple of those always makes me feel better and gets me moving.  suzan in the ga mtns.
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After 15 years of knowing, I have never felt sick or missed a day of work or fun.  Now my gastro is saying to go on Inteferon. I'm a nervous wreck as everything read sounds dreadfull and I've never been depressed and am scared it will destroy my family. My genotype is 3 and have no scarring. Went for a second opinion, but believe most docs stick to what is the norm from drug companies.  Any thoughts that are proven?
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I have been on therapy twice now, getting ready to get off. I am not responding again! My genotype is 1.
Everyone has different symptoms. Maybe mine not so server because I am not responding. I don't know. I am depressed to be taken off.
I feel better on it than off of it. But you say you feel fine.
I contacted a company called, "Be in charge" when I started thearpy the second time and wish I would have the first time. They have nurses on call 24/7.
Drink plenty of water,  get plenty of rest, and drink little if no caffine at all. The more rest you get the more your liver heels itself. I wish someone would have told me that.
You can still have an active life. I to have a very active life style to.
If you read the side effects it is very scary. Everyone is different and everyones side effects are different (maybe mine wasn't as bad to because I wasn't responding.,
Most of all when you go on the therapy try to keep your mind clear of nagitive thoughts.
And remember drink alot of water.
Good Luck!
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Prebiotic/probiotic a must. Lactobacillus GG and Inulin. Get on HRs' liver lover supplements.
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Wait a minute, this post is 3 years old!!!
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It may be 3 years old but I just learned some very valuable and helpful information so just goes to show even old news can be good news :0)..

Summer392 Treatment for genotype 3 is usually very good in it's resiults Sadly i am also Genotype 1 and have had no luck with treatments like many others.
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Just my 2 cent's worth...I did 5 months of sho-Saiko-To (SST or hepzone to folks in the USA) as well as a few other supplements and I did see a consistent drop in my viral load and normalizing of liver enzymes...But it doesn't kill the hep c...it's been my experience if you keep your immune system strong, stay away from liver stressors, and eat a healthy diet, you will keep the hep c's damage to it's slowest...Some people can even halt it's progression by enabling their liver to repair itself as fast as it's being damages...this explains why some can have it 20 years, and only be stage 1/ grade 1 with their liver biopsies...while others are in more advanced stages sooner...And also why the viral load varies so much...                                           ~Melinda
P.S. I'm 3a, treated, and am in my 8th week post treatment...Still clear so far...
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I can't believe we still have to out this quackery.  Mesosilver is not safe and causes, among other things, argyria.  If you don't know what that is, watch this video:


In 2004, the FDA sanctioned colloidal silver companies, including mesosilver for their basesless and dangerous claims about health conditions.

