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Having trouble 6 months after finishing treatment

Hi! I finished therapy for hepatitis c, genotype 1a, about 6 months ago.  I was taking peginterferon alfa-2a and ribivarin for 6 months.  I will find out soon if the virus is gone.  My question is about how I should be feeling at this stage.  I have extreme fatigue almost all the time.  My depression is worse than ever even though I take 2 different anti-depressants.  I have pain that makes my quality of life intolerable.  I told my doctor if I had the choice again I would choose not to do the therapy.  My doctor is sympathetic, but doesn't know what is wrong with me.  I have lost all zest for life and have to push myself to do anything.  Will this ever end?  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I can't live like this.  I am only 32 years old.  I welcome any thoughts or suggestions.
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Hi Stella...sorry to hear about the way you are feeling. Very often it takes a long time to start to feel better from these meds. Six month is a long time ,however it takes sometimes just that long to get one of the meds out of the system.

You mention taking 2 anti -depressants ,,,,are these both from the same doctor.as very often two different types of these meds.can work against each other ,and have adverse affects..

Also has your doctor been checking all your blood labs on a continuous basis .because if certain levels don"t return to normal  this also can make you feel like you are    especially your TSH (thyroid ) marker. If you are hypothyroid there are many symptoms that can be easily helped with meds,

Just some ideas to ask the doc about..and  good luck with your  6 months test..

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I know this is not the answer you want to hear but Recovery is just like tx. Everyone is different.
I would like to tell you everything is going to be back to normal in a few more months, but I can’t. Hopefully things will start improving soon.
6 months is really not that long (even though I know it is to you). It’s been over 3 years for me and like you, my Dr. doesn’t not what to do but treat the symptoms.\
I’m sure they already checked your Thyroid but if not it checked.  
Have you had your Hormones Checked? It is a shot in the dark but who knows? My Testosterone levels where dangerously low (no problem before tx.) It’s worth checking out since both women and men have Pituitary Glands. I’ve been taking bi-weekly shots and it helped quite a bit but I still suffer from other problems.
I would have to log them because they change from day to day. My biggest ones now are Pain, Hard to Concentrate, and no Energy.
It has been a slow, uphill Battle but there is improvement.
PLEASE REMEMBER, just because it has taken some of us this long doesn’t mean it is going to take you this long. If anyone tells you, your going to be fine soon, they’re just telling you what you want to hear. Hopefully you will be, R Glass.
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So sorry to hear this. Many of your symptoms sound familar to me.

My son (23) has had lingering side effects, and he is currently taking 2 anti depressants and anxiety & sleep meds also.  Things are definitely worse than before the treatment and things don't seem to be getting much better after either. It's already been 1 1/2 years  since the EOT and we are still waiting for a big improvement. I have not given up on a better recovery, for my son and everyone else.

Our Dr. at 6 month post treatment said well you are cured and basically any problems you think you have are all in your head. He repeated this treatment philosphy before and after, that there aren't any long term side effects.  It seems as though he believes this or doesn't want to admit otherwise to anyone. very sad.

Wishing you a healthy future, sooner rather than later.  Good luck with your viral test.
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I agree with the above posts about the importance of having your thyroid checked, even 6 months post. My thyroid tests didn't show it went hypo until my 6 month post labs and I was then started on a low dose of Synthroid.

Also, follow through with the above info on drug interactions with the two AD's you're taking. It's not uncommon to take two at a time, but if they're not working, dosages may have to be adjusted, or the brands changed. On tx, I went through several before we found one that worked well for me.  

Have you had any PCR's since you finished tx? That long of a wait would have been hard on me, so maybe this could be contributing too, you know, being in limbo.