Right now, there is no hcv tx that CURES hcv that does not involve interferon.  None of these scamsters can ever show studies showing anything different.  But hey, they are more than happy to take your money.
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Yup. It's still a "****-shoot", huh? Sigh...No guarantees -even with the interferon...Colloidal silver is okay for topical stuff, like burn treatment, but when used internally, it isn't regulated enough to take the risk...And, it only works on bacteria, not viruses...                                                                 ~M
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I've been researching the **** out of treatments for Hep C. Ive got Genotype 1B which is the worst of them and least receptive to the interferon treatment. I tried the treatment b/c the doctor told me I needed to. I could only handle just over 3 weeks of it, I thought I was going crazy and it felt like it made my head radioactive or something. I just found out that it causes brain damage, depression long after stopping, isolation and withdrawing from human interaction even after stopping. I noticed being afraid to talk to anyone, even my sister while on it, but finding all this out makes me so glad I stopped. Anyhow, I just started taking the Mesosilver a few days ago. It DOES kill viruses, a medical study was done in 2005 and it was found to KILL HIV. For "alagirl", it doesn't cause argyria, the guy who turned blue has been taking in silver for 20-30 YEARS and for the first many years was taking it in massive doses far beyond the 1-4 teaspoons daily. I cant remember the exact amounts but something like several quarts daily. He was making it at home and started out adding actual silver fragments and ingesting them. Then, as he states, he rubbed it all over his skin for some reason. Before antibiotics were discovered, this stuff was used universally up untill the 1940's. There are other things I have been finding and am trying to get a hold of for treating my Hep C. If you go on YouTube and look up this bigtime research physicist  Dr. Bob Beck. Type in his name along with "HIV cure" for stuff on Colloidal Silver. Then there's a device that runs on batteries that you put on your wrist where you're arteries come almost to your skin's surface. Its called a Magnetic Pulser and it actually cleans your blood by killing any bacteria and viruses. Type in "Bob Beck and Magnetic Pulser", Ive yet to get one or make one but Ive just learned about it. Then type in the same Dr. Beck and "Ozonated Water"  and you'll learn how drinking water with ozone or O3 put in it will kill the virus in your body. This Dr. Bob Beck guy should be president as far as Im concerned. He explains how to "make your own" for all of these things and doesn't make any money from it. Any how here are 3 different ways I've recently learned to kill viruses and Im going to try all three at once. Learning about this has breathed new life into me because I had given up hope and was more or less a walking dead guy, feeling like **** all the time and sleeping life away. There is a 4th thing that is harder to do but is probably most important in fighting Hep C and that is following the ****** Therapy diet. You can learn about that on YouTube as well and it consists of using a juicer and making juice with all kinds of vegetables and fruits, this way much more of the antioxidants and vitamins and minerals are absorbed into your system.  ****** was a Dr. back in the 1940's who cured cancer with his strict therapy but it wont be recognized as most other things that cure illnesses but can't be patented or made money from here in the U.S.A. So these clinics open up in Mexico and in the Orient and are curing cancer. Anyways, I am positive this same therapy would work for Hep C b/c the bases of it or the reason that it works is b/c it builds up your bodies immune system. So 4 things for "cuteos who asked the first question on here in 2005" that I am looking forward to healing myself by trying, The silver colloids, magnetic pulser, Ozonated water (or other oxygen therapy), and using the ****** therapy diet. Along with taking the best supplements like milk thistle, alpha lipoic acid,selenium, Vit K2,etc. I have also just read that a drug has just been discovered to lower HCV peoples viral loads in May of 2008 called Fluvastatin. It is generally given for cholesteral. Hope this has given hope to someone w/ HCV out there. Whatever you do, DO NOT do the Inerferon Treatment.
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To theshiek:

Let me get this right in my mind.  You say NOT to do Interferon treatment, which treatment is proven effective in clinical trials.  Instead, you RECOMMEND dosing yourself with Colloidal Silver or plugging yourself into Bob Beck's Magnetic Pulser or drinking some of his Ozonated Water or killing the virus with a "Therapy" diet or, in your own case, all of them together?

You'll probably be saddened to learn that Bob Beck isn't going to become president any time soon - he died in 2002, and apparently all his life saving quackery could help him past the ripe old age of 77.  But on the plus side, he doesn't need to make any money on his inventions any more, and he left plans so boy scientists can "make their own".  Whoopee, build a school science project AND cure cancer!

As for clinics in Mexico and the Orient (what a quaint choice of words) "curing cancer" - that's pure anecdote.

If you're foolish enough, I have zero problem with you paying good money for the quackery you mention - it's your funeral, as the saying goes.  But I do have a problem with you recommending people here not to do Interferon treatment, which is about their only shot at a cure, and further recommending your quack remedies as viable substitutes.  I suggest we'd all be better of if you got yourself some manners and some morals and keep your nonsense to yourself.
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a breath of fresh air to read your comments.,,  your open mindedness willingness to try
the many alterntives to interferon will  definately lead to success.  cheers...ymp
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Open minded alright.  His mind is so open, his brains fell out.
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