Hope you find something that helps you feel better soon. Pam
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I think the comments on this thread point out the very real issue of lingering, and long term side effects after completing tx, that so many on the forum are so quick to either dismiss, or rationalize away.  I really believe that if you looked at 500 post tx'ers, about one year after completing therapy, you would likely find 50% of them or more complaining of the same issues noted by the posters in this thread.  It seems extremely obvious to me that there is an issue with the after effects of interferon in many people, and the symptoms seem pretty similar from one person to another....extreme energy issues, pain syndromes, difficulty thinking and functioning appropriately, sleep and anxiety problems, etc.

  Some doctors (small 'd' in this case) may tell patients that it is all in their heads, but they are plainly and ignorantly WRONG!  This post-tx, post interferon syndrome is becoming pretty common, and is being discussed regularly on HCV boards like this.  My only real issue with all of it is just this:  The tendency of the HCV Medical community to ignore, deny, and to use other means of just plain 'sticking their heads in the sand, in order to avoid really studying this issue.  I cannot believe that supposedly professional, objective, and caring doctors continue to dance around these problems, and try to convince THEMSELVES that it is all either imaginary, or just a very small percentage of post-tx'ers.  We need honesty, and straight forward reasearch on this particular problem...NOW!!!  Let the Pharmaceutical companies stay out of the way on this.  They don't want to know about it anyway!

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I would really like to know the proportion of patients who experience permanent side effects after this treatment. I would really like to see the study/extensive survey addressing this. Fear of permanent side effects is what primarily keeping my husband from attempting to treat. He feels great right now, and we have good fulfilling life together. He definitely would not like to end up in the condition described above. The hepatologist, that we consulted in the past, told me that he never heard of permanent side effects after interferon. He said they don't happen. This doesn't make me very comfortable, because I read different things on this forum as well as on the other forums. Obviously, information he has is incomplete.
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Thank you SO much to everyone who responded to my post!  I was hesitant to participate in anything on-line but it feels really good to know I'm not alone, even if there isn't a perfect solution.  I really appreciate all the ideas and well-wishers.  Thank you!
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Even my GP is pizzed off about it. He said, “They do this damage to you with no follow up and dump you back on us to try to figure out how to fix the damage they caused.”
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Even though I was lucky to find a Dr. that was very supportive and knowledgeable DURING tx, I felt kind of dumped afterwards when I started developing issues. I understand that many of the problems were outside their area of expertise, but my PCP was just as clueless. And I found myself questioning everything the PCP recommended and running it through my liver Dr, bouncing back and forth.

This is just my personal opinion, but I think the fibro dx they tend to lump some of us into is a last ditch effort to placate us because the symptoms fit - kind of....And what's scary about that particular dx is that the meds, well, one anyway (Cymbalta) is not liver friendly, especially for those of us with compromised livers. When I ran it past my liver Dr. she said only low dose and LFT's every couple of months. I didn't come this far to start pounding my liver into a pulp again.....

It all reminds me of pre dx times. Some of us found out thru an exam for insurance or donating blood, but many of us sought help for years with unexplained symptoms or mis-diagnosed symptoms -  trying to find someone to believe that what we were experiencing was "real". Deja vu........It seems here, too that we have to be proactive about aftercare and become as knowledgeable about it as we can and often on our own.

Those of us that have been on boards such as this have seen many changes with overall HCV  in the recent past. Maybe this too will change with time and as more and more people begin to be treated. I can only hope......

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Add me to the list of people who don't feel 100% after 2+ yrs. Nothing serious,  mild fatigue & minor pain. I truly believe this is from the TX drugs.

I'm still glad I treated and was cured. I was feeling ok before I treated and I knew there was a chance of permanent side effects. But decided it was worth the chance. I jumped at the chance to do Telaprevir in a trial.  Better to feel this way then suffer with liver disease if I didn't treat.
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I’ll go out on a limb here, these are complications due to “medicinal effects”
Just a couple of days ago a neighbor told me “you aged over night since you did that treatment. You look 10 Years older but I don’t miss that Harley waking me up when you came home.”
I wish I could still wake him up but, when I do feel up to riding, I'm home early and my body wracks of pain. PEOPLE DON"T AGE THIS FAST
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  Ricky..I didn"t have much residual pain from my short stint at tx. but 4 years on my chpopped rigid tail w/suicide shift aged me bout 20yrs.  :)
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chopped.....never had a  chpopper   ..what ever that might be
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My God, they call it a suicide shift/clutch for a reason. I wouldn't make it around the block before hitting something. I ride a Softail (modified version of The Rigid)
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  At first it was a little tough to learn..was mostly a show bike ..but road worthy.. built from scratch ..started with a redone 54 pan   ..was a thing of beauty..damn near threw my hip out kickin it.....any way long time ago for me......best I get off this gals thread..she is prolly not to interested in my chopper...sorry stella

later ricky

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Although I don't disagree that there may be lingering effects after treatment I also believe that people need to work at recovery, and life, to get every possible improvement.  Whether there are medical follow-ups (like thyroid/RA/hormones/earwigs, whatever) a basic requirement for continued healhy expectations are sound diet, exercise, sleep, purposeful living, and rewarding realationships that provide those purposes.  Have you looked around a WalMart store at any hour of the day?  Do your fellow shopers look like they are in the peak of health?  America is fat and lazy and some blame many things for their sad lot in life that, in many cases, is self-inflicted.

Before people come along and misread this post (eliminating words that I've actually written) I'd like to recaputure some of those words again because of posssible short-term memory issues and/or poor eyesight.  Here they are:  "I don't disagree that there may be lingering effects after treatment"  "some blame " "in many cases".
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Hi. I agree that people need to work at their recovery, medical, mental, physical, etc.
But when you have a mental condition and are taking antidepressants, anti-anxiety, pain and sleeping meds I don't think you are necessarily having sound thinking.  That is the reason many are be put on these meds which can be caused by the initial treatment drugs.  None of these drugs were necessary before treatment in our case.

See the following definition : Depression is a common mental disorder that presents with depressed mood, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, low energy, and poor concentration. These problems can become chronic or recurrent and lead to substantial impairments in an individual's ability to take care of his or her everyday responsibilities.  Depression is the leading cause of disability.

Add to that weekly counseling and still not being able to pull free of this serious mood disorder that wreak havoc with a person's quality of life.  None of these symptons were present before treatment but lingers over a year later.

It is hard to  work at recovery when there is a very serious impaired thinking going on.  It is something you cannot just "will" away. Depression is not a weakness and no matter how strong you think you are, depression can bring you to your knees and have an impact on every aspect of your life.

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Check your vitamin d level it can couse depretion if low, and take vitamin b12. or bether yet take emergen-c it has all vitamin b 4x a day
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I am on Hepatitis b forum long time, and new here but I know from my expirience When  my vitamin d was low I wos VERY deprest also my thyroid is not funkcioning I am on shyndroid , and vitamins b just help a lot with energy levels, I also have chronic liver desise!
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My wife works in the Pharmacy at a Wal-Mart. I hear the stories almost daily. Keep in mind we live in South Louisiana. They all start with, “You won’t believe what a saw today.
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Am I mistaken, or was this thread edited, censored, etc.  Several posts have been romoved, for no apparent reason.  Very odd.

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Yes, some were removed which confuses the thread because some of the posts appear to be directed to the wrong members.
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"Although I don't disagree that there may be lingering effects after treatment I also believe that people need to work at recovery, and life, to get every possible improvement.  ... America is fat and lazy and some blame many things for their sad lot in life that, in many cases, is self-inflicted. "

I agree with this. I am healthier than I was before treatment, but that is because I have decided to watch my diet and exercise. Not doing those 2 is just as likely I think to result in on-going health issues, as the treatment is (or which I have no side effects aside from a little nerve damage in finger tips).
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I wish that was the case here. I get plenty of exercise (even though it causes severe pain) and don't eat a lot of junk food. After 3+ Years the Post SX Fairies still have not came.
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